Clash of the Seasons…

It’s battle of the seasons right now. Summer is fighting bitterly to hang on while Fall is bullying itself right in. I of course, am pulling for the bully this time around. It’s actually been quite nice. The mornings just have that hint of chill that let you know that Fall is on it’s way. Patches of fog coat the ground until afternoon comes around and burns it off. Leaving behind a warm and sunny day.

To represent the clash of the seasons I made a Zucchini-Cranberry Bread. Using the last of my friends over abundant zucchini (well, the last that I am taking…I have had my full of zucchini) and a little face of Fall, the cranberry. Since it isn’t Fall, you can’t get fresh cranberries and I have used the frozen ones I had. So I used unsweetened ones (I got mine at Trader Joe’s). If you can’t find unsweetened, use sweetened, but reduce the amount of sugar in the bread.

The bread is nice and moist. You don’t have to have the glaze, but I like that it adds a little tartness to the bread. The glaze calls for half a cup of sugar, but you can use any amount you want, just taste as you go along.

I’d like to give a big thanks to those who commented in the last post. It was nice to hear from you. I was just wondering where you all went. My readership has dropped…almost by half. And then my comments went from about 50-70 a post to 20-35. :( I can’t help it. I like comments. I liked getting a sticker on my papers when I was in elementary school and I like people commenting.
Some said they stopped commenting because I have so many. Um, I read them all, for real. I read the Pioneer Woman. And though she gets a TON of comments, usually in the thousands, if I really like something she made, I leave a comment and let her know. One more couldn’t hurt.
So yes, I get more comments then some other blogs, but darn it all, I was getting used to a certain amount. It’s like going to a job and getting paid $24 an hour. Then without warning they drop you down to $12 an hour…without telling you why. You just kind of want to know…ya know?

Enough rambling, point being. Thanks for commenting, I hope you will keep it up. ;)

Zucchini-Cranberry Bread

3 eggs, at room temperature
1 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup mascarpone cheese
2 tsp vanilla extract
zest of one orange
2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups grated zucchini
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1 heaping cup dried unsweetened cranberries (soaked in hot water for 10 minutes, rinsed, pated dry)

Preheat oven to 350F.

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat together the eggs, oil, mascarpone cheese, vanilla, zest, and sugar. Beat until mixtures turns a pale yellow, about 3 minutes.

Add zucchini and mix until incorporated.

Add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.  Mix until incorporated but don’t over mix, treat this like you would muffins.

Fold in cranberries.

I used 4 super mini loaves (they are super tiny, only like 3 inches in length)  and two mini loaves. You can also use 2 standard sized loaf pans. Spray with baking spray or grease and flour.

Bake for 30 minutes for super mini, 45 for mini, and for 1 hour for standard size. As always, check by using a knife or wooden skewer to test for doness.

Remove from oven. Let cool on wire rack for 15 minutes. Remove from loaf pans and continue to let cool on wire rack. Glaze if desired.

Adapted from my Mom.

Cranberry-Orange Glaze

1/3 cup jelled cranberry sauce
juice of a large orange
½ cup powdered sugar, sifted

Mix together with a whisk. Pour or brush on bread.


  1. I know just how you feel about comments. I don’t get nearly as many as you do, but I notice when they start to drop off. Makes me sad too.

    This bread looks fabulous, but gosh darnnit I don’t have any mascarpone, so I guess I’ll have to wait. :(

  2. This looks delicious! I made cranberry sauce for a smoked turkey breast last week & realized how much I’ve missed fall cooking. Thanks!

  3. Love the “clashing seasons” theme with the baked goods!!

    Peabody, you know I love ya – I’m always here for my friends!! :)

  4. Mmmm… reminds me of growing up. There were only a few things that my mom really made, and Zucchini bread was one of them. It definitely reminds me of many summer nights in the country.

  5. I confess that I am a reader and hardly ever comment. I will do so when I bake/cook someones recipe. The Zucchini/cranberry combo kind of scares me….probably because I am not a cranberry lover. Keep up the great work and photos.

  6. I think fall has officially arrived in my parts. It’s not supposed to be above 75 degrees for the foreseeable future. The only problem? No pumpkin :( There was apparently a pumpkin shortage last year…

  7. I’m another that always reads and rarely comments. Sorry. Don’t feel bad though, I rarely comment on any of the blogs that I read. I’m shy, even on the ‘anonymous’ internet — I feel like what I have to say isn’t important and/or no one will read it — so I don’t comment unless I feel I’ll really contribute something.

  8. I read your blog every time you post :) I don’t usually comment because I read A LOT of blogs. But here’s a note to let you know that I appreciate what you do and you usually make me smile after a long day at work. :) Keep it up. And that bread looks delicious!!

