Why I still eat bacon…

Last night was a glowing reminder of why I still eat bacon.

***Warning, kind of a downer, but read anyway.***

Though I was not supposed to play hockey, I still went to my game to support my team (aka watch), I am captain after all. As I walked into the rink, I could tell something was off. One of the players in the game before me, someone I knew well (and many guys knew) had collapsed on the bench during the game. At that point the EMT’s arrived and worked on reviving him. It’s one thing to watch that, it’s another thing to watch that happen to someone you know. Horrid is the only word I can find to describe it. He is stable now but still in ICU, we are hoping for the best.

We didn’t end up playing, obviously. We mostly sat in silence facing that of our own mortality. Most of the guys in the league that play at our level are around his age. You could see that look in their eye of that could be me. That could be anyone. At any time. It really is a giant game of Russian roulette sometimes. My parents are at the age where people they know are passing. And I can tell you there doesn’t seem to be some magic formula for living longer. Some of them did all the “right” things, exercise and ate right. Passed. Some did all the “wrong” things, sugar, smoking, alcohol, etc. Passed. And some are in between.

It’s for this reason I still eat bacon. It’s for this reason I believe that Sugar Free Pudding cups are not dessert (even when I am dieting…still not). For this reason I make things like Bacon and Waffle Cone-Maple Syrup Rice Krispie Treats…because, why not? If Burger King can deep fry French Toast and call it breakfast, surely this counts as well. If a Pop Tart and Toaster Strudel are breakfast (and a mighty fine one that I enjoy often), then so can these…these at least have protein…and maybe iron?

The idea came about when I saw waffle cone bowls on sale at the store. I was trying to figure out what I could do with them. I saw waffles and fried chicken on the Food Network and decided I would rather have waffles and bacon any day. And thus came the idea for putting it in a Rice Krispie Treat. I brought them to hockey last night. And though most of us just wanted a giant shot of alcohol, all we had at that point was food (we did go get alcohol after). I got quite the look from a lot of people at first. Bacon? Yes, bacon. If you are wondering how they went over…I got a marriage proposal. ;)

Down this baby with a glass of orange juice and I am pretty sure that you have a balance breakfast (says the girl who thinks gummy bears is a food group).

Everyone enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. I myself am not a football fan and really don’t care who wins. That being said, I will root for the Packers, as I appreciate people who are will to wear cheese as an accessory. For the record, I would root for Pittsburg if they wore food on their head. Regardless of whether you are going to watch it or not, I hope you spend the day with your loved ones. Give your kids and extra hug and kiss. Hug your significant other just a few seconds more today. Because ladies and gentleman, you just never know….so eat bacon while you can.

Bacon and Waffle (cone)-Maple Rice Krispie Treat

6 TBSP unsalted butter
16 ounces marshmallow
12 ounces Rice Krispie cereal
2 cups crushed waffle cone
1 pound (yep, a pound) of bacon, fried up and crumbled…with a few pieces missing I am sure once you smell the pig candy you have to have some
½ cup maple syrup, grade B

Butter a 9-x-13 inch pan.
In a large pot, over low heat add butter. Let melt.
Add marshmallows. Stir with butter. Let them melt until almost all of the marshmallows are in liquid form, add maple syrup.
Once melted, take off of heat. Add cereal, bacon, and waffle cone pieces. Mix and mix until your hand gets tired and all the ingredients are equally distributed as best you can. And don’t pick the bacon out as you are doing this…because you know you want to.
Let firm up for an hour or so. Cut and enjoy.


  1. You just never know what life has in store for you and I hope that your friend makes a full recovery. I guess it is true, you should live each day to it’s fullest. I think two of the saddest words to hear are “if only”. Regrets are sad.

  2. Life is too short to not have a little guilty pleasure here and there…. Life is unpredictable!

    I love bacon, so that treat makes me drool incontrolably!



  3. I’m praying hard that everything shapes up for the better.

    On a brighter note, those treats look DIVIIIIINE!!! Mmmm.

  4. I have this conversation with my family all of the time. I say live for now they say save for retirement. My thought is I might not still be around so live for today like there is no tomorrow.You never know what’s going to happen so let’s all eat bacon, although I do love peameal bacon for breakfast the most.

  5. Waffle cones and bacon sound strangely enticing. Great idea and great mentality. Life is short – eat good food!

    I hate to throw this in here like it’s an afterthought because it definitely isn’t, but I really hope your friend is ok.

