But when she was bad she was horrid….

If you are a fan of LOST, let me just say that contrary to popular belief, I am not the black smoke. I am not spreading evil throughout the world. I am just spreading it to your thighs. :P

So many a person wrote that they wanted to know when would I be making a Cadbury Caramel Egg cupcake like I did with the Crème Egg. And though it was tempting, I just didn’t want to make the same kind of thing again.

One of my fellow Seattle area food bloggers, Lara of Cook and Eat, wrote a doughnut book. She was all happy that it was pre-listed on Amazon.com (as she should be) and it got me thinking about deep fried things. The British love to deep fry stuff. One of my favorite treats at the pub are things called Scotch Eggs. They are hard boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage meat, breaded and then deep fried. They may sound odd but boy are they good. And after a few pints, they are really good.

These deep fried Caramel Eggs are crossbreed between the idea of the doughnut and the Scotch Egg. There isn’t much too these. Just some funnel cake batter that I make with brown sugar and Lyle’s Golden Syrup instead of granulated sugar and well, some frozen Caramel Eggs. They held up quite nicely. Even the ones that didn’t get fully coated in the batter. I also experimented with the milk chocolate covered Peeps. Which sadly did not turn out as well.

These are about as good as you would expect. I mean, doughnut batter wrapped around oozy milk chocolate and caramel. Okay, on second thought, maybe I am the black smoke. Hmmm. Now that would be a LOST plot twist. ;)

It’s Not Swimsuit Season Yet Deep Fried Cadbury Caramel Eggs
6-8 Cadbury Caramel Eggs (frozen)

1 egg
2/3 cup milk
2 TBSP dark brown sugar
1 TBSP Lyle’s Golden Syrup
1 ¼  cup flour
¼  tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
In a deep skillet, heat about four cups of oil over medium-high heat until hot.

Test the temperature by dropping a pinch of flour into the hot oil. If it sizzles right away without smoking, it’s perfect.

Beat egg and milk. Mix all other ingredients in a separate bowl and slowly add to the egg mixture, beating until smooth.

Dip frozen Caramel Eggs into batter.

Fry for about 2-3 minutes, remove from the oil when golden brown and crispy and place on paper towel to get excess oil.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

P.S. No one from Cadbury has paid me to promote their product. Just kind of obsessed. But if they want to send me free chocolate, feel free Cadbury, feel free.

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  1. Oh you are sooooo bad! Bet my kids would love these. Who am I kidding? To heck with my kids – I would love these!

  2. you should submit to thisiswhyyourefat.com

  3. Julia M says:

    I can’t believe how amazing these look! You could set up a stand at your next local fair and make a mint on these!!! Wonderful pictures!

  4. Boy I’d love to have one of those! It would send me into a bliss-filled sugar induced coma for at least 3 hours!

  5. Awesome! Mind you, I think my arteries clogged up just reading this post! :D

  6. The caramel centre has the Peabody signature!
    It’s funny you should mention the Scotch egg as your evil inspiration. The deep fried Mars Bar is another favourite Scottish treat. I personally found it OTT…but you might like it, Mikey!
    Happy Easter Pea!

  7. You ARE evil! Wow… what made you think of trying this out? So fantastic!

  8. Spoiler alerts abound! ;) That looks insanely decadent. I’m glad just looking doesn’t add any calories!

  9. it’s actually the SCOTTISH that like to deep-fry things… marsbars and the like… i was horrified to find deep-fried toast at a popular sunday breakfast venue – it was the ONLY bread they offered… not good. if i want to pile on pounds, then i’d rather do it with your fried caramel eggs ;-)

  10. Oh my gawd…..I am so trying these…. Thanks for Posting this recipe… :)

  11. This is intense! Looks so good Peabody! Spread more “evil” this way please :)

  12. oh my…this belongs at the state fair! you could have a booth and make tons of money ;)

  13. you know thats a brillant idea..love it..gona try it out sooonnnn!!! :)

  14. oh. my.
    those look ah-maz-ing…

  15. I just did a tour of the cadbury factory here in New Zealand, they have waaay more chocolate bar flavours here, it’s great! :)

  16. Oh my lord… these look scrumptious! and i thought the deep-fried mars bars i had on my trip to sydney were naughty! ;P i think my sister ( a true caramel egg addict ) and me would kill for these! too bad easter is over because i would so love to make these! im drooling right now..

  17. definitely evil…

  18. Food porn to the max. I love it!


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