I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts….

As many of you know, I get quite a bit of email from this blog. Some good. Some bad. Some way out there. Some highly amusing. But then I got this one. The one I am deeming better than the Refund Muffin letter. The one that could lead my blog into a whole other direction. :)

Dear Peabody,

I stumbled across your site while searching for porn. Your site came up under food porn. I thought it would be something else. I read part of your blog and I did like the picture of you in your wedding dress and want to encourage you to have real porn on your blog or you can just send me naked photos.

Looking forward to seeing you, all of you.



Dear F,

Umm. In my almost 5 years of running this blog this has been my first request to remove my clothing. Thanks???

That being said there are only a few fortunate souls who get to see me naked.
#1 Husband (position is filled)
#2 Hockey team in locker room. And this is only partial, really I think my swimsuit probably shows more.
#3 Women’s locker room at gym.
So looks like you are out of luck.

Staying clothed,

As you guess it, this one threw me for a loop. It was however the highlight of the day, perhaps the week. But then the hard part set in (perhaps on F’s part…bad I know). What to make to represent this fine email? I had originally thought something with melons, so that I could title the post “nice melons”. But then I got to thinking, I don’t really want to make/eat anything with melon. It’s not really melon season and I am not a huge fan of melon desserts.

In the true sense that inspiration can come from anywhere, I was folding laundry. I have this t-shirt that I wear to bed from time to time. I originally bought it to wear to a tropical themed party…it has a coconut bra on it. And I immediately thought…coconuts. And thought, “I have a lovely bunch of coconuts”. And thus came about the coconut theme of the day.

The ice cream was chosen because it is quick and easy, just like F hopes I am. But just like ice cream F, I’m cold and frigid. :P This is simple with few ingredients. I added the dash of rum, because really, after a email like that, I could use a little hard alcohol in my life. ;)




  1. i am loving this, peabody, it;s just hilarious. and please, DON’T change the purpose of this blog, under no circumstances whatsoever. it might be more financially rewarding, but i would miss your lovey style of writing and the mouth-watering recipes… stay clothed!

  2. Hilarious. Oh my. I was seriously laughing out loud. People are too much arent they?!?

    And the ice cream looks delish too.

  3. OHHH, Oh me, Oh my, Oh me oh my. Your response was wonderful. I think I would have ignored & deleted it.

  4. HiLARious. Lawd. Some people. Then again, it takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

    I’ve been CRAVING coconut lately. I don’t think I’ve ever had it in ice cream. Sounds great!

  5. Too funny Peabody. I love how it came to you about the coconuts. Thanks for the great laugh.

  6. Oh goodness, I laughed so hard! Thanks for sharing this awesome letter. I love your coconut food porn!

  7. … And your not really irreverent with this one BUT you are oh so right all over it! Love the email and your answer AND the ice cream … and of course you have a lovely bunch of coconuts.
    With brains and your sense of humor you can make me cry from laughing!

  8. Oh, snap! I’m floored.

  9. That is way too funny! I laughed out loud!! You just need to keep up your great recipes, I love them.

  10. HA! Now THAT is fan mail! I mean… Wow. I do wonder.

    Moving right along… Love the ice cream! Both the flavor, and how simple (and eggless) it is. :)

  11. I was seriously laughing out loud at that one! What a delicious ice cream to make in honor of that letter!

  12. Oh my gosh, that is the funniest thing ever and a lovely looking ice cream! ;)
    You’ve handled it so well!

  13. No REALLY???!?!!!?!?! That’s amazing. Great looking ice cream, though.

  14. LMAO! That is wonderful. Never know what kind of emails you will get these days!

    The coconut ice cream sounds so good, reminds me of a tropical vacation!

  15. HILARIOUS!!! OMG – I am laughing right now! =)

  16. LOLOLOL. I love this coconut ice cream, especially with the rum addition.


    ’nuff said.

  18. He said what? Then you replied.. Absolutelty coconuts that guy. (So glad he didn’t write me, I would have to come up with grapefruit ice cream)
    Lovely answer, lovely recipe!

  19. hahaha!!! Such a weird fan.
    Love your answer to that weird email.

