To blog or not to blog…

So my little blog will be turning four in a little over a week. I think I am at a crossroads. As much as I do enjoy food blogging, I realized how much of my time it has taken up over the last two years especially. I kept a diary once to figure out how many hours I spent doing it. About 30 a week, was what I was averaging. That is more than a part time job.
So sadly when I started doing it less and less, it became kind of addictive. The not doing it part. Not planning my week around what days I was going to bake and what days I was going to shoot.
And more importantly, none of the negative feedback. Which I have been getting a TON of as of late. It just really doesn’t make this all that fun. I had over 100 nasty emails on the Kirstie Ally post. How people of that size are unhealthy. Or how it was our business to care about Lindsey because she was anorexic. Oh, and the sunshine one. Oh my word. Never would have put my silly rant on here had I known the fine emails like someone letting me know that I was negative and a life sucker and that they felt sorry for my husband and that he would surely leave me, I would not have posted it.
I’m not sitting around hating sun worshipers people. I ‘m looking for things to write about. It was on my mind. I had a friend post that she had to go to a funeral and four people jumped on and said at least there would be sun for the funeral. WTF? Whatever happen to sorry for your loss.
But then my husband points out how much I love the other food bloggers. How much I love food photography, and how my blog has made me more happy than not. All true.
So I guess my question to you of world of readers, is my little blog worth it to you for me to keep going???

Coconut-Lime Flan

2 cups sugar
1 TBSP water
1 TBSP lime juice

1 lime, thinly sliced

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (14-ounce) can unsweetened coconut milk
5 large eggs
¼ tsp teaspoon vanilla extract

whipped cream and coconut pieces to garnish

Make the Caramel: In a small heavy saucepan bring sugar, lime juice and water to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Boil syrup, without stirring, until golden caramel. Set out 6 ramekins. Place lime slice at the bottom of each ramekin. Evenly distribute the caramel among the 6 ramekins, tilting them to make sure that the bottom and lime are covered in caramel.

Make the flan: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
In a large bowl, whisk together condensed milk, coconut milk, eggs, and vanilla until smooth. Divide the mixture evenly among the ramekins.
Place the ramekins in a shallow baking dish and place on the middle rack in the oven. Pour in enough hot water to reach halfway up the sides of the ramekins. Bake the flan until just set, but still wiggly in the center, about 30 to 45 minutes. Transfer the flan to a rack and let cool. Chill the flan in the refrigerator.
When ready to serve, dip the ramekins in a saucepan of hot water. Run a knife along the outside edge of the ramekins. Invert each flan onto onto a plate. Leave the lime slice on top. Top with whipped cream and coconut pieces.

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  1. Oh Peabody, please keep blogging. I adore your photos and your writing. I love how you’re just you, and also your adorable story about you and your hubby met and fell in love.

  2. I haven’t been around for a little while, but you blog is too good to stop doing it! Post once a week if you want to cut down, but please don’t stop!


  3. Hi Peabody,
    Your blog was one of the first that my sister told me about and I’ve been reading it ever since.

    I know it has to be extremely disappointing to work so hard on something, only to get so much negative feedback. I don’t really know why people even take the time to send a negative email. If they don’t like what you have to say, then they don’t have to read it!

    There are lots of us who enjoy reading your opinions and who LOVE your recipes and amazing photography!

    I hope you decide to keep blogging! I would truly miss you!

  4. Yes, pls pls continue. Think we should all leave to ignore those negative comments and hear only the good stuff!!

  5. Hey Peabody,
    I think all of us bloggers can relate to feeling burned out/ uninspired to write/annoyed by inconsiderate commenters. You should only blog if it makes you happy – otherwise, like you said, it’s just another job, and an unpaid one at that! I used to stress out about posting often enough, whether people thought my posts were interesting, etc., and it just took all the joy out of it. Just post whenever you want and about whatever you want – and forget what everyone else thinks! If it helps, you can take a break and refocus yourself – I guarantee all your fans will still be here when/if you decide to return. take care of yourself – I’ll always be a big fan of your site!

  6. I love your site and your love of cooking comes through with each recipe. I work with thepublic and know how harsh people can be – especially when they can be sosort of anonymously. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your blooging work. I would love to continue to read your blog, but I respect your decision either way.

