When people find out that you run a food blog, they often ask me who my favorite chef on Food Network is. I really dislike this question as half of them are not actually chefs, and second because no one seems to know my favorite sadly. Gale Gand had a show called Sweet Dreams, it was my favorite show. It’s not on anymore (or so I think) to make room for people to show me how to mix Cool Whip with Jello and set it in to an all orange kitchen. Bitter? Perhaps I am a tad. ;) All I have left on the Foodnetwork now is my eye candy, Tyler Florence.
If you never got to see the show, too bad. Great desserts were shown how to be made by a woman who has worked at two of my all time favorites, Gotham Bar & Grill and Charlie Trotters. She has several cookbooks with Butter Sugar Flour Eggs being my favorite, but they all are good. So when I was asked if I would want to receive her Brunch book I was intrigued. Brunch? Up until now, I had only known her as the dessert woman, or guru. But heck yeah, I wanted to see what she did with brunch.
Gale did Brunch proud. And let me just say, this book made me want to eat brunch more than just on Mother’s Day and Easter. It covers everything from beverages, eggs, pancakes, coffeecakes, toppings and much, much more.
This being a baking and sweets blog, I thought I would stick with that. I made three things from the book; the Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake Muffins, the Chocolate Waffles, and the Banana Fosters topping to go on top of my Chocolate Waffles. Let me just say that Chocolate Waffles with Banana Fosters topping is definitely the way to start your day! And for you on the go people, the muffins were yummy. I liked them because they were more sweet than a regular muffin, and you know I am all about the sugar. Next I am needing to make the Almond Ciabatta French Toast and my husband some Peanut Butter and Jelly Turnovers.
The sad thing is, no recipes. But I can highly suggest that you buy the cookbook. I mean, come on, Arbor Day will soon be here, and surely you deserve to buy yourself an Arbor Day gift. Right?

Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake Muffins

Chocolate Waffles with Banana Fosters Topping


  1. Now I want to buy the book and a waffle maker too!

    I miss Gale Gand too! Luckily, I used to record her shows on VHS and from time to time I get to watch it over and over again.

    I guess they got too famous and busy for their work to do Food Network. The shows there now sucks, very boring, I often fell asleep!

  2. I think those waffles should be illeagal before 8am. OMG – they look fantastic!

  3. I remember Gayle Gand! Thanks for the book review…there is another book of her’s I’ve been eyeing :) We don’t celebrate Arbor Day but perhaps I can gift myself with it on “Oh my it’s Wednesday already?!” Day :)

  4. Wow those waffles look amazing! I would say Bobby Flay (when his hair doesn’t look too red) is my eye candy.

  5. I only one one Gale Gand cookbook, “Just a Bite”. I love it. Fantastic desserts in smaller portions. I love dessert, I don’t have it after every meal, but a special meal isn’t complete without dessert. And Gale’s desserts are very special. I loved that show. Like so many others I really miss the original stars of the Food Network. I wish they would remember what made them great and like Ina go back to the basics.

  6. I used to love Gale Gand’s show. Not only is she no longer on but there is nothing on the Food Net like it anymore. I watch a lot of Food Net, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t enjoy what has happened with the programming these days. My favs are Tyler Florence and Ina Garten. I mean do we seriously need 5000 food competition shows. I’m so over them.

  7. That was by far my favorite show too, and the ones when they had J.Torres on were awesome as well! If I hadn’t already been convinced that I must have this book, you would have done it with this post. Can’t wait!!

    I have to tell you, I just got caught up on your posts and loved them all (especially the one about the dog shows!! – too funny).

  8. as Food Network continually makes programming to fit the common denominator, I watch less and read food blogs more! yours is one of my favorites!

  9. Peabody, thank you so much for this beautiful contribution to the party!

  10. I’m sure my husband would understand if I tell him I have to buy a cookbook for myself today in honor of arbor day!

  11. When I first became a stay at home mom YEARS ago, Sweet Dreams was the one show I had to watch everyday at 10 a.m.! Loved that and watching Jacques Torres make yummy chocolate stuff. Sigh!
    Awesome to know about her book. She still owns a place or two in Chicago, doesn’t she?

  12. i loved sweet dreams too! i will definitely have to pick up this book.

  13. I too love(ed) Sweet Dreams! Our programming down here in NZ is not the same as yours in the States, but we too no longer have anything good to watch. Eye candy is one thing, but I am sick of competitions and not really very interested in cooking dinner – it is just another chore to me.

    Your posts are interesting and the pics are beautiful.

    Thank you for a great blog.

  14. Wowzer, those both look so delicious. Esp. the waffles, so yummy. Thanks again for the photo light suggestion, just got mine.

  15. Anything with Bananas Foster in the title is a sure bet with me! I agree that the changes with the Food Network are not really up my alley. I’m not saying I don’t watch the channel but I’m just not happy with the half the recipes they are trying to pass off. If you ever want to get a good laugh head over to They do a pretty good job of coming up with stuff to make you laugh about the “chefs” on Food Network.

  16. my favorite breakfast is french toast w/bananas foster topping :)

  17. I love love love Gale… i remember her show and I thought it was the best show on the network… Although I thought East meets West was good and as for Tyler. YUMMY!
    Im sick of the cake contests and competitions, bring back Gale… i need to get ahold of her cookbooks…
    What i remember the most about watching her show is that i loved the set and the sound of her breaking peanut brittle!

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