    Its a good thing you have an excellent sense of humor. haha.. can’t help smiling ^_^

  20. I just woke up booted, up the laptop, haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet and I’m in hysterics. This post was tears. Totally off the wall email and how you responded is even better.

  21. Very funny!!! I think I like the muffin refund even better.

  22. Well at least he asked (and you refused) politely. Now I have to go read the muffin email.

  23. You are the greatest! Thanks for sharing the laugh.

  24. Awe-some, Peabody!

  25. This made my day, seriously.

  26. Hee..hee…I think F is best friends with the guy who emailed me last week and said, “Since your blog is called popsicles and sandy feet, can you post pictures of your actual feet for me?” There are some weirdos out there….

  27. Oh my, that is all sorts of awesome. Maybe I need a fetish blog. :)

  28. Yes, and what impressed me most, was things were spelled right. Normally my out there email has really bad spelling errors.

  29. Hilarious! The ice cream looks delish.

  30. Coconut Ice cream in january? Summer is coming! :)

  31. I’m thinking F wants naked food porn. As in “look at this picture of me covered in whipped cream inspired by Ali Larter in that terrible football movie with the guy from Dawson’s Creek.” Or maybe he doesn’t even care about the whipped cream.

    I however care about the ice cream. Very much. You photographed it so beautifully. Why I still don’t own an ice cream maker at home is a mystery to me…

  32. Pea,
    If Elle hadn’t beat me to it, I would have also named you to my list of 10 bloggers who make me happy. Since I like to abuse other bloggers and you already took that abuse, I omitted you from my list but really… you are #1 and this post just reinforces it! I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you.

    I used two very plump oranges when I talked about Giada a couple of months back. It’s amazing how lascivious fruit can be!

  33. WOW…just wow. that is hilarious! I’m impressed with your witty reply…I might have just freaked out!

  34. Ahahaha! Wow, that should have made your year :) (okay, maybe just the month.) See, you are hawt.
    It’s a little chilly here in Noo Joisey to think of coconut ice cream, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t actually eat my share of cones in the last few months. So… bring it on!

  35. LOL – I love this post.

  36. Wow…. scary! But I love your reaction to it- the ice cream looks great!!

  37. Everyone in the whole blog community breathes a collective sigh of relief when I state that no one has ever asked me to remove my clothing (except husband) and nor will I ever. Too funny.

  38. My question is this…what the heck is wrong with people???? It’s scary to think how many nutty people are out there. Your response was perfect! I also pulled up the muffin letter you mentioned and just couldn’t believe it. Where do these people get off? Love the ice cream. Coconut ice cream is one of my favorites, especially homemade.

  39. How hilarious!

  40. This looks delicious, and WOW, what a nutso!

  41. I’ll give “F” credit for being honest. But that is very disturbing to me. And sad, actually.
    Your response was quite clever, however.

  42. Food porn? The poor man is demented. There’s not enough regular porn out there?

    Anyway, I feel left out. I never get mail like this! (Thank God.)

    Now: as to your ice cream: how does that song go? You put the rum in the coconut and drink it all up? Yummy.

  43. You go, Girl!

  44. Oh this is hiliarious! There sure are some weirdos out there, but more power to you to turn it right back around on him.

    Great recipe too! I was trying to think of something to use some leftover coconut milk in. I think I found my answer.

  45. Way too funny! I guess you can’t fault a guy (or girl???) for asking though, right? Never know unless you ask!

  46. Okay… today at work, not going so well. Took a few minutes during lunch to check out your site and it gave me just the laugh and pick me up I needed! Thanks for sharing!!!

  47. Oh Peabody! You get the best weirdo emails. We should all band together and do a book of just the strange ones. I am sure someone would buy it!
    I was sure you were going to have a picture of the hockey team boys licking your coconut ice cream!

    Glad you are still PG rated.

  48. LOL! That is great!
    Hope you don’t get any new team members in your change room who’s name starts with F.

  49. Wow, I am just speechless. I shudder to think what his initial expectation of food porn was when he went to your site. What a moron.

  50. THAT was hilarious…I love your response. This is one of the reasons I like your blog, there’s always a story, and you are so creative and humorous in your writing. I wonder if F. will become a regular reader now…


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