  7. You should be paid for what you do. You have the best food pictures i’ve yet to see on a blog and with funny commentary to boot!

  8. Peabody, don’t stop blogging!!!! I would hate to see that the haters made you stop blogging. You’re so awesome and I love your work!!! Keep it up, please *makes best puppy dog face*

  9. Okay, I’m delurking now.
    Please don’t let the haters win. You have a wonderful blog!

    P.S Your sunshine post made me laugh :-)

  10. Please continue writing your blog, and sharing your photos and thoughts. I am one of the many people who love reading your recipes and looking at your photos. Reading food blogs is one of the ways I relax. Your blog is one of my favorites and I find your photos relaxing. Keep carving out your place on the Internet.

  11. Yes, please keep blogging — I love your recipes (they work, unlike others!). Your Snickerdoodles are my current claim to fame!!
    Plus, I like your commentary.

  12. Please, please do not listen to the wackos out there. I enjoy your blog immensely, and it would be a sad day if you’d sign off. Keep on blogging!

  13. if you keep blogging, i’ll keep reading. i like the sarcasm that accompanies the yummy recipes. not every blog post has to be sunshine and happiness. life isn’t always sunshine and happiness, so it’s silly to think someone else’s blog has to be happy all the time.
    please don’t let the few that aren’t happy with your blog discourage you from writing.

  14. Well, I for one LOVE your blog, and I would really miss it if you stopped! It is so sad that people actually take the time to leave negative comments — don’t they have anything better to do??

  15. I’ve never posted before. Call me a lurker, if you will. I don’t know if you realize how many people you have impacted. Your photos are fabulous and they are the reason I started taking pictures of all of my food (it is a sickness, in way, HaHa). Rant all you want to. I don’t care. Just keep the pictures coming. You are appreciated by more people than not….the rest are assholes.

  16. LOVE you blog! You’re photos are mouth watering and your recipes are creative. I find your stories entertaining, and those who don’t get your humor should just go elsewhere – it’s a big internet after all. Hope you find a way to keep doing it – but do what is right for you.

  17. I love your blog too, I say keep going! I really get affected by negative comments too and I’ll tell you that my blog is only a few months old and I write about dogs (nothing controversial, just info, fun products, tips, stories) and I can’t believe how much negative (or borderline negative/neutral) comments and emails I get. Sometimes they aren’t very nice at all and I wonder ‘why do you even bother reading my blog and commenting?’ If each of my posts were controversial than I can understand, but cute dog photos and helpful info to dog owners? How can that be negative? LOL Come on!!
    It shocks me how many negative people are out there and again, why bother reading if they don’t like what you have to say? If they didn’t like your post about sunshine or celebrities, hello…stop reading!LOL there are a million blogs out there.
    I love blogging but the negativity of people is really putting a damper on blogging sometimes I find. It’s supposed to be fun and your personal blog with your thoughts and feelings..I wouldn’t dare put a negative comment on someone’s personal blog as I feel that would be invading your space lol At least I’d have the courtesy to send an email if I was really offended and just had to tell that person. Some people are just miserable, mean and rude…I know its hard but try to ignore them!!! (DELETE button wooho)
    Your stories are fun, I love your sarcasm and of course your recipes are delish! Keep it up!

    ps: have they developed blog software yet that will instantly send back a comment to the writer “message not appropriate etc’if it’s too negative? haha they should. Be nice (or at least neutral) or no commenting allowed ;)

  18. Marilou says:

    I love your blog! I never comment, but I read every single word you write. Love the recipes, the gorgeous pictures, the stories… I’d be sad to see them go! If you love doing it, please keep doing it, because I love it!

  19. Well I see there’s nothing much I can say that hasn’t already been said so I’ll just say this, Gracie..

    FUCK THE TROLLS. This is YOUR blog and you get to say WHATEVER you want and if they don’t like it they can stop clicking on it.

    You say things that a lot of people are afraid to say just because they are worried about what will be thought of them. Screw that noise. Don’t change a thing! :)

    I love my Gracie!

  20. I have never left a comment before but I ADORE your blog and your stories.I think there is a huge number of people who think like this.So please don’t give a d… about the negative comments.

