Life (well, waist) altering….

“I want to do yoga, it makes you thin,” were the words spoken to me by my friend C.
She brought up a good point, you never see any fat people in yoga class (well, except when I go). But just like, which came first the chicken or the egg, I think the question that begs to be asked is what comes first, yoga getting you thin or being thin to do yoga?
I think the latter. As someone who has dragged her chunky butt (actually, my butt is pretty nice, it’s more like my chunky tummy) to yoga several, several times, I think that those of use with more cushion of the pushing just aren’t made for yoga.
When we are bending down and folding our bodies up like a suitcase, my body says, nope, not going to happen. It sticks my stomach in the way. I don’t fold, I squish. And well, squishing doesn’t feel all that good. I definitely miss out on the mind body connection yoga is suppose to bring. Mostly because I feel squashed all class and second because they have mirrors everywhere reminding me of what it looks like to be chunky in yoga class.
Why keep going back you ask? The hype. I have so many friends who love yoga. Who tell me to stick with it, it can change your life. Personally, if something is going to change my life, I’d really like it to be winning the lottery instead. ;) But still I go and still each time I think, why am I here.
I will really be saying that next week, when my gym starts up Bikram yoga, or hot yoga. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s yoga for 90 minutes. Except in a room that is 105F and 40% humidity (sometimes more). I’ve done it twice. It sucked twice. And yet, I know somehow I will go. I just know one day the life altering something will happen. ;)
Until that life altering something happens, I will simply just alter my waistline with cupcakes. One of my favorite desserts is Tiramisu. I had leftover ladyfingers from my Key Lime-Raspberry Tiramisu and decided to use them up. I didn’t have enough to really do anything with them, so they became garnish. I think the Espresso-Chocolate Mousse in the middle really makes these over the top yum.




  1. Well I understand about the yoga, being fluffy myself. But I did really begin to love going. It was relaxing to me. But I don’t know about that HOT thing!! But I’ll console myself with your cupcakes cause those look divine!!

  2. Bikram is a nightmare – no sweating for this yogi, thank you!! :-D

    Mmm, those Tiramisu cupcakes DO look life-altering… I’m ready for the change.

  3. And there you have it ” Espresso-Chocolate Mousse in the middle ” sign me up for that … oh you thought I was going to sign up for the yoga …

    Well, Pea my tummy gets in the way too but I will say that it took about 2 years before I felt the “alteration” and it wasn’t because I got thin. My tummy still got in the way but my body did fell better even if it was still the same thick.

  4. I used to go to yoga but it wasn’t very relaxing for me either. I don’t know why they have all those mirrors!
    Yummy cupcakes!

  5. Ooh, these are a great idea. Filled cupcakes are always such an attractive option. I like the ladyfinger garnish!

  6. I like yoga classes but Bikram yoga – nothankyou! Tiramisu cupcakes – yesplease!

  7. I got really into yoga for awhile, and I agree. Having extra flesh can make it difficult. Sometime the folding really starts to hurt your insides, which just doesn’t seem good. I love/hate bikram. It was always hell during class, but I felt great afterwards. The hardest part always seemed to be holding onto my feet during certain stretches. they get just a tad slippery

  8. Peabody – the tiramisu cupcake looks heavenly. The espresso chocolate mousse sounds delicious on its own!

    As far as yoga… the instructor I have now is the best I have ever had. She is so educated and experienced.
    AND she is chubby! She is probably around 50, 5’5 and I would say about 250 (the weight guess is based on what I looked like at 220 and we are the same height).

    She has said she started yoga over 20 years ago when she was thinner and the weight has come on since. But she can still move her body better than EVERY thin person in the class.

  9. Holy….

    Espresso Chocolate Mousse? Am I allowed to just eat and make that? I also really love tiramisu but have a weird aversion to soaking my deserts, so I never have made it. But these cupcakes look……… divine. All the right flavors and textures and none of the soaking.

    For the record, pilates is waaaaay worse than yoga, if you are trying to avoid that squishing feeling. Which I try to avoid as much as possible. Bring on the cupcakes.

  10. Hee. I think that the thing about yoga is, first of all it doesn’t work very well if you’re using it to get in shape, second it *can* be a very useful spiritual/getting in touch with your body thing, and third, bodily distractions do detract from its usefulness. I’m a fairly thin woman right now, but for me the problem I have is that my boobs get in the way and I’m not very flexible, which makes it harder to concentrate on the yoga itself. You might hit that point of enlightenment, but I think it can also just be nice to do, even if you don’t, because it’s a mind over matter thing. “I’m setting aside a part of my day to do something for my mind and body,” even if that thing is hard and doesn’t seem to be achieving results. I’ve started running, and though it’s not having any real health effects, I feel good to think hey, at least I’m doing it!

