What’s the rush?…

Every year Christmas celebrating seems to start earlier and earlier. This year at my local Walgreens there was Halloween candy on one side and Christmas on the other, in September. Some people are sticklers about no Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, some not until December, and then there are those who get excited when the first Christmas song on the radio comes on. Now some do go a little overboard. There are my neighbors who put up Christmas lights in October. Though I just really like to think of the lights as extra illumination to help with the Neighborhood Crime Watch, and not to think of them as Christmas lights until the end of November.

I think the reason why people rush into the holiday season and start wanting to decorate in August is because for most people the holidays are a happy time. They want that recaptured. And I guess the figure the quicker they start to celebrate it, the better. :)

My friend C doesn’t really start getting into the holidays early, but she does usually start thinking about what cookie she will make for cookie exchange. She consults me every year as to what she will be making. She likes simple, as she is not a big baker (and yet still my friend :P). This year she said she wanted to do a chocolate chip cookie but make it more holiday-ish with peppermint or something. So here is what I did with that. No these aren’t reinventing the wheel by any means. But they are chocolate and mint and really, those are flavors you can’t go wrong with.

So if you are annoyed by your neighbors and all there early Christmas decorating, just figure that they are trying to be in a better mood. A happier neighbor makes for a happier neighborhood.

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  1. Christmas is also a big commercial thing, therefore it starts earlier every year. Big money is to be made… ;-P Sads but true.

    Those are lovely cookies!



  2. These festive cookies look fabulous! Perfect of the Christmas table :)

  3. Liz @ Blog is the New Black says:

    Although Christmas is a commerical holiday, I still do love the decor and the “spirit!”

    Annnnd I love this idea for cookies!

  4. Ooh, I just bought a bag of those Andes peppermint chips, and I’ve been trying to decide what to make with them. Your cookies look yummy.

  5. I like the way you summed up the decorating. Anything for a happy neighbourhood!!!

  6. Are the Andes chips more like a chocolate chip or a crunchy piece of candy cane?!

  7. They are more like a while chocolate bit (they aren’t shaped like chips) with crunchy peppermint pieces.

  8. I SO wish I could find those peppermint crunch chips somewhere! I feel like I’m in the holiday spirit just from looking at them.

  9. I’m one that is a stickler to waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to even listen to Christmas music. I love Thanksgiving, and think it always gets the short end of the stick! I was actually just thinking today that I’d like to make some kind of peppermint cookie, and you are here with this recipe. It must be fate!!

  10. It always bugs me when stores start rolling out the Christmas stuff in August. It’s usually 100F outside here! I’ll have to look out for those peppermint chips. These look so fun!

  11. Hi Peabody! It’s been awhile since I’ve commented but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been following along :) These look awesome and I’m bookmarking this to make for the holidays this year!

  12. These look soooo good! something I would realy enjoy, but I dont think we have andes pepermint chips in Canada eh? Maybe little bits of candycane would be just as good!

  13. My boss is fanatical about Christmas (and for the reason you mentioned) but our customer base doesn’t enjoy seasonal music or decorations until after Thanksgiving – and since they pay the bills…. You would have thought I shot Santa when I told him no holiday music until after Thanksgiving to keep out customers happy. There was angry texts and rage for 3 days. Oh well.
    Back to your blog – these cookies look super yummy.

  14. Thanks for letting me know what the chips are like…I think they would be perfect in my chocolate biscotti recipe! No I just have to find some!

  15. Your neighbors should just do what a house in my neighborhood did – they put the Christmas decorations up over the Halloween decorations.

    I am going to be making these cookies. I love chocolate and mint! Mmmm!

  16. For one, I’m one of those people that think Christmas celebrations should start December 1st and Halloween October 1st and Thanksgiving November 1st, and so on. But that doesn’t mean that i haven’t already been making plans on what to bake for the Christmas season :P and these look absolutely delicious! I think I’ll end up making these this year :D

  17. Great combo- I’ll be these taste amazing! I refuse to acknowledge Xmas until Dec. 1. As of today, let the season begin!

  18. Oh, I’ve been dreaming about peppermint cookies for days now… These will definitely be on my menu for some time soon :)

  19. I’ve got to find some of those mint crunchy bits. The cookies look delicious! A plate of those to every neighbor would score you good will all year long.

  20. These look great! I have two bags of the peppermint chips hanging out in my pantry. I gotta get on using them!

  21. Great idea to add peppermint crunch to the cookies. I have some left over from my cookie recipe this week and was wondering what to do with them!
    One advantage to decorating early is you can sit back and enjoy the tree lights with a lovely drink in hand!