  21. Okay, I have read one and a half posts and I DEMAND you keep going! I am bookmarking you ~ and I don’t do that with just everyone I meet out here in the wide wide world of blogs, I will have you know. I personally LOVE controversy. Seriously. Not in my own life but I say get ballsy with it! And you know, moderate the ones that make you angry or prick at your feelings. The PRICKERS! Delete ‘em. It’s your blog. They really DO NOT HAVE TO COME HERE. You wouldnt let people come into your home and rough you up I hope. That’s why your house has a door and not just those cool hippy beads on a string (have I just dated myself or what???) – same with the blog USE that moderation option to SLAM THE DOOR IN THEIR FACES!

    I get left comments all the time that are less than friendly. I really don’t care. But is makes my daughters FURIOUS! The names these people get called! And if someone left them a nasty, I would be ready to whip some butt, you know?

    Oh and while I am here…your pictures are lovely, recipes look wonderful and now I am going back to read more. Oh, and you are more than welcome to visit me as well.

  22. jiminycub says:

    I certainly do enjoy your blog and have been sad to see that you haven’t been blogging much as of late but I certainly do understand the drain on your time and energy that it must be. I would hope you would continue but I do understand if you decide you must stop. If you do decide to go on, can we have a few more pics of your Cocker. She looks exactly like my little princess who passed last year and seeing your pictures reminds me so much of her. Thanks

  23. Colleen says:

    I hardly ever comment on blogs, but wanted to weigh in here and say I LOVE you blog. I have a ton of blogs saved and I put them in order so the ones I love are at the top. You are way up there so I can check in at least every other day. I would be very sorry to see you stop. I am sorry some people suck and feel the need to leave negative comments for you. I enjoy your ‘rants’ and think you are pretty funny myself. please don’t stop

  24. Peabody,
    Please keep up the great work. I have made many of your recipes and totally love all of your rants. (BTW, I was totally with you on the sunshine one. I am a transplanted Seatllite in Sacramento desparatley trying to get back home)

  25. So many people just come onto other people’s blogs to be negative, and I’m sorry that you get so much negative criticism. But ever since I started blogging, you have written one of my favorite blogs. It’s refreshing to have people tell it like it is, even if you don’t agree. I really hope that you will choose to continue blogging… ignore the negative people out there and blog for yourself and for those of us here who love to read what you write!

  26. I love your blog. Please keep doing this!

  27. I may not agree 100% with everything you rant about, but I almost always find the posts funny or at least entertaining. I certainly do enjoy your blog even if I don’t post comments as often as I probably should. If your blog makes you more happy than anything else, then yes you should continue. And who cares what everyone else thinks :P Oh, btw I’m originally from the west coast too. We finally have a cloudy day where I live now and I’m loving it, lol!

  28. It seems like a lot of the “old timers” are losing their blogging mojo. It is sad that it has become so competitive and that people feel the need to be so rude.
    My advice and what I have done… step back and just blog for fun, when you want to. Don’t try to keep up with anyone else. Don’t put pressure on yourself to blog so many times a week. Blog when the mood strikes.
    Your blog would be very missed if you left the blogging world :)

  29. I am probably echoing what 90% of the previous commenters said (I didn’t read them all), but I think you should absolutely keep it up. I love your no nonsense style and of course your photos and recipes.

    I too do not understand nasty commenters on blogs. No one is being forced to read your content. People do not have to agree with you – and they might even tell you so – but they do not have to be nasty. And you should feel free to tell them so. I think the food blog world would be less fun without you in it.

  30. I love your blog so please do carry on. The recipes are so yummy looking and the photography is excellent.

  31. Natalie says:

    So sorry that people are being nasty to you. I’m a big fan of your blog and support whatever decision you make. However I hope you make the decision to keep blogging because you’re fantastic!

  32. I love to read your blog.
    your recipes are fantastic, the photos are beautiful and i dig your writing style. keep it up!

  33. Yours is the first foodie blog that I started reading and you got me addicted. I LOVE reading your posts and hope you keep on blogging!