    Those cupcakes? Look amazing.

  11. Happy Friday, Peabody! Thanks for a Friday laugh. I swear you could write an Erma Bombeck-type book. I love your take on yoga. I’m one of the lovers of yoga, for what it does to my body and for how calm it makes me. But I’m way too much of a wimp to EVER do Bikram(and too hot-natured, especially with hormonal issues now). If you can suffer through that, you have my enormous respect! Oh, and the cupcakes look incredible. I may make the cupcakes alone and brush some real butter on their tender little tops! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I can relate to how the yoga can make you feel like you are squished rather than stretched. I usually just do it in my living room.

    These look like awesome cupcakes!

  13. Beautiful and so tempting! That’s such a great idea!



  14. Well, they look over-the-top good!

  15. I’ve never done yoga before, but I’ve always wanted to try because of the hype. Maybe one of these days I’ll take a class. The cupcakes look fabulous! I don’t like drinking coffee (except for ridiculously sweet coffee drinks), but I love it in desserts!

  16. Kate D. says:

    I’ve never made filled cupcakes. I think I may be one step closer to giving a go.

  17. I do a beginner yoga, which is really mostly stretching. Bikram? No thank you (although living in south florida, that’s pretty much the temp 9 months of the year, with more humidity).

  18. Those cupcakes look like they have the perfect crumb! I wish I could fold egg whites like that without ruining the cake.

  19. UGH – I hate yoga. I made myself sick with guilt for not doing it while I was pregnant, but you know what? Didn’t matter! Pregnancy and birth were fine, and I bounced back ok. I want to like it but I just don’t. There. I said it!

    Meanwhile, those are some really gorgeous cupcakes!!

  20. No yoga for me, even hough I’m living in the country where it originated from.Just doesn’t work with me for some strange reason; God knows I’vetried!! Very chicken & egg situation indeed. I think I’ll settle for these divine cupcakes instead that make life so much more fun!! YUM!!

  21. Oh Lord, my hips don’t need this but my taste buds do!!!

  22. I dunno about life alteration, but it is supposed to strengthen your core. I feel the ache and burn when I do it, even if I don’t get the positions exactly right. It takes time :)
    But life alteration with yummy dessert, I totally buy :)

  23. I loved Bikram Yoga, but I was living in a place with snow on the ground six months of the year!

    I much prefer doing yoga at home if at all. Much easier to fit in and no mirrors!

  24. This post cracked me up! I am that squishy person in yoga rolling my eyes at the snake-like chicas balancing their entire body weigh on their pinky. (Ok, I’m exaggerating…)
    I’ve done hot yoga about 10 times in the past month and yoga didn’t make me thin! Or maybe it made me thin but all these recipe just made me fluffy.

  25. Well, there goes that theory. Guess I’ll just pass on joining a yoga class and what the heck is Hot yoga supposed to do for me? If I wanted to do that I could just do it outside! At like 80% humidity. Yes, I’m in FL.

    Your cupcakes sound and look wonderful. I’m quite fond of tiramisu also!

  26. I think I’m in love. Seriously in love and in trouble. I could eat a whole dozen of these, and that is just plain sad.

  27. That is one incredible cupcake! So perfectly filled and garnished… Beauty and taste all in one neat little package.

  28. That looks freaking amazing. I like yoga, but more the relaxation kind, where you sit in a dark room and stretch for half an hour listening to birds chirping or whatever tape they put. It’s not exactly “real” yoga, but it works for me. :)

  29. Those are gorgeous cup cakes! Wow.
    Brilliant idea.
    Being a traditionally built woman myself, I would enjoy a long walk so much more. I always feel uplifted and inspired afterwards. It is beautiful out here in the countryside.
    I would die in a hot room.

  30. Ha you made me smile with the description of yoga class. I hate mirrors in gyms. These cupcakes though look heavenly. I adore Tiramisu , I m drooling right now.

  31. I have to admit, I’m eating spaggeti and meatballs here, scrolling through the yoga part of your post, not all that interested in yoga, or a post about it… and then the cupcake part starts and as soon as i realise it is tiramisu cupcakes you are talking about, well then i gasp and get all excited! No, i don’t exercise much, why do you ask?

