You say it’s your birthday….

…it’s my birthday too.
So THE day is finally here. 37. Since you all know I have a long list of things to accomplish on my birthday today, I will try and make it quick.
One can not help but reflect on the past as one looks towards the future. It got me thinking about foods I loved as a kid. Some I still love and some, not so much.

Not so much: Spaghetti O’s with Franks. Those candy dots that you end up eating more paper than candy. Those wax bottles that have liquid in them. Pop rocks (how is this a smart idea…food that explodes in  your mouth). Magic Shell (things just shouldn’t harden like that…well, at least not food). Capri Sun (those damn things always squirted me). Chicken McNuggets (pressed chicken parts…enough said). Fun Dip (sweetened chalk that you dip into sour powder). Hawaiian Punch (I can still actually drink it and like the taste…I just always seem to spill it and that crap don’t come out).

Still love: Anything from the ice cream man (especially a Drumstick). Gummy anything (though I am not a fan of the bug forms). Red Vines. Jello (all flavors…because there is always room). Count Chocula (though ever since they changed it to whole grain it isn’t as good). Almond Roca (which I only got at Christmas each year). Big Red Soda. Kool Aid (Purplesaurus Rex was my favorite, they discontinued it. It was a Grape Lemonade flavor, yum!). And of course…Circus Animal Cookies.

Did you know they are back? They are, they are. While walking down the grocery aisle this last week I noticed a sign saying New Item. I look and there are the Mother’s Cookies (new item my ass) there on the shelves. And more importantly, my little pink and white frosted covered friends. I squealed with delight and through some in the cart.

Since only one person, other than my mother, has baked me a birthday cake, I knew I would be on my own. I saw a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcake in the Martha Stewart Cupcake cookbook and decided to change it up and use my favorite preservative filled cookies instead and use that as my birthday cake(s). They turned out great and the thing is these have tons of possibilities for other flavors, which I plan to experiment with.

Hope you all had a nice Canada Day yesterday (for those who celebrate) and hope you all do something fun on this glorious day. :)

Peabody’s 37th Birthday Circus Animal Cookie Cheesecake “Cupcakes”

16 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
½ cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
¼ tsp vanilla extract
½ cup Greek yogurt (2%)
1 bag Circus Animal Cookies

Preheat oven to 275F.
Line muffin tins with cupcake liners (preferably white). Place a pink (they show up better…cookie racist perhaps?) cookie at the bottom of each cupcake, sprinkle side down. Set aside.
Using a stand mixer, beat cream cheese and sugar on medium-high speed for about 5 minutes.
Add eggs, one at a time, beating for about 1 minutes. Scrape down the bowl after each addition.
Add vanilla and Greek yogurt, beat until incorporated.
Crush up remaining Circus Cookies. You can use as many or as much as you want. I just used the rest of the bag because I really like the cookies. Add them to the cheesecake batter and mix until the cookies are throughout the batter evenly.
Pour into prepared cupcake liners.
Bake for 22 minutes, rotating half way through.
Remove from oven and let cool to room temperature. Chill in fridge in muffin tins for at least 4 hours or overnight.
Recipe makes about 14.

Adapted from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes by Martha Stewart

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  1. Hee! I love it, what a fun idea! Happy birthday! :)


    Those cupcake pics are making my mouth water!!

  3. Whole grain Count Chocula?!?!? What the *(#&$*(#& are they THINKING?!?

    Happy birthday!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Purplesaurus Rex koolaid was my favorite too many years ago (I’m thinking roughly 18-20 years ago)! That stuff was awesome. Tropical punch is my runner up.

  5. Happy Birthday! And I love that colorful dessert!

  6. Peabody says:

    Cheryl- If you can’t find Greek Yogurt, use Sour Cream. Regular yogurt will be far too thin.

  7. a very happy birthday to you!

  8. Happy B’day Peabody! And happy belated Canada Day too … from a fellow Canadian .. whoz been transplanted to the States for a while now!

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    I LOVE those cookies and once ate an entire bag in one sitting in college on a dare! Your cheesecake cupcakes look fantastic – yum!

  10. happy birthday, peabody!!

  11. Happy birthday!! Those were my favorite, FAVORITE cookies when I was a kid!. I used to lick off all the frosting and then crunch down on the cookie. I haven’t had them for years! i gotta go get me some!

  12. Happy 37th Birthday Peabody!!!!
    i love colorful cakes! they’re so fun to look at!
    Hope your bday is a blast, and have fun doing all those things on your list, just because you can!

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. I must say I love your list–I think Hawaiian Punch owes me big time for all of the shirts I stained as a child with that brightly-colored stuff!

    A happy squeeze of a juice box in your birthday direction!

  15. Took me a minute to figure out why you had a picture of these upside down…ah! The animal crackers. :-) Looks fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  16. Wishing you all the best on this special day. Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy birthday! Hope you are having a sweet, sweet day.

