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So my little blog will be turning four in a little over a week. I think I am at a crossroads. As much as I do enjoy food blogging, I realized how much of my time it has taken up over the last two years especially. I kept a diary once to figure out how many hours I spent doing it. About 30 a week, was what I was averaging. That is more than a part time job.
So sadly when I started doing it less and less, it became kind of addictive. The not doing it part. Not planning my week around what days I was going to bake and what days I was going to shoot.
And more importantly, none of the negative feedback. Which I have been getting a TON of as of late. It just really doesn’t make this all that fun. I had over 100 nasty emails on the Kirstie Ally post. How people of that size are unhealthy. Or how it was our business to care about Lindsey because she was anorexic. Oh, and the sunshine one. Oh my word. Never would have put my silly rant on here had I known the fine emails like someone letting me know that I was negative and a life sucker and that they felt sorry for my husband and that he would surely leave me, I would not have posted it.
I’m not sitting around hating sun worshipers people. I ‘m looking for things to write about. It was on my mind. I had a friend post that she had to go to a funeral and four people jumped on and said at least there would be sun for the funeral. WTF? Whatever happen to sorry for your loss.
But then my husband points out how much I love the other food bloggers. How much I love food photography, and how my blog has made me more happy than not. All true.
So I guess my question to you of world of readers, is my little blog worth it to you for me to keep going???

Coconut-Lime Flan

2 cups sugar
1 TBSP water
1 TBSP lime juice

1 lime, thinly sliced

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (14-ounce) can unsweetened coconut milk
5 large eggs
¼ tsp teaspoon vanilla extract

whipped cream and coconut pieces to garnish

Make the Caramel: In a small heavy saucepan bring sugar, lime juice and water to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Boil syrup, without stirring, until golden caramel. Set out 6 ramekins. Place lime slice at the bottom of each ramekin. Evenly distribute the caramel among the 6 ramekins, tilting them to make sure that the bottom and lime are covered in caramel.

Make the flan: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
In a large bowl, whisk together condensed milk, coconut milk, eggs, and vanilla until smooth. Divide the mixture evenly among the ramekins.
Place the ramekins in a shallow baking dish and place on the middle rack in the oven. Pour in enough hot water to reach halfway up the sides of the ramekins. Bake the flan until just set, but still wiggly in the center, about 30 to 45 minutes. Transfer the flan to a rack and let cool. Chill the flan in the refrigerator.
When ready to serve, dip the ramekins in a saucepan of hot water. Run a knife along the outside edge of the ramekins. Invert each flan onto onto a plate. Leave the lime slice on top. Top with whipped cream and coconut pieces.

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    please do continue, I for one enjoy your website…recipes, thoughts and photos. Thank you for the time involved. This is my first time posting, I wanted you to know you are appreciated and would be missed if you cease to entertain us with your culinary concoctions.

  2. I hope you keep blogging! I enjoy the recipes and pictures, but I also come for the stories and opinions you share.

  3. I know I’m a bit late in commenting, but your blog is one of my most favorite food blogs! I try to visit when I can and I am always excited when I find a new post to read:) Thank you so much for putting the time into writing and sharing your recipes. Also, I want you to know that it was so refreshing to read your thoughts about rainy weather (I love it too). Hope to see more entries in the future. You’re amazing!!

  4. Love the fact you are getting so many positive responses, because I too, would be lost without your blog. Screw the asses who post negative comments. Or better yet, line em up and check them into the boards!

  5. I know this is late, but you are so fun to read and interesting too. Not to mention, I love the pictures. I respect the time and money issues, but I hope you don’t stop blogging.
    I am a sunshine lover, but I have to say why should everyone have to be the same? Its refreshing to read your honesty, and usually funny too!

  6. De-lurking to say how much I love your blog – I really enjoy it and hope you continue – but totally understand if you don’t. But don’t let the stupid people get you down!

  7. Wow! I come back from a weekend off and all hell has broken loose!

    Peabody, you were one of the very first food blogs I ever read. Your no nonsense style and beautiful food have kept me a fan for over two years now. You inspired me to start my own blog! I would be very sad to see you stop blogging. Even though I don’t comment all the time, I do read every post in my reader. I’d miss you!

    That said, I know how time consuming and expensive it is to maintain a blog and do it well, which you do. I also know that sometimes it can be mentally draining. I’ve had to step back a little myself because of it. You need to do what feels right for you. If you do decide to stop blogging, I’d hate for it to be because of those nasty emails. For every 100 critics, there are thousands who think you’re great!

  8. I would really miss your blog if you left. I find your recipies inspirational and love reading the posts. I would understand if it starting to feel more like a chore, but I would miss reading it.

  9. Ack! I got busy for a few days and am so glad so many people spoke up! I love your blog and you and I am so sorry that people are emailing you negative emails for just speaking your mind and opinion. Personally I think your viewpoint is always a good reminder and kick in the butt, for me anyway, to not take life too seriously and quite whining so much. I’m sure we would all understand you need to do whatever is right for you.

  10. I always enjoy reading your blog….*drool*

  11. Okay, so I’ve been one of the “lurkers” and will finally admit that I’ve been checking your blog at least several times a week for over a year now. I come just as much for what you write as for your recipes. Write whatever you want, and don’t worry about the weirdos who get all worked up and personal. Most of them would NEVER say it to anyone’s face, they just like the anonymity of the internet. I’m in awe of your cooking skill and enthusiasm. Keep it up, girl, if it still gives you joy!

  12. I missed your last couple posts and just wanted to add my vote a little late. Keep blogging. I love your blog, yummy goodies and recipes and think you’re pretty funny and right on (most of the time! ;)
    If ya don’t like it people, don’t stop by! Duh.

