White Chocolate topped Gingerbread Cookies…

No real time for a post. I don’t have a ton of access to a computer right now. Which also means, once again, I can’t be answering your baking questions. I know you have them because they keep getting asked. Just an FYI- they aren’t going to get answered until after the new year, just like I have said over and over again in previous posts.

Okay enough of that. I have two cookie exchanges this year. I had zero time and hardly any ingredients around so I had to find something simple, yet festive for my first exchange. These I found on the McCormick Spice website. You would be amazed what great recipes they actual websites of the makers of the product have. I think all too often we just focus on food blogs and forget about that (and no, they aren’t paying me to say that). Anyway, the original recipe calls for a Hersey’s Hug to go on top. But they don’t seem to have those out right now this time of year, so I went with just white chocolate chips. Which made them look like birds nests, but whatever. :) They are a nice soft cookie that tastes just like a nice piece of gingerbread cake, but in cookie form.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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  1. Just made them, some are still in the oven. They’re really good, and very spicy =) Love the white chocolate on top :-P

  2. Just made these. Followed recipe exactly. I think I have a new favorite cookie. These cookies were TO DIE FOR!!!

  3. Can I freeze these?

  4. I would think they would freeze just fine.

  5. I shared this recipe on my blog. Favorite recipe! Looks delish! :) Thanks!

  6. How many cookies does this recipe make? Approx.

  7. What kind of flour? New to baking and didn’t realize how many different flours there are.

  8. @wanda- unless indicated always use all-purpose flour

  9. I substituted honey for the molasses and they turned out perfect. These cookies are delicious! :D

  10. I made these last year for a cookie exchange and they were DELICIOUS. I came back to find the recipe so I can make them again this year, and to leave a comment to thank you for the awesome cookie recipe. :-)

  11. These turned out DIVINE!!! I followed the recipe except didn’t read it close enough and mixed in the granulated sugar AND rolled them in sugar…so they’re sweet but absolutely delicious.

  12. Nadia Kouri says:

    Please specify which type of molasses. The store only had blackstrap and my cookie dough came out really dark and kind of bitter. A lighter unsulfured molasses is much better.

  13. @Nadia – the recipe didn’t specify. People can choose whichever kind they like. Some like the stronger molasses flavor.

  14. Nicole Schnell says:

    Just made these and they are awesome!! Thanks for the recipe, my two boys love them too!

  15. These just bacame the new favorite! Husband and kids agree. Didnt have vanila chips so frosted with vanilla frosting. Incredible! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. My dough was really wet. I probably added about 2 extra cups of flour to make it hard enough to refrigerate. What did I do wrong?

  17. Hard for me to know what went wrong

  18. Made these and put 4 chips in each upside down so each one looks like a button. so cute and yummy.thanks!

  19. A friend of mine baked a batch of these for a Christmas party I hosted today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this recipe – they were the best gingerbread cookies I’ve ever had! Unbelievably good!!

  20. My son and I made these to share for Christmas!! They are super easy and SO yummy!! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  21. I made them exactly as you posted except that I was able to find the Hershey Hugs and they were so cute. I really like the taste of this gingerbread cookie. It is not too strong and very good texture. Thank you for sharing! I loved these!

  22. Can’t wait to try them. thank you.

  23. Is it required for them to be refrigerated before baking?

  24. Yes it is required.

  25. Made these last night and fell in love. The cookie stays soft and is only lightly spiced. Might add a little more spice next time to give it extra zing. Will certainly make for the holidays!

  26. I love the look of these soft ginger cookies, I’ll be making these for this year’s cookie exchange…unless I decide to keep them all to myself!

  27. Cookies were wonderful!!! So good that I made 2 different batches 2day! For those wondering about the need to refridgerate first, I baked the first batch after refridgerating over night, second batch was made immediately…both batches were the same and wonderful!!!!

  28. Yummy!! I am following your pinterest board!

  29. Please tell me how many cookies does this recipe yield?

  30. It depends on how big or small you make them but probably 3 dozen

  31. Can I substitute honey or syrup for the molasses? Would they taste the same?

  32. would this work with an all-purpose gf flour blend?

  33. I have no idea I don’t work with gluten free products.

  34. @nadia- they would not taste the same, molasses is what gives gingerbread it’s flavor

  35. I made these for my boyfriend and they were chewy and perfect. He said it was one of the best cookies he’s ever had. Next week I’m making them again for our cookie buffet at work. I know they’ll disappear!

  36. @Amy- great to hear that!

  37. can I double this recipe??

  38. You should be able to


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