  34. I am a big fan of your blog and what I like about you is that you just shoot from the hip. Your posts are fun to read and are very sincere which I find compelling. However, I think that if you feel like blogging is no longer fun and it’s feeling like a job then maybe it’s time to just take a break. Take a month or two. I did that a few years ago and it made a big difference in not just the quality of my posts (IMHO) but it was like having that summer break as a kid — I came back to it fresh and ready. We’ll be here when you come back! :)

  35. Darlene says:

    To Blog…. Please…..!! I love your blog. My kids would miss all the great delicious treats too.

  36. I Love! Love! Love! seeing your recipes / photos! I’ll admit that I often just skip right to that part, (unless something you’re writing about catches my eye). I understand the time factor, and the nasty feedback is NOT fun. I don’t understand why some people actually seem to go out of there way to be cruel. You should do whatever you need to do. But I WILL miss you if you stop. :)

  37. I love your blog! If you need a break maybe only post once a week. But keep blogging!

  38. Peabody, yours is one of the few food blogs I follow regularly. Your food is always photographed beautifully and looks scruptious. I’ve tried many of your recipes and I always get wonderful results. Ignore all the whiners out there. I love the mildly cynical tone of your blog. Not everyone is a sunshine and roses kind of person. I’m not. I find those blogs irritating. Take all the nay sayers and throw them and their comments away. There will always be people who have nothing better to do than attack others for what they think or say. I’m sure the voracity of some makes them difficult to dismiss, but people like me, who love what you do, would hate to see you go.

  39. A certain segment of the population out there are like crabs in a barrel. If they are feeling shitty, insecure, scared or threatened by anything or any one else for whatever fucked up reason they have, real or imagined, happened recently or shortly after birth, they have to pull you down to their level. Just type a quick message – KICK ROCKS, then move forward!

  40. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and I love all your posts. I love your sense of humor and great baking projects. I hope you continue.

  41. Samantha says:

    Please don’t stop blogging! It’s amazing to me how rude people can be. And considering you didn’t ask for their oh so insightful opinions f*@% um!! You’re a doll. I love your opinions even if I don’t always agree. :) be strong chica!! hugs Sam

  42. Wow, well I’d say that judging from the response, you’ve got an awful lot of people who care about your blog! I personally love your writing style. You’re witty, and your blog is fun to read (whatever your opinion… and btw, I would never insert a negative view… if I didn’t care about what you were writing or if I disagreed completely, I’d probably just click off your site and not comment. I don’t know why people feel the need to leave such negative thoughts). I definitely think you should consider continuing. No need to publish often, but I think it’s nice to keep it alive.

  43. I can see that I’m only one in a LONG list of folks who love your blog and want you to stick around. More than just blogging about food, you add that snarky sense of humor that I simply adore! If I had to drop all but one of the blogs I keep up with, yours would be the keeper! Keep up the good work and know that more people appreciate your hard work and effort than you realize!

  44. I love your blog, please don’t give up although it must take so much time. I really enjoy reading your take on life and get the feeling you would be a really fun person to be around.

  45. Lifesucker? My, oh, my.

    You’re much better than they are. I enjoy reading what you choose to write. I would regret it should you stop.

  46. Omygood, YES! I can’t believe negative comments, really I can’t. I am new and naive and think people should only say respectful things, or not say anything at all. I do hope you continue, you are one of my blog idols.

  47. Jillian says:

    I love reading your blog. It bugs me to no end when people send mean things to blog publishers. If they don’t agree with your views then they can read a different blog!

    Personally, I love reading the stories that you post before your recipes. Thank you for donating so much of your time to this site.

  48. Maureen says:

    I love your blog. I like the freshness of the colors, your writing, the gorgeous food pictures, trying out your recipes. Do what makes your heart sing….you have an audience that appreciates and responds to that.

    The others – like a bad batch of over-done cookies – toss them in the trash.

  49. This is your place. You can say what you want. If others don’t like it, they don’t have to read. I think if you aren’t here, you WILL be missed by the many of us who do read your post and enjoy your recipes and your writing! (I’m included in that group!).

  50. I see you have a lot of pleas to keep on blogging but I’d like to add my own…please stay Peabody!!! You recipes, your gorgeous photos, and yes, your writing is not life-sucking at all (my goodness who wrote that???)! I love reading you :) Please keep at it :)

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