Happy Pi Day…

No time for a real post. Still recovering but wanted to say Happy Birthday to Crazy Cocker Spaniel, who turned 9 yesterday (and yes, that is a pet friendly, non chocolate cupcake).

And Happy 5 year Anniversary to my wonderful husband! For everyone one else, have a great Pi Day!


  1. That wedding photo is awesome! Happy anniversary!

  2. Is that photoshopped or is that really a Pi statue?! Where is it?

    Happy Anniversary and Pi Day!

  3. What an awesome picture! happy anniversary and happy birthday to CCS!

  4. That’s the coolest picture! Besides the fact you two look gorgeous, it’s a pi symbol!!! Where is it?

  5. Basically, I wanted to say everything Dana McCauley said. That’s super awesome!

  6. Happy 9th birthday to CCS! That wedding picture is very cool!

  7. Happy anniversary, hon! And happy bday to the puppers :) Yes, I too would like to know where that pi is located – soooo cool! Geeks rule. xxoo


    Hope you feel better, Peabody!!! Email my anytime :-)

  9. Oh, how I wish I had a dog – yours is just too adorable. Love the pi pic too, it’s awesome. Happy anniversary, birthday, and Pi Day!

  10. The Pi Statue is not photoshopped. They used to have a couple around town. This one used to be at a place called Harbor Steps which was two blocks down from where I got married. Sadly, all of the statues have been taken from downtown. It is my understanding that they are still in WA, just not in Seattle.

  11. What a great wedding picture! Happy anniversary…what a beautiful bride! Oh, and happy bday to your baby. Crazy Cocker Spaniel is so precious!! Hope you’re feeling better!

  12. WHOA! I remember you from knottie days…

    Happy Anniversary Pea!

  13. happy anniversary! Nice photo! The cocker spaniel is so cute!Happy birthday too

  14. Happy Anniversary! You really are a cute couple. And a happy birthday to your very cute Crazy Cocker Spaniel. He’s lucky dog to get such a pretty treat. (had a root canal last year, wasn’t so bad as I thought, you’ll be great!)

  15. Happy 5th Anniversary and a Happy birthday to this wonderful cocker spaniel!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. How stunning! And thanks for the reminder about Pi Day–of course it is a perfect anniversary for you both, combining both science and baking (not that baking isn’t science, too)!

  17. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous photo! Love it :)

  18. What a beautiful photo! It’s going to be 4 years for us pretty soon… time flies. Anyway, love your dress, love pie, love pi, happy anniversary!

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both and happy birthday to your sweet Crazy Cocker Spaniel!



  20. Aww, love the pic of your pup. TOO cute! And your wedding photo is lovely. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  21. Happy birthday to your cocker and hope you have a very happy anniversary! : )

  22. Cool picture! happy Anniversary.

  23. Happy anniversary!

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Love the pics of your beautiful cocker and your Pi wedding !!!

    Leave it to you!!

  24. Congrats Peabody! Feel better soon!

  25. Love, love, LOVE the pi wedding picture!

  26. Happy Pi Day!

  27. I thought it was weird when I checked by earlier and didn’t see a pi day post from you! Hope you’re feeling better!

  28. happy birthday CCS! and happy anniversary to you and your DH

  29. I never realized there was even a Pi day until the math teachers at school informed me…Silly me. There was a Square root day recently (3/3/09) where we were served squares in the staffroom; so why not a Pi day, right?

  30. Happy Anniversary! That is such a great picture!

    Happy BDay to CCC too!!

  31. Found you via Holly at Phe/Mom/enon,. Great blog you have! Sorry to hear about your dental woes… if it happens again (I hope not!) keep rinsing with salt water until you can get in to DDS- it helps to dry up infection, and if you have an obvious open area of decay, you can purchase a temporary filling material called Den-Temp (or like worded) in most pharmacies or Walmarts. It will keep the area covered until you can get help! (I was in dentistry for 20 + years)

  32. Happy Pi Anniversary and all good dog wishes to CCS for his birthday.
    Glad you are on the mend. Are you a size zero now? Hope not!

  33. What a gorgeous wedding photo! You look beautiful!!

  34. Happy pi day, anniversary, and puppy birthday! :)

  35. Lovely wedding photo. I didn’t know the pi statue was gone. :-( Happy anniversary! I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  36. love that photo!
    happy anniversary indeed!

  37. Happy, happy anniversary (beautiful wedding pic!) and of course, happy birthday to the adorable pooch!

  38. Happy Birthday to that sweet puppy of yours…Happy Anniversary to you and your husband-I love the wedding photo! And boy I hope you feel better—-dental woes are the worst….makes you want to unscrew your head and leave it at the dentist to get the problem fixed. Take care!

  39. That is an amazing dress, my friend – you look gorgeous, and so happy! Both of you!

    Congratulations, Pea!

  40. Awesome, Awesome photos both!! You make me miss my puppy.

  41. happy birthday puppy!

  42. Congratulations! I do have infinite love for that wedding photo.

  43. You look gorgeous – happy anniversary!

  44. Ok, so I was totally lurking and trying to catch up on all your posts that I missed and I wasn’t going to comment about the sorbet and the delicious looking shortbread, but I totally love the pi. And I am extremely jealous that you managed to get your wedding picture with it! I think I’ve turned green! :)

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