  9. I love love love Zucchini bread and I can’t wait to test out this recipe! Your blog is one of my favorites and I am constantly checking to see what new yummy food you have made, but I don’t always get a chance to comment! Thanks for all the yummy recipes! :)

  10. Hi! I don’t comment very often – I don’t often feel like I have anything to add.

    Your bread looks absolutely delicious. I’d never thought of adding cranberries to zucchini bread but the combination sounds really good.

  11. LOL – love the “clash of the seasons” concept behind these delicious looking loaves. Cranberries are one of my new best friends, so these are bookmarked.

  12. Yum! I bet the cranberry with zucchini is great. We’re actually having a tiny taste of fall right now, too, with highs in the low 80’s. :-) I’ve noticed a decrease (by about HALF) in my blog hits. My comments haven’t changed all that much…but that’s because I don’t get many to start with! :-)

  13. This bread looks like a wonderful way to usher in a slip of fall! Here in Texas we have to wake up around 6am to feel any temperature that feels remotely like fall… nevertheless, I will be celebrating my favorite season by getting a Pumpkin Spice Americano at Starbucks tomorrow. :)

  14. I love that you combined the best of 2 different seasons in this bread!

  15. I love the color of the glaze! If I make this does it count as a vegetable and a fruit if my little one eats it?

  16. That glaze looks incredible! Nice way to try and make a truce between the 2 seasons.

    I understand your worries about comments. :) Blogs are like our babies ( which in my case are pets ). You want them to thrive and make a difference. I feel bad when I see only 19 followers whereas some blogs who started after mine have 2x the amount. You just need to remind yourself that at least people are reading and hopefully enjoying what they see enough to bake! I know your posts always make me want to play with my oven no matter what the time of day/night. :)

  17. School started back, and after a few weeks, and especially once football starts, I’ll start to feel ready for fall. It’s hard here because it’s still pretty hot and probably will be for a while longer. I love the idea of this bread- a little bit of both worlds!

  18. comments make me feel special. :)

    i apologise for being one of the lurkers. i guess i fit into the category of “well, she’s already got a gazillion. she probably doesn’t need one more person gushing over a) the recipes that everyone knows are fantastic. and b) the photos that are stunning”

    but i’ll make an exception this time. ;)

    as an aside, i’d love if it you were able to spare a moment and check out my own blog. i started it in the spring, so it’s still in it’s infancy. i’d really appreciate it if you could have a wee look and give me a few tips/impressions.

    i’ll be more diligent in my commenting from now on — that’s a promise!



  19. Oh no! Sorry for being remiss on the comments. But I do love the sound of this bread! Love love love zucchini bread, and the cranberry is such a nice welcome to the impending fall…

  20. I don’t comment much, but if you knew the stack of papers I have squashed under my recipe box that are Peabody recipes-to-try… Now I need to send my kids away for a week and go on a baking frenzy. I am looking forward to fall, because baking just seems more doable in the fall.

  21. At this point in the season I blame the tomatoes. I am always happy for the bounty of the garden and for the end result from preserving. But that middle part where I wash, chop, process and process and process…

    well I blame the tomatoes for my lack of life beyond canning.

    Thanks for the bread recipe! I may have one more squeaky end of the season zucchini and I just found my frozen cranberries. Perfect timing :)

  22. I’ve been an avid reader for 2 years now :) LOVE cranberries! I’ll be sure to try out this recipe soon.

  23. Well I love cranberry and I will definitely be making this bread! Looks great:) I’m thinking it would be a great post-call treat on Thursday.

  24. This bread looks absolutely delicious. Sorry for not commenting as often as I want but summer (and getting married) has gotten in the way of a lot. But I’m right there with you on comment love. I love them too and almost feel a bit rejected when I don’t get them.

  25. P-

    I’m another constant reader/stalker that never posts (well, until today).

    You’re one of my favorite bloggers. Since you put so much time and thought in to writing great posts, I’ll try to be better about giving you another reason to write them.

    Take care!

  26. This bread looks amazing! I’m wondering, though…whenever I make a glaze for a coffee cake or another bread, it always seems like the glaze soaks in to the bread and/or cake making it a little mooshy (technical term) on the top. Am I just not adding enough sugar?

    Looks like I’ll have to make this sometime soon and see if I am indeed using too little sugar in my glazes!

  27. I rarely comment, mostly just lurk, but I’m still here! This bread looks good! Just the thing I need to finish up these last few Zucchini.

  28. You are right, but fall has already won the fight!

    That bread looks delicious!



  29. i hear you on that right now. i just blogged about it last night – while my hard-drive is full of summer recipes i am craving the produce of Autumn already. what lovely cake ideas to enjoy the best of both seasons!