  22. I am SO with you on Christmas starting too early now. I love Christmas, but not in the middle of September. I ranted about this earlier in the week :)

  23. Wow! What gorgeous cookies. Would be a perfect bake for the coming festive season. Lovely space.

  24. First time poster, long time follower – these look fantastic and I’m on a mission to make them for this year’s cookie jars. Can’t find them on the East coast and can bring myself to pay $20 on Amazon, do you think coarsely chopped Peppermint Andes would work?

  25. Yeah, that would work. Mint, is mint. :)

  26. Once again, delicious looking!

  27. How many cookies does this recipe yield?

  28. About 30…depends on how big you make them

  29. Hi! Great recipe. I made the dough exactly as the recipe called for. I did chill the dough overnight, but did not do it for the full day and cut into logs. Sorry! I just didn’t have the time! I rolled them into balls like I would chocolate chip cookies and baked them for 15 minutes. Delicious! I thought the peppermint would overwhelm the cookie, but it didn’t.

    My recipe made about 5 dozen. I got my Andes Mints at WalMart!

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays! :)

  30. I live in South Africa and we don’t have Andes Mints here, please tell me are they just a mint or a peppermint chocolate? If available in London I will ask my daughter to send me a packet so I can see if there is anything here that compares. Many thanks.

  31. @Lorraine They are a creamy chocolate mint

  32. Natalie Rae says:

    Hi! I am currently in the refrigeration stage of this recipe! I am super excited. Thanks so much for sharing. One thing though… I could not find those peppermint chips anywhere! So… I just purchased some peppermints from the bulk section and threw them in the food processor…. I hope they turn out! We shall see. Woop woop! Thanks again:)

  33. Peppermint chips are more like a white chocolate with a mint flavor. I hoped they turned out with your peppermints.

  34. How many cookies does this recipe make?

  35. Depends on how thick you make them or how large. Maybe 24?

  36. For me, 3 weeks of December is not enough for Christmas music so I start playing it in November. I don’t mind seeing the isles of Christmas stuff. If it comes out that early it will be on sale by the time I’m ready to buy. These cookies look fantastic! I will definietly make them this year.

  37. Just made these and we are loving them. Thanks for a really tasty cookie! (my mint loving daughter thanks you also.)

  38. Oh my gosh! I’m so making these for our cookie exchange this year! Thank you so much!

  39. These look great. I found them on my great cookie exchange search. I am definitely going to add them as a contender. I am also featuring them on a cookie round-up that will hopefully go live some time before midnight :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  40. Definitely can’t go wrong with chocolate and peppermint! I eat peppermint every day of the year =)

  41. Great looking recipe! I found these chips at AC Moore craft store and just bought the bc they looked so good. Glad I found this recipe on pinterest!

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  42. Do you think these would freeze well? They look delicious :)

  43. Hey all. I thought I would have to purchase the Andes on Amazaon, but I just went to target to run some errands and was surprised to see a whole self devoted to Andes ( and all there different flavors). I’m in NY, so for those having difficulty finding them, check your local target!

  44. Can I just crush candy cane instead of the Andes Peppermint Crunch Chips?
    I am excited about trying these,but don’t have the time to run to the store for the Andes Chips. ;)

  45. @Gloria- they are two different things. Candy Canes will leave a very different texture. The baking chips are more like a white chocolate with peppermint in them.

  46. I make cookies just like this, but I use crushed-up candy canes. They are a different texture, but they’re still SO good!

  47. Just made these I love andes peppermint candies & when I saw this recipe I thought it’d be amzing but they are a bit strange in a cookie. It’s basically & chocolate chip cookie with peppermint. Very odd. Not exactly gross but not exactly good either.

  48. Liked this recipe, but thought the milk choc chips made it too sweet; also not enough salt with unsalted butter. Semi Sweet & regular butter next time for me. YMMV. Also, there are no red marks like in the picture on mine, and I used the Andes chips…? Oh well, I love choc and mint together so will make again. :)

  49. @Paula sorry you didn’t like the milk chocolate, it’s all about preference. Also which Andes Chips did you use. They have their regular ones and then Peppermint Crunch ones that are bright pink.

  50. Crystal Pham says:

    Wow. I just made these. They are DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for such a fantastic recipe!!
    p.s. I contacted the Andes co. through their website, and they told me where to buy the peppermint chips :)

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