It is the ultimate sugar holiday coming up. And as a love of all things sugar, I’m highlighting…sugar! Domino sugar to be exact.

While looking through their website last week I noticed Elegant Tiramisu Cookies. Otherwise known as, cookies that had mascarpone cheese in them. We all know how that I have an unnatural love for mascarpone cheese, so I was all over these! And they did not disappoint.

I really love just the cookies themselves and don’t think that you have to go the extra mile if you don’t want and make them into sandwiches. But of course, if you do, whenever you are adding more mascarpone cheese to anything, you are by definition making it better. ;) There was a chocolate layer that I skipped (I know, clearly there is something wrong with me…oh yeah, I’m lazy) and I went with just sprinkling powdered sugar and cocoa powder on the filling instead.

I am seriously considering making these be my cookies for cookie exchange this year. So yummy, and quite unique. If you are not a tiramisu lover, there are several holiday cookie recipes (as well as a ton of recipes in general) over on the Domino site. If they are all as good as these cookies were then I may be making everything off of that site!

Hope everyone had a nice American Thanksgiving. I promise I will be around more in the coming weeks.


*Domino Sugar graciously gave me a $20 gift card to buy baking supplies to make a recipe from their website.

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  1. I made these cookies today and they are sooooo good! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  2. These look really cool! I love tiramisu, but I really never make it because it’s kind of a pain. This looks like a fun alternative that will keep my man happy!

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