Have I got a Guy (Pie) for You…

Cue Beyoncé’s Single Ladies…
So besides the “I’m so sorry to hear that” (which is usually said while tilting head to the side…I have no idea why), the second thing that seems to come out of everyone’s mouth is “have I got a guy for you”. Oh goodie. People who can’t pick out matching socks half the time (yes, I’m talking about guys on the hockey team) want to pick a guy for me to go out with, awesome. :)
I’m getting to the point of avoiding going out to the bar after the hockey games because it usually goes “ah that’s too bad…Hey have you met (your name here), he’s from Canada and is also recently divorced”. And then the next thing you know I am listening to some guy go off about how his evil ex-wife is getting all the money and the house, etc… Good times. For the record, I am not bitter in the least about my ex. He is a good guy, so there is no reason to. I chose to focus on all the awesome things we had in our marriage and the ways it made me (hopefully) a better person.
But by far my favorite so far was the lunch time ambush. I had a friend invite me out to lunch on her (I’m all about the free lunch/dinner/beer right now on my tight budget). So I went and sat. And sat. And sat. Then, some guy comes up to me and says “are you Peabody?” I was waiting for him to ask if I ran a food blog, because oddly that has happened more than once. But no, no adoring fan wanting me to sign his butt (why do all the rock stars get the fun?). No, this was a guy who was sent by my friend to meet me because she got called into a meeting. Hmmm. Interestingly enough this guy likes hockey, in fact he is a season ticket holder to one of our junior hockey teams we have around these parts. Brews his own beer. And goes to the Herbfarm at least once a year. Oh, and has a good job. Which all sounds nice, but, can you say awkward.
Coming home from something bizarre as that needs to involve chocolate of some sort. I had a folded up piece of paper I found awhile back from a friend who’s mom made brownie pie. I had just made quiche and had an extra pie shell from that (yes, store bought, judge away). It was simple and quick and well, chocolate. About what I needed in this situation. Plus I thought it would go great with my leftover peppermint ice cream (which it did).
This actually ends up being more like a flourless cake in a pie (only 3 TBSP of flour) which makes for a nice, dense, and yummy pie.

Also, if you want to talk Holiday Dessert Meal Planning with me tomorrow I will be doing that on the Sam’s Facebook Site…here.

Peppermint-Brownie Pie

1 (14 oz.) can of sweetened condensed milk
¼  cup unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces to make for quicker melting
½ cup unsweetened baking cocoa
3 eggs
3 TBSP all-purpose flour
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring
1/8 tsp. peppermint extract
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1/3 cup crushed candy cane pieces
1 pie shell (can make your own or use a store bought crust)

Make the pie crust. If you using a frozen crust, get it out and let it thaw.
Get a medium sauce pan, over low heat,  place milk, butter, and cocoa powder in the pan. Mix everything together . Stir occasionally so the mixture does not stick to the pan and scorch. Remove from heat when all ingredients are melted and mixed together fully.
In a large bowl, lightly beat the eggs.
Temper eggs by adding a small amount of the chocolate mixture, a couple spoonfuls at a time. Do this three times. Next, stir in the remaining chocolate into eggs.
Add flour, vanilla, and peppermint extract. Fold in chocolate chips.

Spread half of the candy cane pieces at the bottom of the pie. Pour brownie batter into pie shell. Top with remaining candy cane pieces.
Bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes in a 9 inch pie pan. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

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  1. awkward! ;) sounds ‘not bad’, actually, though.

    and this pie? looks phenomenal, as always!


  2. That pie is incredible! So scrumptious.

    Awkward indeed!



  3. I feel your pain. A year after MV died I was put in similar situations. Their hearts are in the right spots, but just because two people are single doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get along. That said…this last one seems to hold promise…


  4. I’ve had quite a few friends try to convince me that my life would be PERFECT if only I would go out with their friend of a friend of a friend of a cousin once removed. So far, little has come of it. But I know they mean well. Each bad and/or awkward date should definitely end with a piece of this pie. That would erase all pain.

  5. I just wanted to commend you on remaining positive about your ex and the outcome of your marriage. So much energy and peace is lost in reliving what went wrong rather than what went right. Its inspiring to me in healing from my recent break-up. Thank you, and all the best!

