So I am taking a break. Not a long one, but a break. I realized today that when I had read about my fiftieth cheesecake post that I never wanted to see a cheesecake again that something was wrong. I love cheesecake. I just am burned out. I mean I only posted once last week. That normally makes me panic. Instead I just shrugged my shoulders. Not a good sign.
So before I quit blogging all together I think I will take a little time off (knowing me, probably just a week). That includes coming around to your blog. My Google Reader burst through the seams everyday with over 300 posts it seems and I just can’t find the time to read, let alone respond.
I’ll be back, with this Turtle Brownie Mousse Bite recipe one of these days.
All the best,


  1. I empathize completely… for me, a blog post a week is actually an achievement. It’s so hard to read everything, and I never comment. Take your time, and I’ll look forward very much to your return!

  2. Have a good break! :) We’ll be here when you get back.

  3. As a long time lurker, I just want to say you come back soon! I read at least 20 recipe blogs and yours is one of the most engaging and real!

  4. Look just at that caramel falling over the little cake, just thinking about it makes me water at the mouth, and the nuts on top …wow well presented and super delicious. well done indeed. :) Rico-Recipes

  5. Hope you’re getting some well desrved rest. We miss you already! Feel good!

  6. Peabody, you don’t have the swine flu do you!? Kidding!

    Sometimes we all need a break. Rest up and bring us more sweetness when you’re ready! :-)

  7. Will miss your blog, but understand. See ya when you “get back”! ;)

  8. Been there – and the break really helped :)

  9. Dear Peabody,
    Please get lots of rest! i love your blog, and I look forward to when you feel refreshed and ready to amaze everyone with your posts again~

    take care :) (and please say hello to your adorable puppy and bunny~)

  10. Oh, come on now. Where else would I find such sticky, gooey deliciousness?

  11. You’ll be missed! But it’s good to take a break now and then – enjoy!

  12. Missing you! Hope you are relaxing with a beer or something!

  13. I miss you Peabody as much as everyone else… but I’m glad you’re getting your rest! Don’t come back until you’re excited about blogging again. We’ll be excited to see you too :)

  14. Take your break by all means. I’ll just be sitting here, drooling at my keyboard while I stare at these bits of brownie heaven. Do you think I’ll gain weight by looking at them? I think they are probably that dangerous. LOL

    Besides, I have lots to catch up on in your blog, so feel free. We’ll party on and you can join us when you feel like it.

  15. Take all the time you need ~ I think we all have done this and had to regulate our blogging clocks some. I started out blogging everyday…can’t do it now and read eveyones blogs. All this blogging takes a lot of time and time is precious, just like you! Cheers and have a wonderful break!

  16. Have a wonderful break. We all need to get away from it for awhile and do something else. Sometimes blogging can be so incredibly busy and so much work, even though you like it! Especially since you post almost every day :)

    You’ll be missed by many, as all the comments on here can attest to!
    Hope you have a good rest and looking forward to your return.

  17. I can understand needing a break just dont leave us forever :)

  18. that is a crazy gorgeous cupcake. You have enough material on this blog for a book, or even several, so you deserve a break!

  19. Peabody, I’m always in awe at the creativity and hard work involved in order to post interesting recipes/topics. I hope you take all the time needed to rest up and refresh, and hope you come back soon so that we don’t miss you too much. Take care.

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