“I know this much is true”….

So Farrah Faucet died and that was a bummer, but really, that didn’t upset my world. Michael Jackson died, and though he was a highly influential musician, I didn’t care that he passed. I mean I don’t even own one album or have one song downloaded on my Ipod.

But then the news that John Hughes died….that one finally got me. The man pretty much made every movie that I loved and related to as a teenager. Plus he gave me one liners that to this day I still love and use.

So I feel that the next few posts will be dedicated to the movies that John Hughes brought to me and touched me in some way.

We will start with Sixteen Candles.

Oh the movie that gave every teenage girl hope. Hope that the hottest guy in school would leave his well endowed, hot girlfriend for geeky, no body you. Did I mention he is not only hot, but rich and drives a Porsche? Oh yes, this was the modern day Cinderella story that every female teeny bop was waiting to happen. Unless of course, you were the well endowed, hot chic at school…then it was already happening to you (bitch).

That being said, I would never give my undies to a geek. Or anyone for that matter. Now perhaps back then, when my undies were bought by my mother and were ugly (probably the 20 pack from Costco) I might not have cared as much. But gosh darn it, now a days, good looking undies just cost too much to be giving away. Or ripped off for that matter. Granted this did not happen in Sixteen Candles, but it happens in a lot of movies. Sure it isn’t sexy to have to stop to take off your undies, but really, it probably hurts to have them ripped off. And hurts even more if they are La Perla and you paid $45 for them. Now, that hurts. So girls, keep your undies. Or if you do give them to a geek, work out a payment plan with them, and charge interest.

Boobs. Now I am a reasonable person. But for whatever reason, I thought for sure I would wake up on my 13th birthday with boobs. When that didn’t happen, I knew for sure it would be my 16th. For sure. There is a part in the movie where the main character Sam is standing in front of the mirror  checking out her lack of bod. Oh how I related to this. When I woke up on my 16th birthday rationally knowing boobs did not grow over night, I still had to look. And look I did, all day. Thank goodness my birthday is in the Summer, I would have hate to have been caught starring at my own chest in school. That would have been cool. Not.

Alas I am still waiting on my boobs. Oh sure, from time to time if I gain enough weight I can get some bigger boobs, but then I just get bigger me and so they don’t really look all that hot. So in honour of the boobs I never got and only get when I gain pounds…I made pound cake. ;)
This Brown Sugar Almond Pound Cake is nice and simple…and loaded with calories…3 sticks of butter and 3 cups of sugar. Surely you can pack on some boobs (and stomach, thigh and butt) with this yummy treat….after all “the Donger needs food”.

This cake is moist and all things right in a cake. I ate SOOO many pieces of this stuff. You don’t need the apples and caramel but it just puts it over the top. And in case you were wondering…all of my Fall baking has tricked the weather. We went from 100 plus temps last week to low 60’s this week! :) One happy Peabody!



While cooling, make the apples.

Sauted Spiced Apples

½ cup granulated sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground nutmeg
3 large apples, I used Pink Ladies, peeled, cored, and sliced
1 TBSP unsalted butter

Place the sugar and spices into a medium sized bowl and mix till completely combined.

Dredge the apples in the sugar mixture, turning to make sure they are coated well.

Heat butter in a large saute pan over medium heat. Place apples in saute pan and cook until apples become soft.

To prepare:
Slice piece of pound cake. Top with spiced apples. Spoon homemade or store bought caramel sauce.

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  1. I love 16 candles. Still one of my favorite movies.

    And I’ll take a slice with the apples. Or without – I’m pretty sure I’d be happy either way!

  2. The pound cake looks absolutely delicious!! I’m going to try this soon!

  3. Some of the sexiest women I know have almost no boobs at all.

  4. Peabody…we are having a little John Hughes’ tribute over on my blog for September. (We link up on the last day of the month.) Someone alerted my to your posts…and I have just been laughing and nodding along with your writing. Oh, how he knew the teenage minds of the 80’s. I dreamed not of Prince Charming, but of Jake Ryan. ♥

    Anyway, if you have time, please chime on on Flavor-of-the-Month with one of your posts. I’d be honored…but I won’t give you my undies. :)

  5. Is that a springform loaf pan?! Boy, you have got the most professional baking equipment one has ever seen! Over on my end, I have only seen the regular round springform pans and sqaure ones!

    This pound cake does look down-to-earth and very good!

  6. Haha – great post!

    This recipe sounds delicious!

  7. I love pound cake AND almond flavor, so I made this for my b-day cake with some homemade caramel sauce (too lazy for apples, lol, although they look good). I used Bob’s Red Mill almond meal. I cut the recipe in half to make just one loaf pan.

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