  13. Hi Peabody,

    I am so sorry to learn of all the negative feedback you are getting. I will never understand it. The anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people. I guess some people have a need to spread ugliness. Please ignore them, you have many supporters here.

    I too am a lurker and will endeavor to come out of my shell to comment more often because all of my feedback will be positive. I love your blog and truly appreciate the time and effort you put into it. I enjoy your humor, your photos are mouthwatering and I am grateful for your generosity in sharing your wonderful recipes.

    Yes, (selfishly) I say, please keep blogging, this blog is one of my favorites.

    BTW, I also love cloudy gray skies and most especially rain. Strange since I live in Hawaii, land of sunshine and blue skies.

  14. Well, I gotta say that I don’t want you to close your blog. Even though I don’t visit on a weekly basis, when I do, I really enjoy it. There are always going to be nasty folks out there. Where you like to cook and I like to sew, they like to say mean stuff. I hope you don’t let them put a stop to something you enjoy.
    On the other hand, if you think this is taking far too much time, maybe you could blog weekly or monthly.
    Just wanted you to know I love Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

  15. I know what you mean about the time, scheduling your life and baking around post-ability, and sometimes it’s just good to unplug for awhile. When it stops being fun and starts being ‘work’, it changes everything.

    I haven’t visited blogs nor tended to my own blog as much lately as I have in the past or feel I ‘should’ have. But yours is one of three or four I check if I only have time for a ‘food blog quickie’ ;-) I love your blog, love your writing voice, love your photos, but only you can say if it’s worth it.

  16. Jeez. I could write a paper on all of this, but I’ll start off with this — of course keep going. Of course. I’m going through exactly the same thing and am learning to see it as a hobby, and not a job. Organizing your life around it is nuts, and I’ve been there so can say it. Going back to work for me is really putting it all in perspective (I even notice the sun’s out now shhhhhh!). As far as all the negative comments go,first I’m shocked, then annoyed because I’ve always thought that people are quite humorous when they leave a snarky comment with no connection to their site (if in fact they actually have one…) or their real identity, or their life. Excuse the hell out of me! It sort of reminds me of a pet owner who allows their dog to poop on another’s lawn and then leave it there for the homeowner to clean up. Um, loser? I love your rants. Love. Them. The reason I had another blog (still do…) is to get it out of my system, and I’ve always been envious that you just let it rip and dish out incredible dessert all at the same time. Truly awesome. I guess people just think the “food blog” world is all about sunshine and peaches. I think it seems that way on the surface, but really, there’s quite a bit of evil competition and snarking that goes on. Oh well. Keep at it peabody. You know I visit in spurts, but I visit. Find the best place for it or your hubs is right. What will your creative outlet be?

  17. I’ve been away and not able to check your site for awhile. So I’m late on this, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been regularly reading your blog since July 2007. I have made several of your recipes and love reading your posts. Some of my favorite desserts came from your site. Your old fashioned chocolate cake, Snickerdoodle muffins, Nutella ravioli cookies and cranberry orange cookies are all things I’ve made several times and shared at countless potlucks and bbqs. Your stories I’ve always found amusing and gives a voice behind the baking that is endearing and what really makes this blog something special. It is unfortunate that the internet’s haters are often the loudest voice heard. I’d really miss your blogging, and I hope that you can find joy in this again.

  18. My goodness. I fall behind on my reading again and come back to a shocker!
    People are idiots, that’s all their is to it. I don’t count you as one of them.

  19. I haven’t been around for awhile so I was reading your posts from newest back and I was like … what … not blogging anymore??? what the hell!!! And then I read this post …

    Besides the photos and mouth-watering desserts and endless defence of sugar and butter and the hockey and the intelligence, one of the main reasons I come here is BECAUSE you tell it like it is. I may not agree with everything you say, but I love that you say it.

    Besides, who will stand beside me in the butter wars???

    Blog on!

  20. New lurker, delurking: I came for the recipes – specifically the Hot Chocolate Cake, led here by Goodsearch – and stayed for the blogging. This is a lovely place you have here!

    As has been said above, people are idiots. I once belonged to a really wonderful online community, which has been (for me) destroyed by a handful of cretins. And that infuriates me – that those few were able to undermine something good, until I’ve begun to wonder if there was anything good there to begin with.

    The difference here is – this is your place, dammit! You have the power! Delete the buggers, pick apart their grammar, inanities, and insanities in a venting post – and hang in there! The morons really are the minority. (I *have* to believe that.) And – thank you!

  21. Crystal says:

    Please keep up your blogging. I love reading your blog so please don’t let the haters ruin all that fun great things you do on this website.

  22. WWJLD?

    But really, your blog = you get to choose what goes in. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

    I love your blog. And photos. If you decide to end it, though, will you please still send me pictures of the stuff you make?

  23. I love your blog and find that you make really awesome dishes that are not over the top (which is good). Your photography is excellent too which makes me just want to try the food even more.

    There are always going to be negative readers/posters out there, but just know that you have far more readers who are positive and who enjoy what you are blogging about.

  24. Lourdes says:

    You should continue doing what your heart tells you. If it is to cook beautifully and then document it, then please do so! I love reading your stories. I figure if folks don’t like what they read, they should move on. Email gives people such anonymity to be mean, when in real life they would think twice about saying nasty things. I’m glad you are standing up for yourself. Keep going if you love it!

  25. I am way behind on my food blog reading, so just now saw this post. But just wanted to give my support and say I love your blog and am so glad you are continuing on with it!

  26. Please continue!!! I looooove your amazing recipes :)

  27. I used to be a big follower of food blogs and baking blogs. That’s died down a lot over time, and now this is the only one I make sure to read. When I need to bake a birthday cake for a friend, I just hop on your blog! I’m a little late in saying this, but forget those haters and please keep up your wonderful work! =)

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