  30. I love that you made bread to represent the clash of the seasons! It looks very tasty. I wish I could have a slice of it right now…

  31. Hey Peabody, I always read, and always love, but don’t often comment, like many of my fellow readers above. Maybe it’s because I’m addicted to food blogs and subscribe to far too many (and use an RSS reader, further distancing myself)…

    Just know that I’m always glad when I see a new post from you come through in my Google Reader. You’re one of the few food bloggers whose actual writing I enjoy as much as the recipes you share :)

  32. You’re absolutely right, I love reading comments, but sometimes am lazy myself or simply don’t have time to write more than just “How nice” or “How gorgeous”.
    I never thought of putting mascarpone into cake batter until I tried your recipe for (I think) Key lime yogurt cake, and it’s really great.
    Here in Italy cranberries are not very common, but I bought some in Bosnia this summer and was just waiting for the right recipe to use them.
    Have a nice day.

  33. I love your blog. But I never commented until now. Sorry.
    Well, the bread looks delicious. Too bad can’t make the sauce coz I couldn’t find any cranberries here. Even the dried one :(

  34. I’ve been meaning to ask: what do you use to grate things with?

    I bought a tiny zester and the long strips it peels off the lemons don’t look quite right to me. Maybe I’m pressing too hard? Previously, I was using this old block grater that scared me (and quite rightly too – I grated some knuckle along with the lemon zest). Now I’ve got this flat thing, and it seems ok.

    What do you use? And when you grate ginger, how do you protect your fingers and use up all the ginger?

  35. Sorry I don’t usually comment. I do love your sense of humor & read your blog regularly. I’ve been enjoying the John Hughes-a-thon because I’ve wanted to pull out all of his movies & watch them myself. Just haven’t had time yet.

  36. Oh, I am so rooting for fall to win already. Pretty sad that we are all so happy around here because the high was only like 95 yesterday. I love how you can see the green from the zucchini in the loaves–very pretty.

  37. I still read and love your blog/posts/recipes!! I didnt get a chance to comment on your last post… but I’m still here!! (and glad you are too!)

  38. Do you own stock in mascarpone? Just wondering :) This bread looks really great. I, too, am pulling for fall. It’s been in the 60s here for the last few days so it already looks like our fall is longer than normal. It’s usually like a week between A/C and heat.

  39. This bread looks great. I am loving the almost fall weather too. Makes me look forward to the cranberry festival – but I have to wait until mid-October for that!

  40. Fall is my favorite season so anything cranberry is for me! Go Peabody!!!

  41. I have never had zucchini bread in my life and these beauties here are showing I’m so, so wrong. :)

  42. I’m pulling for fall too – just love those flavors and crisp fall air. I’ve never used mascarpone and I think it’s time to change that.

  43. Sorry I’m not commenting Peabody! I love seeing and reading about your work. LOVE IT! And that glaze looks soooo good

  44. Fine, I’ll leave comments more often. You make me feel like such a lurker when you leave posts like that! :) I am enjoying the change of seasons also, but have you noticed the huge amount of mosquitos out during the day and later into night??? They actually chase you! I can’t say I am a big fan of that. I love fall but I think I am getting a little PTSD about the winter considering how crazy it has been in the Northwest the last couple years. As we approach fall, all I can think is that it’s closer to winter…and ice…and snow…and driving in both… :(

  45. Thanks for keeping up with the blogging! I am usually not much for commenting but will try to keep it up if the comments keep you motivated. I have always been a huge fan of your blog (along with PW) and every recipe I have tried has turned out great. Thanks so much for your commitment to providing scrumptious recipes for all of us!!!

  46. oooh i am a gold-star collector, too! so hence forth i’ll make sure to comment on your posts even if its just to say ‘yummy!’ or something encouraging along those lines.

    how come your zucchini bread has such a green color? i’ve made zucchini bread before and it just always seems to blend in.

  47. I know what you mean about comments..I like getting them too! Mine have dropped off a bit this summer (I don’t get nearly as many as you) but it may be because people are busy and I think I need to make my blog more interesting. I am limited as to what I can do with pictures. I still cannot figure out how to post them under different paragraphs…I am computer lame…..your zucchini bread looks great and what a fantastic idea with the cranberries!

  48. I love your blog! I have never made a zuccini bread, but pairing this with cranberry sounds wonderful!

  49. LOVE Zucchini. I’m guilty, Peabody – I’m a regular reader and rarely comment – but I LOVE your website. You certainly have wonderful taste and a lot of skill at what you do. Happy start of Fall!

  50. I haven’t made zucchini bread in AGES. I used to love it though. Thanks for the reminder. :)

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