Hi-De-Ho there neighbor…

Summer finally hit the Seattle area. Apparently in the next few days it’s going to hit hard. Which is what happens when all the Seattle people start wishing and a praying for the sun and warmer weather too hard, the weather over compensates.

I decided on our first full day of sun that I would embrace it and go out for a walk. I hate shorts but felt that the neighborhood should be punished and I would expose them to my pasty white Canadian legs. No seriously, I bring white to a new level. It’s like I always say, I’m so white I don’t absorb the sun, I reflect it.

So I grabbed the pair of shorts that I was the longest pair I could find that would still be considered shorts and a tank top, lathered up in sunscreen and headed out. When the sun is out, the people come out. So often you run into neighbors, and sometimes one you haven’t met. Like today. Today I met a neighbor I hadn’t met.

A perfectly fine gentleman who spent a large amount of time staring at my shorts while talking to me. I just figured he was looking at the ASU Hockey logo at the bottom of them. Apparently not. Apparently my fresh from the dryer shorts had a stowaway on them. Underwear. The bad news is that it was well, underwear, desperately clinging to the side of my shorts going for a joy ride. I guess the good news is that my neighbor now knows I have great taste in underwear. ;)
Since it is Summer, nothing says Summer like a good ol’ ice cream sandwich. In this case a cookie one. A snickerdoodle cookie one. I have several people write me asking me that since I make all things snickerdoodle how come I don’t just have a cookie recipe. Truth, it’s one of two recipes I’m not allowed to give out. So this one is similar to what my family recipe is, minus a key ingredient that I wont say. :) But these ones are pretty good. I use nutmeg in mine which not everyone enjoys, but I sure do. Please note that you will need to make a DOUBLE batch of the cookies for the sandwiches.

For the ice cream I just made a caramel ice cream based and finely crushed up some snickerdoodles. So these are very snickerdoodly (yes, that is not a word…is now).
Thanks for all the well wishes for my birthday. Crazy Cocker Spaniel did great at the Beerfest, and as you can see by the last picture I had a good time too. :)


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  1. these sound amazing! and i am that pasty white too. but i live in the south. people say i look like i’m glowing, but at least i won’t have skin cancer!!

  2. Snickerdoodle ice cream?! Oh yes please! These sounds delicious and perfect for beating the heat…!

  3. oh lord. i love everything snickerdoodle. too fabulous.

  4. *laugh* It’s always fun when my husband asks me from across the room what I’m reading that is causing me to laugh hysterically… =) I’m not sure when the last time was that I made ice cream sandwiches–I bet my girls would love these.

  5. Your underwear story sounds almost like one of those nightmares where you dream you end up naked in front of a huge audience of people. Except not quite as bad.

    Oh snickerdoodles. how I love thee. Even more so in ice cream sandwich form.

  6. Oh no…having a stray pair of underwear stuck to your shorts is almost worse than putting on a pair of yesterday’s jeans (they’re not even dirty, really) and later in the day having a pair of yesterday’s underwear come out the bottom of one of the legs…not that that has ever happened to me, of course.
    Your cookies look stinkin awesome and the ice cream just totally seals the deal. Love the shirt too!

  7. I love snickerdoodles!!! YUM.

  8. Those cookies look divine! Hehehe, I liked the sentence about your legs which “reflect the sun”…



  9. I’m so sure your neighbour will not forget you! Maybe you should take some of those cookies to him. Oh no, forget about that, bring them to me!!!

  10. Love those snickerdoodles! And in ice cream – wow.

  11. Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches?! Yuuum! I especially love the idea of making the cookies and making the ice cream. truly homemade ice cream sandwiches! Great post!

  12. Gosh, it’s as though you have a magnet that attracts all these weird things that happen to you. You must admit your life is never dull, and I’m sure your neighbor is still wondering what you’d been up to!! Still, snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches will heal all that ails you.

  13. oh, I really like this cookies! I have to do some! :)

    have a nice day!

  14. In other centuries my pasty white skin was prized!

    I’m heading to the kitchen…

  15. Yum! I will put this in my “To do” pile too. The ice cream sounds perfect to go inside too. Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies.

    Sorry about your underware

  16. Oh, I have done the stray dryer underwear one too!

    Happy belated b-day – looks like you had fun!

  17. Absolutely hysterical about the shorts!

    Those snickerdoodle ice cream cookies look snickerdoodley delicious (I love this new word!)

