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It’s funny how most people assume that a teacher’s favorite students (and yes we have favorites, those who say they don’t…lie) are those that got good grades and were the model student. And maybe for some teachers they are. But the teachers I taught with, and myself included, like students who weren’t necessarily your best student in the traditional sense. They are the kid that makes the smartass comment that you really want to laugh at because it was funny but instead you have to shoot him the evil eye. The one who had your back, “sit down and be quiet, can’t you see Ms. Gould doesn’t feel well, what the heck is wrong with you?” Granted I had to tell the student thanks for the support but to not just randomly shout out…but deep down I was highly amused. Or the student who would tell me it was either algebra homework or a date, and that he was all about instant gratification. My two students who made everything, and I mean everything out of duct tape for a project. And they even made me a golf club bag (which I still have) because someone gave me golf clubs but no bag. I still talk to one of the duo and he assures me that is worth money by now. :P These are the types of kids that were my favorite. Some of them may have never even known it, as they got in trouble just like the rest of the kids…but they defiantly had a warm spot in my heart for them.

Sadly, one of those students passed this week, in a very tragic manner. He was all grown up now, with kids of his own, though to me I will always picture him as an 8th grader. A hazard of teaching, always seeing your students as the last grade you taught them. I often laugh at catching myself seeing a picture of them with beer and think, oh wow…and then remember that “kid” is now 25 and can drink all the beer they want. :) Though there is a reverse for that as well.

My last year of undergrad school I had to teach a lesson in a local classroom, it ended up being with my former 6th grade teacher. This time he was teaching 4th grade. When we were done with the lesson and school was over we sat and talked. I asked him why he didn’t teach 6th grade anymore, and he replied “because they are all a bunch of a$$wholes.” He kept talking I am sure but from that point on all I could think was Mr. K said the A word, Mr. K said the A word. I kept forgetting that I was an adult and not a 6th grader.

These muffins have nothing to do with anything, but since I am all about the everyday baking, I thought I would put them up. I make these several times a month. I love doing cornbread in muffin form because it makes for a nice individual serving. Having real corn in the muffins is a nice touch and helps to keep them moist. As you can see, it was paired with some chili I made this week, which is the ultimate cornbread sidekick.



  1. Sorry to hear about that student. :( The cornbread muffins look delish.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that.

  3. I’m sorry as well, that is so sad to hear. As a teacher, though, i can totally relate to what you say about your ‘favorites’. I’m an elementary art teacher, so I see the whole school – k through 5, and my favorites are most certainly not who one might expect.

  4. Sorry to hear about the passing of your student — that’s not easy. Especially for his kids :-(

  5. I’m sorry to hear about that Peabody.

  6. I can attest to your teacher’s pet theory. In high school, I was in an honors math class (my point being, we were all smart). I tended to say what was on my mind when it was on my mind; my teacher nicknamed me “Sassy Sara,” but it was very obvious I was the favorite. :)

  7. And wow, I’m an idiot for commenting before I read the whole thing. I’m really sorry to hear about your student.

  8. Good muffins, sad post.

  9. Sorry to hear of your loss. These muffins look great, definitely the perfect side to a bowl of chili!

  10. Aww, sorry for the loss:( I hope those delightful baked goods help to make you feel better.

  11. I love your musings on the kiddos and teaching. I feel the same way about the smart aleck kids…they crack me up!

    Sadly, I had a former student, one of my most famous smart alecks, pass away a couple of weeks ago. He was only 13. You just can’t recover from that.

  12. I’m sorry Peabody. good to know you teachers don’t all like the perfect ones.

  13. I am so terribly sorry to hear about your student…that is so sad…

    And I do love this cornbread recipe and the fact that you added actual corn to it!

  14. Ugh I am so sorry Peabody!

    I had a teacher in 2nd grade who my family became kind of close with. She split with her husband when I was a bit older and that was when all of these stories about how mean he was to her came out. And then a few years LATER when she got back together with him, I just felt as if my idol had been taken from me. Sigh.

  15. Very sorry to hear about your student, Peabody.

  16. thanks for the post- i’m a third-year high school teacher and everything you said is so true!

  17. So sorry!

  18. Sorry to hear that Peabody.. I completely agree with you. As a fourth grade teacher, I do appreciate and enjoy the good grade, quiet students, but deep down there are one or two who just crack me up and who I love talking to! Love your posts on teaching!! :-)

  19. My dearest sympathies for the passing of your student (young or older, it hurts all the same).
    I am an elementary school nurse and totally agree with your thoughts…I LOVE the smarty mouth comments I often hear. (those make my day)

  20. I remember walking in my first classroom as a teacher, with everybody towering over me, as I had to look adult and exude the air of authority.
    Teacher’s pets, really special students, some of them smart, some of them witty, some of them really nice. I just did not like the brown-nosing types, no matter how smart they were:)
    Losing a student, even adult, is traumatic. I am sorry about him, but at least you keep some good memories of him as an 8th grader.
    I love corn bread and corn muffins, but my preferences are for less sweet concoctions:) My daughter, on the other hand, would devour your muffins in a heartbeat:)

  21. Hi Peabody, do you think these corn muffins would freeze well? Thanks!

  22. I think they would freeze alright.

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