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So I got an email from the people of Challenge Dairy. In the email they wrote, “after reading your blog I noticed that you like to cook with unsalted butter”…ha, ha, you could say that again. I certainly could give Paula Deen and her love of butter a run for her money (or maybe should could just give me her money ;) ).
They also asked if I wanted some free coupons for some unsalted butter. Um…YES! Along with some coupons I got nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla from Spice Islands and a whisk from OXO. See they are having a contest. If you win the grand prize you get a 7 day/6 night trip for 4 people to the incredible Mountain Sky Guest Ranch (mtnsky.com) in Montana’s Paradise Valley, just North of Yellowstone National Park. That sounds pretty awesome to me! Especially since it includes airfare, food, and accommodations! If you don’t win that you could win the other prize which is from Spice Islands and OXO. A prize package worth $850. The contest ends December 31st, 2009. The drawing is in the first part of January 2010…wouldn’t that be a great way to start the new year! There seems to be some confusion in the comments. I am not entering the contest. It’s not a baking contest. I am just telling You about it, so that You have the chance to win.

If you don’t live out West you might not be all that familiar with Challenge Butter. I know them as the people with the Elk on the box. I guess you could be known for worst things. ;) I mainly use their European style butter (mmm 83% butterfat), but their unsalted is good quality as well.

Since I was sitting there with butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla, I figured I would make something that highlighted the butter but also used the spices that were sent to me. And so we return to my old friend the Snickerdoodle. But of course, as always, I put a twist on it. What better to showcase butter than shortbread. And so I came up with Snickerdoodle Shortbread. Yes, I’m evil. Yes, it will make you fat. There are 3 sticks of butter in this baby. Yes, it’s worth it. :P

So if you live out here in the Wild (or Mild if you live at my household) West be sure to look for the Elk on the box and pick up some Challenge butter for your holiday baking.

Speaking of contests, don’t forget I’ll be giving away some mini loaf pans. You have until Friday at noon (my time…that’s PST) to enter. Good luck.

Snickerdoodle Shortbread

3/4 cup granulated sugar
¼  cup powdered sugar
1 ½  cups unsalted butter, at room temperature (3 sticks!)
½ tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 ¼  cups all-purpose flour
¾ cup white rice flour
1 TBSP Cream of Tartar
1 tsp salt

1 cup cinnamon sugar, divided

Preheat oven to 350F.
Butter a 9-x-13-inch baking pan. Take ½ of the cinnamon sugar and sprinkle it around the pan making sure to cover both the bottom and sides of the pan. Set aside.

In a standard mixer (or with a hand-held beater), cream together the butter and the sugars until light and fluffy on medium-high speed, about 3 minutes. Add the vanilla and beat an additional 30 seconds.

In a medium bowl, sift together the flours, Cream of Tartar, nutmeg, and salt.

Turn the mixer speed to low and add  flour mixture and combine until it starts to come together. You still want it to be a little on the crumbly side. Not to worry, as it bakes it will form together nicely. Place dough into the pan and break up any large clumps, spreading evenly. Press dough down gently and sprinkle the remaining cinnamon sugar on top.
With a rinking glass, roll out the dough evenly. Or you can press down with a greased spatula.

Prick dough with fork to help the shortbread rise evenly.

Bake for 22-25 minutes or until it turns golden brown (which is a little hard to tell with the cinnamon on there ;) ).

Remove from oven and while warm either cut into squares or use a round cookie cutter. Remove when cool.


  1. Yes please! These sound very delicious and buttery. Snickerdoodle is one of my favorite cookie flavors, and I hope you win the contest! (I won a contest yesterday, I’ll send some good vibes your way!)

  2. These look great! Lets hope these do not get known as refund cookies…haha:)

  3. We have a slogan here that says: “Everything tastes betta with butta!!!” and that is just so true. The cinnamon shortbread cookies are just the best, wow! Good luck with the competition!!!

  4. I was thrilled to see rice flour as one of the ingredients as I have quite a bit, almost a bag to use up! But I am not at all familiar with shortbread and snickerdoodle… May I know what the texture is like?

    In the meantime I will hunt for other rice flour recipe on your blog!

  5. These look great. Lovely!

  6. Oh me oh my… that sounds good!

  7. Those cookies look extremely tempting and delicious!



  8. Shortbread snickerdoodles! Excellent idea! Gotta have butter- so much flavor. And I’ve switched to unsalted too.

    Never have heard of Challenge Butter…..but I live in very tame Florida!

