It is the ultimate sugar holiday coming up. And as a love of all things sugar, I’m highlighting…sugar! Domino sugar to be exact.

While looking through their website last week I noticed Elegant Tiramisu Cookies. Otherwise known as, cookies that had mascarpone cheese in them. We all know how that I have an unnatural love for mascarpone cheese, so I was all over these! And they did not disappoint.

I really love just the cookies themselves and don’t think that you have to go the extra mile if you don’t want and make them into sandwiches. But of course, if you do, whenever you are adding more mascarpone cheese to anything, you are by definition making it better. ;) There was a chocolate layer that I skipped (I know, clearly there is something wrong with me…oh yeah, I’m lazy) and I went with just sprinkling powdered sugar and cocoa powder on the filling instead.

I am seriously considering making these be my cookies for cookie exchange this year. So yummy, and quite unique. If you are not a tiramisu lover, there are several holiday cookie recipes (as well as a ton of recipes in general) over on the Domino site. If they are all as good as these cookies were then I may be making everything off of that site!

Hope everyone had a nice American Thanksgiving. I promise I will be around more in the coming weeks.


*Domino Sugar graciously gave me a $20 gift card to buy baking supplies to make a recipe from their website.

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  1. Tiramisu sandwich cookies?? Excellent!!

  2. These cookies look great. Sometimes I forget to look at the product’s I am using website, they usually have pretty good recipes!

    And now that I think about it… you really do like mascarpone cheese!

  3. Beautiful…nice to see you back! HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  4. They look amazing!!!
    Wow, that’s really nice of them to give you a $20 gift card… man. -peers down at empty wallet- haha.

  5. those cookies are adorable! they would be perfect for a cookie exchange!

  6. Those look great! I’ll have to check out that site since I am always looking for new recipes.

  7. Wow…tiramisu in cookie form. Very nice!

  8. I love tiramisu so I am sure that these cookies will be great. Thanks for suggesting the Domino site. I am another one who forgets that there are great recipes to be found on a manufacturer’s website.

  9. What gorgeous sandwich cookies! I love the flavor you chose!



  10. How delicious! I love the mascarpone sandwiched in the middle…yum!

  11. What a nice tiramisu twist! These look super tasty!

  12. Those look not only pretty, but delicious!

  13. I don’t even LIKE tiramisu but the pictures of these have me drooling and dying to try. *wiggles*

  14. I loveeee Tiramisu, they sound really good!

  15. Yummy Looking!

  16. OMG these look fantastic! As if, tiramisu couldn’t get any better you go and make it into a cookie.

  17. I love cookies and I love marscapone – therefore I truly adore this cookie idea! I fear it far too dangerous to be in my house :D

  18. Those look awesome! Happy Holiday Baking.

  19. These look awesome. Mascarpone is heavenly!

  20. Tiramisu cookies, they sound better than good!

  21. $20. That’s a lot of powdered sugar! Of course it *does* tend to disappear this time of year.

    Not sure I could leave out the chocolate, but the cookies are still cute as buttons!

  22. Oh goodness, I am all about the double-cream filled sandwich cookies lately.

  23. portable munchables! One for each hand! Definitely going to try these thanks.

  24. My favorite dessert as a cookie, yes please! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.

  25. Oh yum these are picture perfect and I bet they tasted fab. I don’t think I would be able to stop at one!

  26. What’s not to love about a cookie named tiramasu.

  27. What a fabulous idea! Tiramisu cookies. I am going to make these tomorrow!

  28. My goodness. Peabody = trouble.
    I discovered the King Arthur flour site awhile back and now you are tellling me there is a domino sugar site?!? Yikes, I’m doomed!!

    Those cookies look fabulous, I need those cookies!

    Come visit me, I have free tomatoes…

  29. We love mascarpone cheese and tiramisu! Nice job kicking it up a notch with the filling and NOT adding the chocolate!

  30. Sugar, mascarpone cheese…in a cookie? I’m all over it! Thanks for the heads up on the Domino site – I really need more sugar recipes. ;-)

  31. I will love you forever if you bring these to cookie exchange! :)

  32. Oh yum! These sound heavenly =D.

  33. Tiramisu Cookies…where have you been all my life. These look amazing!

  34. These sound fantastic – how could you go wrong with tiramisu in cookie form?

  35. Mon dieu–pleasure overload. I want these cookies. I NEED these cookies.

  36. These are precious, Pea – I love chocolate, but think you went the right here omitting it.

  37. Why is it that every time you post something, I start to have cravings for it? Hmmmmm :)

  38. I share your love for mascarpone — these cookies look insanely delicious!

  39. I am not a fan of taramisu, so may not try these (although they look great), but thanks for mentioning the Domino sugar website. That’s the brand I use, but duh, have never thought to visit their website. Lots of good recipes!!!
    Looking forward to your next sweet creation.

  40. OMG, they’re gorgeous!

  41. Beautiful cookies!!

  42. what a great cookie idea!

  43. These would be great for holiday get togethers! Love your website!

  44. Anything that looks like a whoopie gets my attention. And mascarpone? Um, yes, please? I have been a complete slacker not dropping by to say hello. I’m almost over my 10th midlife crisis, so I’ll try and improve. kay? Hope you’re well peabody.

  45. Oh wow….one of my favorite Italian desserts in a cookie…..genius I’m tellin’ ya….pure genius.
    Those photos have set the drool-o-meter into over-drive….YUM!

  46. These look so incredible! Your blog is beautiful, love everything about it.

  47. These look delicious! I’m thinking of making these for my family’s cookie baking “contest,” but they would be made the day before they would be eaten. I was wondering if these stored well? Does refrigerating make them soggy?

  48. portable tiramisu – amazing. something i’ve needed without even knowing i needed it.

  49. I love Tiramisu so I decided to try this recipe to include them in my Christmas cookie boxes and they were just the greatest cookie ever! Everyone loved them! For the person wanting to know if they store well the answer is yes. I stored some 3 days and they taste even better and the cookie doesn’t get soggy just refrigerate. They are just amazing!! Four stars!

  50. Kate Thompson says:

    I made these yesterday. Delicious! I took them to a party, they didn’t last long.

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