  6. I remember thinking this when Arthur Ashe died. Who could have been in better shape? But I also must confess I am more careful than I used to be as I am at the age when MY friends are dying. So I work out, try to eat right (not all the time…I read someplace that Jackie O, when she became ill, made the comment about eating salads all those years to no avail…but then one must remember how lovely she looked all the time too. A double edged coin.). This comment is too long…I’m going to shut up and have a piece of bacon.

  7. Well said!

  8. Sorry to hear about your team mate. I pray he makes a full recovery. It is very scary indeed. My husband has seen two players collaspe on the ice. On a happier note, I believe that hockey saved my husband’s life due to the cardio workout he gets. He had a blockage but was lucky to have his body create collateral circulation. Blood flow to the heart it still the same so far now we are trying to control his diet. We love cheese and used to put it on EVERYTHING. Now we use is sparingly. As far bacon and all the other bad stuff that tastes so incredibly good….moderation not elimination is the key. Life is to be enjoyed. I don’t think I would be happy eating a macrobiotic diet. Have lots to do today but will come back and read more of your postings.

  9. Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that he makes a full recovery. I saw the picture this morning on my blog feed and my jaw dropped. These sound heavenly! Definitely will make sometime.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, but I completely agree with your mindset. I received a not-pleasant health diagnosis almost a year ago now (the kind of diagnosis that lets me know my time here is definitely limited).

    For the most part, I had been diligent about eating my fruits and veggies, being sporadic with exercise (I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of girl), and had been at a decent weight until pounds just packed on no matter what I did.

    Now I just try to balance food that I know is good for me (and makes me feel energetic) with food that makes me happy (like today’s Super Bowl menu).

    The good thing about what happened to me is that I don’t take my family and friends for granted, and I certainly don’t stay mad at them.

    P.S. I used to have a cheesehead…it’s probably still in my parents’ house somewhere. :)

  11. I am a firm believer in everything in moderation. There are no good or bad foods; it is just the way you consume them. That said, I bet I could eat an entire pan of these rice krispie treats without blinking an eye. Bacon. Oh yeah.

  12. I think someone needs to start making iron powder…like protein powder…so that you can just throw it into recipes on a whim and get an extra dose of it in your life.

    Love this post. Life is too short. Don’t eat sugar free pudding. And probably eat more bacon.

  13. OMG I’m drooling.

    No really.

  14. A fantastic mindset to have. And these look DELICIOUS. Best of wishes to your friend.

  15. Amen. How sad to go and have your last meal have been a puffed rice cake. Bacon all the way, baby!

  16. Although most people would probably consider me a stereotypically ‘healthy’ eater, I eat the way I do because I enjoy the way it makes me feel. The foods you choose shouldn’t feel imposed upon you–and obsessing constantly about the ‘perfect’ thing to eat can become a source of stress itself, which is never a good thing.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog–please update us on your friend, when you hear more, as well as your own condition!

  17. Nothing wrong with healthy eating, there is a ton of great tasting healthy foods. I eat almost all vegetarian, and not carb vegetarian, fruit and veggie vegetarian. But I do love the white devil and bacon. :)

  18. I feel for your friend. It’s hard when face-to-face with your own mortality. It really made me realize what is important in life. Sugar is only worth it if it’s real, it’s not dinner if you don’t have dessert and everything tastes better with bacon! I hope your friend is doing better! Moderation is key, depravation just makes me unhappy.

  19. I hear ya. :(

    I love the dessert idea combining my favorite things: bacon, waffles and rice krispies. Will have to give this a try!

    I hope your friend is doing better.

  20. What a unique combination, I know my husband will love these! He loves anything bacon!

    Praying for your friend.

  21. O saw a shirt that said “bacon is meat candy” and I should have gotten it. Thank you for really making it candy!

  22. A life is not worth living unless it’s LIVED. And there is no living without bacon. I don’t care if it’s no longer trendy, have been, always will be a bacon fan. I’ll give up chocolate to have bacon. No really.

  23. Umm…YUM! These look ridiculously awesome. I wish I had a good reason to make these right now, but I just baked chocolate cupcakes today, so that might be going overboard ;)

  24. I have always said that Bacon is natures candy and you pretty aptly summed up why I still eat it.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe.

    I truly hope friend is okay.

  25. Adding bacon to rice krispie treats would be so good!

  26. I have to tell you that I made a rendition of these that was super duper yummy! Not wanting to mix pink and green marshmallows for the mix since we all know what that would look like, I opted to make a caramel sauce as binder. I added some kahlua to the caramel so it had some mild coffee undertones–perfect for breakfast! I also didn’t have rice crispies, but found some capn crunch that worked just as nicely! thanks for the inspiration!!!

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