    P.S. Happy belated Birthday!

  18. caramel snickerdoodle ice cream…be still, my heart. this couldn’t be more appealing, and that’s all there is to it.

  19. The snickerdoodly ice cream sandwiches sound divine!

    And it wasn’t underwear attached to your shorts..it’s the new trend, all the teenagers are doing it (go with it!)

  20. oh dear~ funny you should mention the clingy underwear, as that’s what i worry about all the time when i’m walking to work :) and now you’ve made my worry into a real story, and now i’m extra freaked out. ha~

    and since my legs haven’t seen the sun (and vice versa) for the past 10-15 years, i imagine i’d blind people if i subjected them to shorts. the rest of me turns red and tans…i like to compare my hands to my legs sometimes for a laugh.

    you though, can rock anything, including stowaway undies, and definitely anything snickerdoodle-ey! ;D please keep it up~

    and really, that you and that shirt = <3
    take care~~

  21. I just love snickerdoodles, although I’ve never seen an ice cream sandwich made with them before. Sounds great!

  22. Oh man, that story is hilarious! And a fear I’ve always had! I always worry there will be underwear stuck to the back of my jeans as I’m walking down the street…

    I’m sure these cookies did an excellent job of taking away the embarrassment :)

  23. I always tell people my legs reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it too!

  24. I am totally with you on the white legs part!! I only own work out shorts. My legs are so white I to reflect the sun and blind those around me! These snickerdoodly cookies look great.

  25. Hahhha I love this post <3

  26. can i sub the cream of tartar? I wanted to make these tonight but that is the only thing I don’t have…

  27. at least u werent flashing him certain body parts :p

  28. Peabody says:

    Cream of tarter is what gives a snickerdoodle it’s flavor.

  29. ah… then its probally best i take the 2 minutes to run to the store thats 1 block away and pick some up! ;)
    changes are i will burn/ruin/drop/spoil the cookies somehow… i’m not very good at this- my poor kid- he is battling cancer AND my cooking…

  30. Snickerdoodles = my favorite, but as an ice cream sandwich….heaven!

  31. Peabody says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your kiddo. :(

  32. I love your posts. I’ve been following by RSS feed for a long time and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your humor, your wit, and best of all your great recipes.

    I make a few, but I have a tendency to eat them when I do – imagine that. Just sniffing food makes me gain weight. Keep it up though! I still like to cook and still love to eat!

    My husband’s favorite is Snickerdoodles. I will have to make these.

    Again thanks!
    From a whiter-than-white Southern Chick. :))

  33. I don’t care if it’s freezing cold here and there’s frost on the ground, ice cream sandwiches are always a good idea! Those look awesome! And happy belated bday!

  34. That is such a cute pic of you! Happy belated bday! I love snickerdoodles and you’ve taken them over the top with these little sandwiches – yum!!

  35. Hmmm – perfect summer treat and very cute pic :)

  36. Yummy!! And too funny about the laundry joy ride!

  37. I DID IT! I MADE THEM!!! They were WONDERFUL!! Tucker (my son) LOVED THEM! infact he tried to get me to admit that I bought them from a store!! They were SO good! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
    now if you could inspire me with an icecream (gulp) birthday cake for his bday in 2 weeks…. i’m sure he’d appreciate it…

  38. I am seriously bummed by this post. Currently I can’t eat cinnamon or drink beer. Of course I LOVE both snicker doodles and beer.

    But I do have a great farmers tan (from golf.) Dont’t think it makes up for no snicker doodles and beer though.

  39. Snickerdoodles are the only cookies that my boys will eat. Seriously… they hate any cookie with chocolate, nuts, raisins, oats, etc. And, for some reason they won’t eat plain ‘ol sugar cookies.

    Kim always wanted to be the kind of mom that made cookies but it took her years to find a recipe that the kids would eat… and snickerdoodles are it!

  40. Peabody says:

    Are you sure those kids belong to you Brett? :) I remember you being a cookie lover. At least they like snickerdoodles, that’s redemable.

  41. these look fab! snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches have been added to the recipe hit list. thanks!

  42. Tanisha (muppetpinchess) says:

    LOVE the underwear story! These ice cream sandwiches look incredible. If I weren’t going to a movie tonight I think I’d make them for myself for my birthday. Yum!

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