So I am taking a break. Not a long one, but a break. I realized today that when I had read about my fiftieth cheesecake post that I never wanted to see a cheesecake again that something was wrong. I love cheesecake. I just am burned out. I mean I only posted once last week. That normally makes me panic. Instead I just shrugged my shoulders. Not a good sign.
So before I quit blogging all together I think I will take a little time off (knowing me, probably just a week). That includes coming around to your blog. My Google Reader burst through the seams everyday with over 300 posts it seems and I just can’t find the time to read, let alone respond.
I’ll be back, with this Turtle Brownie Mousse Bite recipe one of these days.
All the best,


  1. OMG Peabody, please take a rest, goodness knows I’ve found myself in the same boat. Only please know I’ll be hanging here with my tongue hanging out trying to lick that caramel until your return.

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites and it is the first one I check each day. I cannot imagine how much work is involved in this task. Enjoy your break and your loyal fans will be waiting for your return. While you are gone I am going to enjoy going back through your older posts.

  3. That looks really delicious! I will look forward to reading more about it when you are ready. And thank you for your photography tips on Bakespace. My photos will never be as good as your’s buy maybe they’ll get a little better!

  4. Have a great break!! We’ll miss you while you’re gone. Rest up!

  5. Enjoy your break! Definitely take one if it means you not leaving us forever, your blog is the first one I go to when I’m not sure what I want to bake. =)

  6. Aw Pea you will be sorely missed! You deserve a break though, hope to see you soon. Enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having lately. Keep in touch! :)

  7. Yes, take a break! I realized recently after cooking and baking several new recipes week after week for the past few months- I realized that I was completely exhausted from it- I lost my mojo! I love baking and it was just gone! However, I am sure after a few days/weeks (?) my mojo will come back full force and yours too!! Good Luck! I will miss reading your blog – its my favorite! (All your recipes always turn out delicious and look beautiful!)

  8. I felt like that about 2 weeks ago and it is best then to take a break!! Enjoy and come back when you are ready and inspired!!!!!

  9. We all get burned out and that’s normal… I will your posts, though.

    Have a great break and enjoy yourself!



  10. I am in awe of anyone who can post such fantastic recipes and photos week in week out, and still have a life. I know I couldn’t do it. You have certainly earned a rest — so take it easy and have some fun outside the kitchen!

  11. Have a great break, we’ll be waiting for your return. I hear you on the google reader animal!

  12. Enjoy every second of your break! You’ve definitely earned it… I don’t look at my google reader – it’s far too overwhelming.

  13. I ll miss you. Hope you ll be back soon !

  14. enjoy your time off. and google reader definitely gets overwhelming… 1000+ posts are in mine at times. i’d be a zombie if i read them all.

  15. have a goood time out! I know what you mean, my schedule is so tight these days that I never even get to put out anything but daring baker stuff! And it can be stressful! Hope to see you on line again soon!

  16. Please take all the time that you need. You will be missed!

  17. I’m in the same boat, Peabody. Just trying to find my bloggin’ mojo again. = (

    I hope you find yours – you have such a fantastic site and a knack for baking. I love seeing your creations every time I stop by.

    Rest up and come back soon!

  18. It happens to all of us at one point or another.

    I’ll miss your posts, but sure hope you enjoy your break!

  19. Sorry my challenge took you over the top!!! Seriously though, you take breaks from everything else in life, why not blogging. I bet you’ll come back as creative and recharged as ever. I hope so anyway, because you’re one of my favorite blogs!

  20. Everyone needs a change of pace once i a while. I suggest you buy both a People and a Time magazine. Read it all the way through, eat a chocolate bar and get a pedicure. You’ll be so bored and understimulated that the blog will seem like a haven !

    Rest up. We’ll be here when you get back.

  21. Take your time, we’ll miss you but we’ll patiently wait for your return. Especially since you’ve teased us with this recipe now!

  22. Pea, I know I’m being really selfish, but I hope you come back soon – your blog is one of my top favorites and constant inspiration.
    Take your time, darling.


