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I will admit that if I were to start my food blog today, I would not have started it. Five years ago (well, almost 5) when I set out to do my blog there was hardly anyone blogging about food, especially baking. People gave me weird looks when I told them that I ran a food blog, which followed with me having to explain what the heck it was. Now a days when I tell someone I run a food blog I usually get the “oh my mothers brothers second cousin has one of those”…and so does the mother and the brother and so on. They are out there. Lots of them. And it’s great. It’s just so oversaturated that you have to do your best to stick out.

So I do my best to stick out. Kind of like how I do in life. :) I’m a little loud, a little out there, kind of sweet (depends on who you ask ;) ) with a whole lot of sarcasm on the side. Which I think is how it comes across in the blog as well.

My friend A sent me a link about these Cadbury Crème Egg Cupcakes that she had seen on a website. The cupcake shop is in Ireland, and so I wont be getting around to picking them up anytime soon. And so I took it as a challenge to make them myself. “Devil’s Food cake with lightly flavoured vanilla Cadbury’s Creme Egg buttercream and topped with cracked chocolate shell” is how it was described on the website. I could make that I thought. So I did. But I added a Chocolate Shell Ganache to the middle to make it even more disgustingly sweet and bad for you. It’s my job to make baked goods worse for you. :D Apparently that’s my thing and that’s how I stick out. I’m the Paula Deen of the food blogging world.

Let my start off by saying these are not cost effective. To buy 20 Cadbury Crème Eggs will cost you quite a bit. Even buying the big packs of them at Target like I did. Then there is the annoying (read swearing inducing) part where you actually have to break them in half. The swearing comes in while trying to get them to break evenly. Which some chose not to do. I have to respect their right for individuality, but f-off creme eggs. Then you get to scoop out the middle of them and collect it in a little bowl.

As a semi funny side note, I am after years of begging, getting a house cleaner twice a month. Being allergic to molds, dust mites, and most cleaning products makes cleaning things less than awesome. And well, husband is not the best house keeper (nor am I even if I wasn’t allergic). So the poor woman came today. Mid-cupcake baking. With me in my pea pod apron. And my uber-sexy purple bandanna on. Covered in flour, chocolate and the oozy part of the creme egg. With all of that on the floor and counters as well. Throw in a spackle or two of buttercream frosting and I thought she was going to have a small heart attack. She said “my what a big kitchen you have, and you seem to use it a lot”. I do. I do. Though that is the cleanest place in the whole house. I’m sure she left there thinking, what have I gotten myself into. I would just like to remind her though…she will get treats to go home with each time she cleans. :)

So back to the cupcakes. Yeah, they are a little sweet. How could they not be. The devil’s food is what cuts it and keeps it not too sweet. I ended up making 12 regular sized cupcakes and 20 mini. When I make them again, I am going all mini. They really are just the right bite and they don’t make it overpowering in the sweet department. As someone who is not super crazy about creme eggs I didn’t expect much of these. But I got to say, darn it, these are good….and they most definitely stand out.



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  1. These are super! Love them.

  2. I feel that I should be applauding for all the effort that went into these. Seriously. Scraping out the goo? I bow down. ;)

    I made cupcakes a few years ago, with a mini creme egg in the center – yikes, talk about sweet! But the frosting here sounds so intriguing, another attempt may have to be made.

  3. Marry me

  4. These look amazing and I can’t wait to have my first egg of the season soon!

    On the blog front – I guess I really write my blog for “real life” people, many of whom have never seen a food blog before. When they tell me they like mine, etc. I always say “oh mine is nothing compared to other ones out there” but I take a little pride in knowing that SOMEone appreciates it and is getting something out of it, even if there are thousands of others out there.

  5. You are SO WRONG for making these! I am a creme egg addict. This will send me into shock . . .
    At least I will die a happy girl.

  6. haha! that is awesome, and i love the color of the “eggy” buttercream!

  7. wow this looks so good. yummy
    i love it eggy

  8. My sister and I made this for our birthday, but turned it into a layer cake with the ganache in between. Gotta say, cracking open 20 eggs is NOT as bad as it seems–yummy and fun. But the end result was so sweet that we could barely eat the cake! Any ideas on cutting the sweetness? Perhaps through the frosting?