  32. Last time I checked, most statues of Buddha don’t show him as a size 2 ;)

    I loved yoga, but not for yoga itself, but because it did help what I really love to do, which is running. I would never do yoga for yoga itself, and find it weird when people say: “oh I don’t want to run/bike/play sports because it might mess up my yoga.” To me, yoga is a tool, and if it doesn’t work for you, try something else.

    The weight loss thing also perplexes me–I bet you burn more calories playing hockey by a long shot!

  33. Don’t worry, it doesn’t come naturally to all skinny people either! If I go to a yoga class, I will no doubt spend the entire class with the instructor trying to reposition me and will leave realizing I must be the most uncoordinated person on earth! I’d rather sit and eat the cup cake!

  34. I love all of your cupcake recipes! These look delicious! Can’t wait to make them soon.

  35. As a former yoga teacher, I just wanted to give you a little warning about Bikram yoga. Bikram is how I started but now I would never do it and would never recommend anyone to do it. The instruction is all scripted – when you do a teacher training, you have memorize the script and never stray from it. Therefore no modifications are offered so the new people are doing things that they will not be able to do. Injury is highly likely.

    The other reason I say stay away is that the hot room gives you a fall sense of being “warmed” up. The third pose in the sequence is a back bend. There is no other type of yoga I can think of that would instruct you to do a backbend without proper warm up – and just being in a hot room is not enough. I hurt my back after a year of doing Bikram and it took me another year to heal it doing Ashtanga.

    If you are looking to break a sweat in a yoga class, try Ashtanga, or any Vinyasa Flow class. If you are looking to really get the basics and understand the poses, try an Iyengar class. Any good teacher will modify poses so ANYONE can do them. Good luck!

  36. Can you tell me how to get to your house? I would like to invite myself over for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Heck, any time your cookin’ or bakin’ – PRETTY PLEASE?!

    That cupcake looks devine!!!

  37. Excellent use for leftovers! Very darling and that mousse sounds amazing! Yoga…requires more patience than I possess…but the clothes are cute.

  38. well, basically you’re a culinary genius, so squishing or no squishing you’re improving the world besides. !!

  39. They look divine and so elegant. You are always so creative.

  40. The recipe is one I will have to make! Those cupcakes look great and I love tiramisu. what a great idea!

  41. Oh great, another delicious recipe that I will have to try. :)
    As for yoga, stick with it. Or as someone else suggested, try pilates. I have bursitis in my hip atm and I can’t do either. It’s killing me! But I do get to gain weight by trying out some wonderful recipes.

  42. Those look so good! Tiramisu cupcakes are a great idea!

  43. yep, totally been there. I am a chunky girl myself and tried to do the skinny people’s yoga. nope. but I do love yoga, so I do the yoga for weight loss, mmmmmuch easier. and I can eventually work my flexible way towards the skinny people’s yoga, because I want to be more flexible since I am getting to be such an old fartknocker.
    (the dvd is called “Yoga for Weight Loss” by susanna deason–in case you asked)

  44. Now I just can’t imagine that class smelling very April fresh. :/

    I lurve tiramisu and think cupcake form is excellent! Just another Gracie recipe to put on the pile. :D

    Oh! And happy 37th just in case I lose my mind and forget to stop by on the 2nd. Love you!


  45. yikes…staying in a hot room on purpose is beyond my ability. hehe so why i decided to work in a country where the summers are humid and gross…is something that makes me ponder my sanity during 5 months of every year. Plus the humidity ruins everything i bake. :( so i will have to wait to try this recipe when the cool air decides to come back.
    and i agree with the mirror thing, no one (including myself) needs to see what my booty looks like from 50 different angles.
    being chunky in japan makes for some interesting times when everyone and their mother (no joke) is a third my size. hehehe
    give me a year, i can fix that with these cupcakes. muahahaha
    take care!!

  46. These cupcakes look delish – love the mousse centre. I’d be happy to sculpt my waistline with these.

  47. I love the flexibility that comes with yoga, but you’d have to hold me at gunpoint to get me to do it in a room full of size 1 yogabots. And a heated room? Just no way. The cupcakes? Way!

  48. What’s funny is that my mom basically said the same thing about riding a bicycle! We saw someone riding a bike and she said she has always thought that would be fun (and I then agreed) and then she said that it made her stomach hurt because when she bent over to grab the handle bars it was in the way. I had to laugh! :-) These cupcakes are so pretty…I love the lightness AND density of the cupcakes. Yum!

  49. Those cupcakes look and sound delicious.

    And as much as I love yoga, I have to other exercise to keep the weight off!

  50. Sometimes when I am in plow pose, I am literally suffocating in my boobs. It sucks.


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