Candy Corn Ice Cream…yep, I went there

Fall is officially here and it’s October. How is it October? Pumpkins, colored leaves, HOCKEY, crisp air, large bags of individual sized candy…it’s all good. And of course, candy corn. I personally have a love/hate relationship with candy corn. I love it. But then I eat so much of it I get sick. And even when I get to the point of where I feel like a am going to throw up, I still keep eating it. I do this about three times and then I am done for the year for eating candy corn.
I’m not sure how this idea came to me. I was originally going to use Circus Peanuts and make an ice cream for my Penny Candy challenge but I figured given the time of year and the large bag of candy corn already sitting on my counter, I would do candy corn. So yes, I am counting this as my Top Chef Just Desserts Penny Candy challenge. I don’t care if it’s not really penny candy. These are my challenges and I will channel Seth and do them how I want, not how you are supposed to. :P Which speaking of that, I am deathly afraid of the wedding cake challenge.
This is about as simple as you can get. The hard part was that I wanted the flavor of the candy corn but without the hurt your mouth sweetness that candy corn tends to lend itself too. Luckily, in my opinion, I go that. To get that, no sugar was added to the ice cream. And no candy corn was either. Confused? Technically no candy corn was added in the mix in sense. I actually steeped the candy corn in cream and then let the candy corn basically disintegrate into the milk and cream overnight.
I had no idea how much I would love this stuff. I am not supposed to eat dairy and quite honestly I didn’t care while eating this. :) It only has three ingredients. Milk, cream, and candy corn. That’s it. No eggs. Nothing. But so creamy and with the slightest hint of candy corn. Mmm, too bad I can’t pass it out instead of candy.

Candy Corn Ice Cream

2 cups Heavy Cream

1 cup Whole Milk

13 ounces candy corn

Pour 1 cup of the cream into a medium saucepan and add the candy corn. Warm over medium heat, stirring, until you start to see the candy corn dissolve. Turn heat off and let cream come to room temperature. Add the remaining cream and milk.

Put into an air tight container and refrigerate overnight, at least 12 hours. When you can remember to, shake the container up to get the candy corn loose.

Remove from refrigerator and strain the milk/cream mixture through a sieve or really small strainer to catch the candy corn pieces that did not disintegrate.

Freeze in your ice-cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Top with extra candy corn if you would like.

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  1. You mentioned hockey and candy corn in the same sentence. Sigh. Works for me!

  2. This is brilliant! I wonder how it’d be with the chocolatey candy corns?

  3. That looks absolutely delicious!! Almost like orange sherbet, which I LOVE!

  4. This is probably the most creative and themed ice cream recipe I’ve ever seen – way to go! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am in the process of making this ice cream as we speak (I’m refrigerating my orange cream). My husband and I are both obsessed with candy corn, and love/hate this time of year when it is readily available! Question: how do you keep from eating the candy corn while you are traveling home from the store?

  6. i’m firmly in the ‘i love candy corn’ camp (and circus peanuts too, for that matter), and this is positively inspired!

  7. Ummm pretty sure I’m most definitely going to make this for a fall party I’m going to tomorrow! BEST idea ever :) :) And SO easy. Do you know how many servings this makes by any chance??

  8. I was considering making a candy corn pound cake…should I pair your yummy looking ice cream with it? That might be over kill! LOL! But it looks DELISH! I’ll HAVE to try it!

  9. wow. i wish you were my neighbor. :( that looks tasty!

  10. I kept saying “Oh my god” while I read this. You have me SUPEREXCITED

    Unfortunately the communal kitchen in my dorm can’t really sustain this kind of food preparation, so I’ll just have to wait until I go back home for Thanksgiving. My little brother is going to love this…

  11. One of these photos popped up on The Berry recently, in case you missed it.

  12. Thank you for this recipe. My 8 year old niece informed me that we were making ice cream when she came to visit, and this was the perfect recipe! She did all the work (with supervision) and was quite proud how well it turned out.
    This recipe is a “keeper”!

  13. The ice cream was too sweet for me but the kids LOVED it!

  14. pupplover says:

    i looooooooveeeeeee candy corn so much. Im on a diet and still craving it. I have always dreamed if making a milkshake with candy corn:and ice cream just blew my mind and changed how i look at candy corn. nah just kidding.


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