  18. happy birthday Peabody!!! those are so colorful and pretty :) great adaptation

  19. Happy Birthday!!

  20. Love the cuppys! Happy happy birthday to you. May your week be filled with butterfly’s and buttercream. Hope its the best! :)

  21. Kate Thompson says:

    Happy Birthday Peabody! Hope you had a fabulous day.

  22. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day. Nice cuppy cakes too.

  23. Happy Birthday, Pea! I hope you have a great time working through your list of “Now that I’m 37….”

  24. Happy 37th Birthday!!
    (I’m secretly wishing that I was 37 again. Good year!)

    I loved those Circus Animal Cookies, but, I never would have thought to put them in cupcakes! Great idea!

    Enjoy your day!!

  25. Dear Long Lost Peabody twin,

    I hope you had a wonderful day! (Stupid phone co. cut off our internet!!) 37 seems like an important number, more important than 33, even :)

    Oh man, Capri-Sun! That was very special, not-of-this-planet orange taste. Blast from my childhood yesterday: local superstore suddenly carrying grenadilla (passion fruit) pop/soda! Haven’t seen that stuff in North America at ALL ’til yesterday! Nearly bought a case. Nearly ;)

    Are those circus animal cookies the ones with the “blue swans”??? I would have fallen over in the aisle!

  26. Hope you had a great birthday! My grandma tap danced until she was 85, so age is just a number. Don’t let it get you down! “They say it’s your birthday…going to have a good time!” ; )

  27. OMG, I loved those cookies! I was so sad when I heard Mother’s was being discontinued, the thought of those circus animals and the taffy cookies being gone forever was too much to handle, even if I can’t indulge.

    Happy belated Birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday Peabody!! Those pink animal cracker cupcakes are to die for!! and I love fun dip tooo

  29. Happy Birthday!!

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  30. Happy birthday Peabody. Your desserts are rich as all get-out, yet fun and not too fussy, and full of your personality and sense of humor. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you over them. Here’s to many more even sweeter birthdays!

  31. EX - Lurker DEB says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!! Just so you know ” I’M NOT LURKING!!!”

  32. Happy birthday!! I know you like peanut butter, so you might enjoy the cake I’ve been making for my birthday the past couple years:

  33. happy birthday, peabody! July 2 is a very special day…it also happens to be my wedding anniversary! hope it was a great one for you!

  34. Happy Birthday!

    I just wanted to let you know that from the area (it’s no Bonney Lake, but it’s really, really close) that brought you bikini baristas, we now bring you…
    Nearly Naked Fireworks

    I’m going to have to move to a respectable local soon!

  35. Well leave it to me, Gracie. I wish you a happy birthday BEFORE the day arrives.. and again AFTER the day has passed. :) But I hope it was a fantastic day!

    These look creamy and crunchy all at the same time. I love this idea! Every since you started talking about these cookies, I’ve looked everywhere for them.. must be a west coast thing? At the very least it’s not a NE Ohio thing. Boo. But Archway makes a pretty decent preservative filled frosted animal cracker so I’ll have to try them!

    Hugs and mucho grande lurve!

  36. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite was always purplesaurus rex too, but whenever I tell people that, I get the strangest looks.

  37. Happy 37th. Hope your day was wonderful !!

  38. Happy Birthday Peabody! I hopes it and your 4th of July are great!

  39. Sorry I’m 2 days late wishing you a Happy Birthday, but I hope you celebrate all year!

  40. Happy Birthday! Your birthday cheesecake cupcakes look wonderful and very colourful – great fun

  41. Happy Birthday! I stumbled across your blog and am very glad I did. Your recipes and photography are simply amazing!

    And I did have a very happy Canada Day. Are you Canadian too?

  42. Hope you had a lovely birthday…I got here late.

  43. I love those circus animal cookies!

  44. Belated happy day to you! I did make something for you online party but didn’t get a picture of it until today. Hope you had a great one.

  45. Belated Happy Birthday…just got the computer mess straightened out…and those cookies are perfect for a birthday ‘cupcake’! Hope it was a great one!!

  46. Happy birthday!! What a great idea for a cupcake!

  47. Yolanda says:

    Pea –

    Good afternoon. Sorry I am late but Happy Birthday! I hope that all of your wishes came true.

  48. Hi and Happy Happy Birthday to You!

    I am so glad that you are continuing to write your blog! AND good news … I’d like to offer you anything you choose for no charge from We have lots of chocolate things, but we also have baking chocolate ingredients if you would rather have those, it’s up to you. Consider it a B I R T H D A Y present and a thank-you-for-blogging gift. So what do you think?

    Best to You!


  49. Happy,happy birthday!!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!

  50. Happy Birthday. I can’t believe how many people share this day of birth! Hope you had a great one!


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