  9. Awesome challenge and snickerdoodle shortbread :)

  10. Wow love this idea. Shortbread is my daughters favourite.

  11. These cookies look delicious as always!

  12. Oh yum. Oh yum. yum. yum. My boy is going to be thrilled when we bake these this afternoon. We had the unfortunate occasion to eat a bad….really bad snickerdoodle this past week. We need a good one to savor. I have my regular recipe but these look so plump and yummy I’m going to make these instead.

  13. These sound delicious, I love butter too! I like the idea of cutting them into circles. Fun and cute!

  14. Elk? My butter packages now look sad and empty by comparison. Yes, I’m jealous of cute packaging.

    The shortbread look divine however. I love snickerdoodles too, but it might be nice to try a variation.

  15. Wow those look incredible.

  16. Ooooo Snickerdoodle Shortbread??? What a great idea!!! Looks awesome.

  17. Joanna from Colorado says:

    These look so good, it’s got be the butter.

    I have a question: What’s rice flour (made with rice..I’m guessing?) What if I don’t have that? Would it be ok to just use more AP flour?

  18. Snickerdoodle anything is welcomed with open arms in my house.

  19. These look so good. I was thinking of making snickerdoodles this weekend. I think I will try this one! Thanks.

  20. Snickerdoodles are my hubs favorite. I love the twist you did here!

  21. Those snickerdoodles look perfect and have such a great texture. I love european butter too!

  22. Thanks for the contest link! The cookies look amazing!

  23. Ahhh, Snickerdoodle Shortbread. How sad. Since if I made them my husband who doesn’t like cinnamon wouldn’t get any. How sad for him. How wonderful for me. Must try these!

  24. I love snickerdoodles and these look great. I made 2 types of snickerdoodle cupcakes and your snickerdoodle muffins but my husband ate all of the muffins before I had a chance to photograph them. I’m sure he won’t be too upset if I make them again.

  25. Holy crap- snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie of all time. Mom used to make them & all that stuff. LOVE the idea of making little shortbread cookies out of them. Mmmm!

  26. I love snickerdoodles but unfortantly they are a thing of the past. (The cinnamon is a trigger food for my GERD.) Thanks for allowing me to have this treat if only vicariously.

    Today is a rainy dweary day in Michigan and this put a smile on my face. (I wonder if there is antwfere welse you can put a smile. I’ll have to get a glass of wine and ponder it.)

  27. Butter does make everything better. It is the one thing I refuse to compromise on. I have real better on my toast in the morning and I always cook with real butter. These Snickerdoodles look amazing. I could almost smell them from the picture you posted. I have added rice flour to my weekly grocery list so I can try these.

  28. this post has made me hungry! x

  29. Anything with that much butter has to be good. Yum!

  30. goodness yes: snickerdoodle and shortbread, I mean seriously. love it.

  31. These look delicious!

  32. i love how these look so perfectly round!

  33. Peabody – the root of all evil. (I just came back from a weight watchers meeting and this is what you show me?). Man, those cookies look wonderful!!

  34. nom nom nom, these look tasty!

  35. Wicked! Bet they tast even better than the immortal Snickerdoodle muffins :)

  36. These look, yummy…will be on my to do list for next week, my to do list always include baked items..ha ha


  37. Sweetlordbabyjesus. Yes, please!

  38. My two favorite cookies combined into one mouthwatering bite! You are a genious!

  39. evil evil evil.
    sugary cinnamon shortbread.
    I WILL NOT make this.
    If i do make this, I may very well eat all of them!

  40. What lovely & fab looking shortbread cookies!


  41. Jeebus! It’s like my two favorite cookies had a delicious baby! Love. Love. Love!!!

  42. Snicerlicious! I am still yet to make snickerdoodles – I need to fix that soon.

  43. I’ve never made snickerdoodles, but I sure to love eating them!

  44. …3 sticks!? Well then, it MUST be good. Lol. :)
    I love shortbread.

  45. Ooh, THOSE look like my kind of snickerdoodle!

  46. my mom always bought challenge unsalted when i was a kid.

    i love a snickerdoodle and shortbread…delightful!

  47. Yum! Snickerdoodle Shortbread?

  48. I make my own sweet unsalted butter on a weekly basis. These shortbread cookies are calling my name…delightful!

  49. Yum to all that butter :) Seriously though, snickerdoodles are one of my favorite treats ever!

  50. Just looking at your snickerdoodles is making me happy.

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