  23. I get like that too… blogging can be so demanding sometimes… have fun resting! The Turtle Brownie Mousse Bite looks so delicious! :)

  24. I did the same exact thing – totally unplugged for a few weeks. I didn’t even turn the computer on. We love to bake and blog, just need a little breathing room every once in a while. Good for you, and enjoy your break.

  25. that looks simplt perfect!

  26. Peabody –

    Good morning. Thank you for all of the great recipes and for your humor. I read your posts and I find myself laughing out loud. Please enjoy your break, I hope that you come back rested and inspired. I will be here when you return.

    Take care,


  27. I can totally relate! Lately I’ve been going through the same blog, so I took some time to just post like twice a week and it’s helped. I feel like I’m starting to get more motivated & inspired.

  28. Take all the time you need and hope the break will give you a refreshing boost! I love your blog and culinary viewpoint, aside from your delicious concoctions so I’ll be ready and drooling when you come back! Take care Peabody! :)

  29. I know just what you mean! Have a fabulous break and just make a few things to relax and enjoy without worrying about anything else!

  30. A break is something that we all need once in awhile. Use your time to chill out and clear your mind. You don’t want to get burnt out doing something you love. You will find your drive and passion again:)

  31. Rest up. See you on the flip side!

  32. Taking a break is good. You’ve been at this almost 4 years, so you should have some vacation time accrued. See you when it’s fun again!

  33. I really enjoy reading both your blogs and am always amazed at your beautiful photos. I know how much work is involved! Enjoy taking some time off. We’ll be patiently waiting for your next post, whenever that may be!

    Take care!

  34. Enjoy your break and I hope you feel rejuvenated enough to come back. I have been feeling that was a little bit lately, very uninspired in the kitchen, and I started my blog because I LOVED doing it, so unless I continue LOVING it, it’s not worth it for me.
    I think I am feeling a little better about it lately, and I hope you reach that point, too. We will miss you in the meantime!

  35. Ugh, I know how you feel, I’ve TOTALLY been there.

    Rest up, enjoy the rest of your life for a bit. Lord knows there’s more than culinary delights (but that’s easy to forget that when you have a food blog, teehee).

  36. Don’t stress, Pea! I can’t even imagine how much work goes into doing what you do, day in and day out. Just take a breather, read some trashy magazines or your old favorite novel, and veg out. We’ll all be here when you come back.

    But please come back someday? We’d miss you an awful lot if you didn’t.

  37. Enjoy your break and I hope you feel inspired and ready to cook up a storm again soon! Everyone needs a vacation at some point :)

  38. Take your time – we will miss you! Lovely photo with the caramel… yum.

  39. Hah! I know what you mean about the cheesecake overload! Today it was TWD’s chocolate cream tarts that were making me wanna throw my Google reader down a flight of stairs! Lol ;)

  40. LOL! I hear ya about the cheesecake! I’m tired of looking at them, too. However, eating the challenge cheesecake has made me crave the Greenspan cheesecake :( *sigh* I’m weird.

    Have a good break! You deserve it.

  41. Enjoy your time away from the blogging world. Sometimes you just need a break! I’ll miss your amazing photos :)

  42. I totally get where you’re coming from and appreciate the need for some time off

    …but did you really have to tease us with that turtle brownie bite? ;)

  43. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it isn’t so.

  44. Breaks are necessary things, especially with hobbies that take up so much of your time. Time away will be nice, methinks. Enjoy it, but know you’ll be missed!

  45. I think that breaks are a wonderful thing! There have been times when I felt bad for not blogging more and times when I realized that there were more important things to do. Go get refreshed and enjoy. Can’t wait to see those brownie bites!

  46. I definitely know how you feel Peabody… Take as much time as you need, your following will patiently wait for your triumphant return. :)

  47. Girlfriend, everyone needs a break from time to time. Give yourself a good one. I honestly don’t know how you could look at 50 cheesecakes… I looked at maybe… 30? No time. Pet the pooch and the bunny. xxoo

  48. Have a nice break, and thanks for leaving us with such a yummy photo!

  49. do enjoy yourself yeah during this short break! :)

  50. A break can be the best thing in the world. Go bake/cook for yourself (or not!). Read a good book, scream at the TV during hockey playoffs, but best of all, recharge your juices…

    See you when you get back!

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