  9. I was wondering can you make these ahead of time and how to you store the left overs? In the fridge? Looks wonderful, going to try them for Easter…Will post how it went..

  10. I feel the same way as you about the food blogging world now. It has changed so much, hasn’t it? I’ve only been blogging for 3 1/2, but it seems like even in that time span, our little niche has grown tremendously. I’m happy for everyone, but it is not something uncommon these days anymore!

  11. Maya Clemintine says:

    I made these when I found some cadbury cream eggs on sale…halved the recipe and decided to make this my first try ever at cupcakes with filling. All I can say is that you are brilliant. So so so so so SO delicious. Thank you so much!

  12. OMG pretty sure those should be illegal. If I were on death row, this is what I would request for my last meal.

  13. Peabody, I am so glad you started your blog then but wish that if you hadnt you would have have started it now. For recipes as amazing as yours need to be shared-I think you should write a cookbook. or have you already? Must check. or start a food biz. Seriously, you are one talented girl :)

  14. Hello Peabody :)

    Glad I came across this blog entry. How cool you tried my Creme Egg Cupcakes and added your own twist. I never manage to get any shells to stay in one piece so well done! The description of your mid-baking kitchen made me laugh. That’s basically my kitchen’s constant state with all the orders. Thanks for the mention and link to my website. Nice blog!


  15. This recipe is why I would either want to hoard cream eggs now to make the cupcakes all year they turned out so well or save it till next Easter to be savoured once again I cant decide haha Thanks for sharing

  16. We made this recipe and it was ammaaaazing. I both love you and am cursing you for this culinary genius! I shared our results here :)

    Prob my most fave food EVER.

  17. Hi Peabody, Just wanted to let you know that I re-created these cupcakes and wrote about them in my blog. Thank you so much for the recipe, I loved it! They were a lot of work but really fun to make.

  18. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE this idea! I am the biggest Cadbury Creme Egg ho you will ever meet. Just a thought (assuming you don’t already know this.. if you do, please don’t feel like I’m talking down to ya, lol) – the creme filling of a Cadbury egg is a fondant center, which is actually very simple and super inexpensive to make:

    3 tbsp. room-temperature butter
    3 tbsp. corn syrup
    2 cups confectioners sugar.
    a few wee drops of vanilla extract

    Combine all. It starts off as a paste, but softens into creamy goo afer a few weeks (ever notice that some Cadbury fillings are firm/dry and some are really creamy? The dry ones are fresher and haven’t had as long to liquefy). You can speed up the liquifying process by adding a few drops of water. This might be an option for those who can’t dole out the crazy amount of money for 20 Cadbury eggs (though if you made the fondant yourself, you’d have to improvise for the “chocolate shell” parts of the recipe). Definitely saving this one to try – thanks for sharing! (To make your own eggs, color a small portion of the fondant yellow and roll into balls; cover with a layer of white fondant, then dip in chocolate and let them sit in a cool, dry, dark place for about 3-4 weeks – voila, homemade Cadbury eggs.)

  19. I love your blog and am so happy you have kept it going for 5 years! Hopefully i will have as big of a following as you some day!

    Those cupcakes look amazing and i will definitly make them

  20. Gosh, I know just what you mean about starting a food blog today. I didn’t even start mine until 2009, and it seemed then like there was still plenty of real estate left for me; now I realize that there are literally a bazillion NYC restaurant review blogs out there. Okay, not literally. But close.

    Anyway, you certainly have set yourself apart with this recipe. I can’t believe you did all this and don’t even care for Cadbury Creme Eggs! Thanks for making them for those of us who love the original ones . . . and the chocolate ones . . . and the orange ones . . . and the caramel ones, too. And might fly to England just to have the Cadbury milkshake they have over there. The only thing I’d do different with this recipe? About a zillion times more frosting!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Now it is 2013…and I must say, you still stand out. I have a slight obsession with food blogs and you will always be a front runner. (Do you have email subscribers or just the your feeds? I want to make sure I am not missing it!) Thanks for your wonderful, honest posts and awesome recipes.

  22. @stephanie- just Feeds. Though many people have asked for an email service. The hard part is finding an economical one.


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