White Chocolate topped Gingerbread Cookies…

No real time for a post. I don’t have a ton of access to a computer right now. Which also means, once again, I can’t be answering your baking questions. I know you have them because they keep getting asked. Just an FYI- they aren’t going to get answered until after the new year, just like I have said over and over again in previous posts.

Okay enough of that. I have two cookie exchanges this year. I had zero time and hardly any ingredients around so I had to find something simple, yet festive for my first exchange. These I found on the McCormick Spice website. You would be amazed what great recipes they actual websites of the makers of the product have. I think all too often we just focus on food blogs and forget about that (and no, they aren’t paying me to say that). Anyway, the original recipe calls for a Hersey’s Hug to go on top. But they don’t seem to have those out right now this time of year, so I went with just white chocolate chips. Which made them look like birds nests, but whatever. :) They are a nice soft cookie that tastes just like a nice piece of gingerbread cake, but in cookie form.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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  1. Hope you’re doing well, dear Peabody! xo

  2. As a cookie exchange participant who ate these, I can attest that they are nice and soft, and very tasty. Even my ginger hating husband liked them. I should have taken a few more. :)

  3. Gingerbread and white chocolate!? Sounds like a delicious combo!

  4. Anything with white chocolate is a great desesert!

  5. I just made a very similar cookie today but I added cocoa to the batter! I still have half of the batter left over, so I’m going to add white chocolate! :) Thanks Peabody!!

  6. Beautiful cookies. I liked the post – short and delightfully sweet. Just like you!

  7. Yum! I love gingerbread and these look so soft and chewy!

  8. I think those are cute cookies. I can see my boys loving making and eating them. Hope you are well too!

  9. Yum!!! These look fantastic! They are a perfect holiday cookie. Just bought some white chocolate chips…will have to try this.

  10. I LOVE the addition of the white chocolate. Mmm they look great!

  11. These are so pretty, and I love that they are soft! Will have to try.

  12. Gingerbread makes me so happy. Thanks for introducing this great recipe, work party treats here we come:)

  13. Beautiful bird’s nest!

  14. I wonder what’s the difference between gingerbread cookies and gingersnaps. Off to google it, though I’m pretty sure I’ll feel pretty blonde when I do ;)

    Those look gorgeous, I only yesterday baked and tasted gingersnaps for the first time ever, and I’m in LOVE!!

  15. These look great and so festive with the combination of flavors.

  16. I just wanted to say that I made these for my (and my husbands) office parties and they were a big hit! I already had to send the recipe on to some others.

  17. So, these are perfectly soft, gingery, and sweet! A wonderful combo of tastes. Can’t wait to see if my friends like them.

  18. What kind of background did you take the picture on? Novel idea though [:

  19. These sound great! I’ve got company coming in this weekend, so I’m going to make them tonight. I bet the Pumpkin Spice kisses would be good on top too… I think I’ll do half with white chocolate and the other half with the pumpkin spice kisses. Can’t wait!

  20. @Feeb- just green paper

  21. What a combo!

    My mouth is watering!

    This sounds fabulous!!!

  22. these sound so yummy!! thnx!

  23. These look delicious! How many cookies does this make approx?

  24. Maybe three dozen

  25. I made these last week and they are wonderful!

  26. Just wondering if there is a substitute for the molasses?

  27. @Sharla- no, that is pretty much what gives gingerbread it’s flavor other than ginger

  28. Very good cookies, chewy and soft. Thanks for sharing!

    I weighed the dough to make the cookies the same size and using a 1″ ball (15 grams) the recipe made 5 dozen cookies.

  29. Just took my last batch of these out of the oven and they’re absolutely fantastic! Everything about them is perfect–a definite new favorite holiday treat!

  30. how many cookies does this recipe make??

  31. If you read through the comments it varies- I got about 3 dozen but I made larger cookies. One person wrote that they got about 5 dozen.

  32. How necessary is it to refrigerate 4 hours or overnight?

  33. @Angie- If you don’t chill it the cookies spread out a little much.

  34. can you give a few alternatives to the white chocolate?

  35. @ashley- you might just try milk chocolate.

  36. How long do you think the dough would last in the fridge? Just wondering how far in advance I could make the dough!

  37. @Kendra- I wouldn’t go more than 2 days.

  38. These cookies are nothing short of genius! In fact, I just put my 8th batch of dough in the fridge for various holiday parties and cookie exchanges. I’ve also featured them in a literary magazine in which I post websites on which to find great recipes! They’ve become the hit of the holidays! Thanks for a perfect recipe!

  39. These were so yummy, I ate most of them myself and now have to make more. The only changes I made were to 1) melt the chips & spread them on top in a little circle-putting the chips on top of the hot cookie didn’t melt the chips enough for my liking and 2) added some white sparkling sugar to the still-wet white chocolate.

    These are my new favorite!

  40. Will these still taste sweet enough w/o any sort of chips on the top?

  41. @Trimble – don’t know, I’ve only made them with the white chips

  42. Alright, thanks!

  43. These are my new favorite Christmas cookie!! Absolutely to die for. I used the Hershey’s Hugs and they are just so so soooooo good! Can’t be beat!

  44. I made these as one of my desserts for my Christmas party this year. I am by no means an experienced baker. I am convinced these cookies are fool proof. I made them ahead and froze the dough after it chilled for awhile. They did great! Instead of white chocolate, I decided to use a little icing. I took a container of cream cheese icing and added 1 tsp of cinnamon to flavor it. It all truned out beautifully! Thanks for the recipe!

  45. I put these in for 10 minutes and they were still noticed the dough was a little raw in the middle of the cookie. Is this how they are supposed to be?

  46. Each oven is going to be different. Cookies continue to bake on cookie sheet when taken out. Which is why you are not suppose to remove them from the sheet for a few minutes. But you don’t want them raw.

  47. these were my Christmas cookie of the year…so yummy every time! Thanks for the recipe! :)

  48. Made these today! SO YUMMY! Thanks for sharing!

  49. I make these and top them with brown butter icing. So delicious. I have also rolled and placed in min in muffin pans for little molasses cups. As soon as they come out if the oven, press a white choco Hershey’s kiss into it. Spectacular.

  50. Christina Evert says:

    Made these tonight for my boyfriend.. gingersnaps are his favorite. Added about 3 tbs of sugar and didn’t top with anything… they are incredible! Best gingerbread cookies I’ve ever made, thank you!


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