I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts….

As many of you know, I get quite a bit of email from this blog. Some good. Some bad. Some way out there. Some highly amusing. But then I got this one. The one I am deeming better than the Refund Muffin letter. The one that could lead my blog into a whole other direction. :)

Dear Peabody,

I stumbled across your site while searching for porn. Your site came up under food porn. I thought it would be something else. I read part of your blog and I did like the picture of you in your wedding dress and want to encourage you to have real porn on your blog or you can just send me naked photos.

Looking forward to seeing you, all of you.



Dear F,

Umm. In my almost 5 years of running this blog this has been my first request to remove my clothing. Thanks???

That being said there are only a few fortunate souls who get to see me naked.
#1 Husband (position is filled)
#2 Hockey team in locker room. And this is only partial, really I think my swimsuit probably shows more.
#3 Women’s locker room at gym.
So looks like you are out of luck.

Staying clothed,

As you guess it, this one threw me for a loop. It was however the highlight of the day, perhaps the week. But then the hard part set in (perhaps on F’s part…bad I know). What to make to represent this fine email? I had originally thought something with melons, so that I could title the post “nice melons”. But then I got to thinking, I don’t really want to make/eat anything with melon. It’s not really melon season and I am not a huge fan of melon desserts.

In the true sense that inspiration can come from anywhere, I was folding laundry. I have this t-shirt that I wear to bed from time to time. I originally bought it to wear to a tropical themed party…it has a coconut bra on it. And I immediately thought…coconuts. And thought, “I have a lovely bunch of coconuts”. And thus came about the coconut theme of the day.

The ice cream was chosen because it is quick and easy, just like F hopes I am. But just like ice cream F, I’m cold and frigid. :P This is simple with few ingredients. I added the dash of rum, because really, after a email like that, I could use a little hard alcohol in my life. ;)




  1. Coconut ice cream, my favorite :)

  2. LOL- and THIS is why I freakin read your blog….

  3. That was priceless! Go figure what goes through people’s minds. The ice cream in the photo is food porn at its finest… it practically glows with rich goodness. Thanks for the smile on a Tuesday morning!

  4. Your posts always make my day:) And that ice cream is mighty fine too!

  5. Deedle-dee-dee.. there they are all standing in a row (bum-bum)
    Great laugh for the morning. Thank you
    About the recipe though, what’s with scraping saffron threads off the dasher? Is the ingredients list missing saffron?

  6. This has to be the funniest thing I have read in ages!! Please don’t change a thing. :)

  7. that is hilarious!!! and the coconut ice cream looks and sounds DELISH!!

  8. Wow. So much to wow about.

    1. This ice cream looks delish. And yes, it’s the middle of the school year and I’ll be making it with the rum

    2. You absolutely win for best blog-related e-mail of the year. Maybe of the century. Or ever.

    3. It seems this F may have had something more “alternative” in mind while searching for “food porn”.

  9. Hahahaha! Glad you’re so good humored about it!

  10. I think it’s hilarious that he wrote that to you. At least you found it funny…:) This ice cream looks delicious too. I wish I had some in my fridge right now…yum!

  11. Ok, that is hilarious! The people out there… But I love what you’ve done with your coconuts!

  12. Hahaha! Oh Peabody! You get the best/weirdest mail! Hilarious!

    Great job with the coconutes though ;)


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