Little Fuzzy Bunny’s Day….

Easter is so much easier when you have your own Easter Bunny. ;)

Though he was a little critical of our egg dying skills.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Everyone else, Happy Sunday the 12th of April! :)


  1. So cute!

    Have a great Easter!



  2. Aww :-D


  3. Happy Easter! That egg coloring session looks like great fun!

  4. Awww, bunny! He definitely looks critical. I thought about putting bunny ears on my tortoise but I think he’d be mad at me for weeks if I tried it.

  5. Great photos! I LOVE YOUR BUNNY!! so cute :) Although, he does look a bit critical ;)

  6. Gabriela says:

    Fabulous photos! Just precious! I adore seeing adults engaged in egg dyeing activities. Priceless! TFS.

  7. Hey I did that last night with my children! But without the bunny. :-)

    Happy Easter!

  8. Aw, the bunny is a cutie.

  9. So adorable!

    Love the hockey pic btw.

  10. Margaret says:

    Happy Easter! When walking my pup last night, he flushed a bunny out of the neighbor’s bushes. I admonished him to leave the bunny be as he had a job to do and we didn’t want the neighbors’ children to wake up without their visit from the easter bunny.

  11. It is so much easier when you have your own bunny! We sent out Easter bunny pics this year!

    Happy Easter to you too!

  12. Aww, cutest Easter bunny I’ve seen yet! :)

  13. Your Dad is clearly enjoying the precision of egg dying. He’s in the egg zone!
    LFB is sweet!

  14. Happy Easter to you too!

  15. Your family really ‘gets’ holidays–your pictures are so heart-warming.

    However, it does look as if your rabbit is supervising all of you!

  16. Happy Easter, Peabody!! Your bunny is too precious. I’m jealous. Todd and I only have the plants to take care of…and really, they don’t show much love. Especially considering, our stupid plant once allowed a yellow jacket to nest in its dirt…a yellow jacket which subsequently stung me. So, yeah, Todd’s contention that the plants love us by giving us oxygen, well, it’s just not enough. I want a cuddly bunny. Wow, that was way too off-tangent. Sorry! Happy Easter!

  17. Cutie! Happy Easter!! :)

  18. love it. too freakin cute.

    happy belated easter!

  19. Hope you had a great easter, Peabody…the bunny is simply so cute!

  20. Little precious bunnies…how sweet is that. I don’t have bunnies but did iced shortbread cookies with the kids instead…Hope your day was wonderful!

  21. Too cute! Hope you had a great Easter!

  22. What a cute bunny!!

  23. Aaaawwww:)

  24. Looks so fun :)

  25. Eek! So cute, and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  26. Awww! now I miss my bunnies!
    Both Fudge and Vanilla went to the big bunny heaven a year ago. Maybe it’s time to get new ones :D

    Happy Easter everyone!

  27. Happy Easter Peabody! Looks like it was a wonderful time spent with family and a pretty bunny! :)

  28. My daughter wants to come play with your bunny. So cute!

  29. Cute Fuzzy Bunny. I remember when I had my bunny, we would celebrate Easter as his birthday.

  30. Great pics – thanks for sharing them.

  31. Ho ho yes your own Easter Bunny does so much for a grand day. Looks like super fun there and I like your eggs.

  32. happy easter!!!

  33. How adorable is this bunny. You guys look like you had lots of fun.

  34. Happy Easter, a little late, to you, your hubby, mom & dad, and sweet pets, especially the “Easter” bunny. I think the eggs are great!

  35. Love the bunny!

  36. Yay for LFB! I love what you guys were doing over Easter :) Hope you all had a grand time together – especially LFB. So cute.

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