    (Oh, and the pie does look delicious.)

  6. ohhh seriously. i am loving this. good luck w/ that dating stuff. man i hated that. but you have to go thru the crappy ones before you find the right one…all par for the course. look at it as humourous, if that helps.

  7. I’m looking for the perfect birthday treat for this year and this is definitely in the running. Of course, I could say that about nearly all of your desserts!

  8. Been there and I so remember everyone wanting me to meet this great guy! Some of them were SO awful! You just have to try and find the humor it in all :)

    Oh not another fabulous peppermint recipe. I need the holidays to last another month so I can make all these great peppermint recipes.

  9. I am sure your friends are well-meaning and love you a lot but are you not a lovely, happy person unless you have a guy on your arm. Sheesh.

  10. Yes! I’m all about peppermint and brownies!

    Sometimes I think I’d like to be set up with someone, but not in that way…

  11. This pie looks like heaven in a crusty blanket!! Must make!

    When I became single after a nearly 8 year relationship I turned to eHarmony and had a few akward dates, but ended up meeting my future husband :)

  12. It might be worth suggesting that, whilst you’re incredibly pleased that your friends take your single-ness seriously, their attempts to find you a mate are a little extreme and unwarranted.. Proceed to blast afforementioned “Single Ladies” at them, wave your hand in the air and dramatically waltz off. Just a suggestion :)

    That pie looks amazing; I would dearly like to taste some, but having come down with the flu I can neither taste nor smell anything. *sigh* Definitely a recipe for the moment I’m better!

    I am also fascinated by this peppermint ice-cream I keep seeing on American foodie blogs – I’m putting in complaints to all British foodsellers because no such sweet, wonderous, pink-tinged, minty goodness can be found in our supermarket aisles. And mint-choc-chip doesn’t count !_! hehe.

    Have a lovely Christmas :)

  13. Chocolate will cure what ails you! I don’t get it, marriages, divorces and babies always seem to make people think they’re invited into your otherwise personal and private life. Since when did “minding your own business” go out of style? Hope your friends can get the ‘hint’ soon!

  14. Mmmmmmmmm this looks great! I totally love the way you eat pie :) I eat just about every dessert like that!

  15. missed the last couple months of your blog because i was crazy busy. and boy did i miss a lot.

    you, lady, are amazing. and everyone knows that. so i won’t go about with the half-assed formalities. which i suck at, anyway.

    this is a super-pie! mmm….drool….

    i had a spider mishap recently too…the bugger was (legs included) larger than my palm. and also in my shower. used 3 gallons of water trying to tire it out (so i could hopefully get it outside alive), but had to get out the ol dishwashing detergent. and i could’t get myself to grab it with a tissue blob, so i got out a broom and dustpan. still screamed a couple of times, probably. sorry neighbors.

    take care and happy holidays~ i like your tree :)

  16. the name of your pie reminds me of those in the movie “Waitress”

    i keep trying to convince my friend that a bad or awkward date only lasts one night while the amusement of hearing her talk about it afterwards is timeless, but she remains unconvinced ;)

  17. What a weird attitude. It’s like “shake it off and get out there!” But at least you know people care about you and want you to be happy.

    I know this pie would make me happy. Chubby, but happy. :-)

  18. This is the only way to eat pie!!! Love your blog, your pictures and wishing you the best for 2011!!!

  19. This pie looks gorgeous. My family is going to love it!

  20. OMG I can’t WAIT to make this pie. I made up a similar thing by putting Andes Peppermint Crunch Baking chips into a brownie recipe but the thought of milk chocolate is simply sinful! And, I also think the people who make ice cream sandwiches should make a seasonal one with peppermint ice cream!!! Happy New Year!

  21. Forget the fix-ups. Come on down to the bay area. We’ll have a girl’s weekend.

    Bring the pie. :D

  22. Sorry, I can’t speak to your dating issues. But I would like to ask you about switching out peppermint candies. I need to make this pie for tomorrow, not at Christmas time. Any suggestions?

  23. Peabody says:

    @Nancy- Andes mints makes mint flavored chips that you can get at Target.

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