Ego maniac with sprinkles…

Sorry to those of you who thought I had an actual heart attack on Thursday. I can assure you if I really did have one, at no point would I be posting a post about cookies on the blog. I mean I am dedicated to this blog and all, but that’s a bit much. So unless you see something from my webmaster saying I am down and out and had a heart attack, I am as usual, being sarcastic. Let us all remember that sarcasm is my second language…and with my bad grammar, it might just be my first language over English. :P

In awesome news, I got lots of dislike mail (I’m trying not to say hate anymore) about the donate button. Since they clearly want to make it on to the blog here we go:

You are running a food blog not curing cancer. A donate button? Come on.”

“Dear Peabody,
You really expect people to donate to you for baking food? People are hopefully smart enough to donate to Livestrong or the Red Cross than they are to a cookie.”

Get over yourself. A donate button?”

You are not curing disease you are causing them, no need for people to donate to you. That’s just stupid.”

I like the take on the snicker dooles with the use of lemon I love citrus. But begging for money is tacky and I thought you were above that.”

You have to be quite the ego maniac to assume people think your blog is worthy of donations especially for beer.”

Yep, I am an ego maniac, for real. I really do think if you run a blog and you talk about your life that in some ways you have to be. To believe people want to read about what is going on in your life is a little on the ego side. Now granted I am still in awe that people do. I don’t think they actually like reading about my life, I think they like relating to the things I do in my life. There is some comfort in knowing you are not the only one when wearing ugly green sweatpants with a Clorox stain in the crotch (for cleaning the toilet) that is when a neighbor stops by for a visit. :) And I guess I am an ego maniac because of the fact that I like who I am. That often makes people uncomfortable. That is not to say that I wouldn’t like to be smaller or have changes in my life. It just means I accept what is going on at this time in it. I accept that this is where my body is right now. Hiding from a camera or a mirror doesn’t make me not know what I weigh. So if embracing that makes me self-centered so be it.

Bloggers are also ego maniacs because we like comments. Who doesn’t like hearing something nice about something they did. When you do something wonderful at work, and you put your heart and soul into it, you liked to be praised for it. You get all spiffed up, you hope someone not only notices but tell you that you look nice. It’s only human nature. I like being told that the recipe turned out great or that the picture made them drool. :D

As far as the Donate button goes, I’m not begging for money. I have people ask for it quite often. So I put it there. Many people use my recipes for their own businesses and want to compensate me in some way. Some just hope I keep blogging. If you run a food blog you know, it’s not exactly cheap. I run ads at this point to cover the cost of what I spend. And most months I make way less than what I spend. It’s just the way it goes. But I enjoy blogging, the people the most, and so I want to keep at it. Plus I’ve been through a divorce, clearly I need beer. :P

And lastly I fully realize this is a food blog. I am not curing cancer (though wouldn’t that be nice). And I assume the person who wrote that I was not curing disease I was causing them was referring to obesity. Everything in moderation folks.

Well enough about that. I figure I have done a fantastic job of annoying people as of late why not make something with Funfetti . I have seen Funfetti cookies that are more like cake cookies but really wanted them to be more cookie like. If that makes any sense. These were a poor choice to make as everything in moderation didn’t really come into play. In fact I don’t even really know how many cookies this really makes as I ate a good ¼ of the batter. :P So my guess is 30ish? I originally thought of glazing them, but I decided not to (read got lazy). If I were to glaze them, just a simple vanilla glaze with a plethora of extra sprinkles might be fun.

Funfetti Butter Thins

¾ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 egg yolks
Pinch of salt
1 ¼  cup all-purpose flour
1 heaping cup Funfetti cake mix
Festive sprinkles

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, on medium-high speed, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
Add yolks one at a time, scraping down the mixer after each addition.
Add vanilla extract and beat for another 30 seconds on medium-high speed.
Add salt, Funfetti, and flour and mix on low speed until ingredients are fully incorporated.
Divide dough into four logs. Rolling so that they are the size of a quarter if you were to slice them. Wrap them in plastic or wax paper and place into fridge for 1 hour. You can go as long as overnight if you have stuff to do.
Preheat oven to 350F.
Remove cookies from fridge. Slice cookies to about ½ inch thick. Place on a parchment lined (or you can use baking spray) cookie sheet and space about 2-inches apart (these suckers like to spread). It is easiest to use a knife that has been dipped in hot water each time. These can be sticky cookies and doing this makes the cutting part go a lot easier. Place a few (or a ton, your choice) or sprinkles on top of cookie and press down. Bake for 8-10 minutes depending on the size of your cookies. Let the cool on a rack and enjoy. Sprinkles make everything better.


  1. I doubt I’ll make those cookies, only because I’m not a cookie person. Cookie dough eater, not cookie.

    But seriously people, the button does say “Donate” not “You must pay before reading anything on this site.” On that button donate, to me, means an optional gift of money. I have no money, therefore I am exercising my option to not donate. Dorks.

    Peabody, I’m a fairly new reader to your site, but you entertain me. I like you :D

  2. I’m pretty sure that sprinkle cookies are probably a cure for something. Maybe Monday afternoons.

    “I can assure you if I really did have [a heart attack], at no point would I be posting a post about cookies on the blog.”

    So, it’d probably be a post about cheesecake?

    I love your sense of humor. Just be you and remind people who don’t like your humor or your recipes or your freaking donate button that no one is making them read the blog.

  3. Sprinkles == awesome. ^_^

    And my goodness. They know you’re not the only blogger with a donate button, right? I mean… come on. People have been putting donate buttons on their sites for years, with taglines like “Buy me a beer!”

    And that’s not even counting the bloggers (and non-bloggers, too) who actually go out and *ask* everyone they know to donate money to them so they’ll be able to afford some dream or another…

    Personally, I don’t think it’s tacky. I actually kind of like having the option to donate to the bloggers whose blogs I especially enjoy, such as yours, if I so desire (and have the money to spare).

  4. What is with the “dislike” comments lately? And, as a writer, I don’t think it’s so much ego mania, as just wanting to have your voice heard. IGNORE THE HATERS! if i had money to donate, i totally would, but in the mean time, you should have no shame in offering the option.

  5. When one has a blog he/she has to build up an ego otherwise it is impossible to continue, but it doesn’t mean that we think we are the shit. It just meams that we believe in ourselves even if we are not always all that self-confident….

    Cooking/baking has therapeutic effects on people! For those who are skeptical, read that:

    So stay the way you are and don’t let anybody destroy your dreams!

    Wonderful cookies!



  6. if I could do more I would… not because you asked (you didn’t) but because I’ve been reading for years (one of the first!!) and I like your food, your stories and your humor. I totally get that a food blog costs A LOT of money. and a lot of time.

    especially when it is clear the effort is made. :)

  7. I get it too and I applaud you. Personally, I think you should now add a SECOND “Donate” button. Maybe a third too.

  8. People are weird, just because you have a donate button doesn’t mean you are forcing people to give you money. Just like the Red Cross, they ask for donations, they don’t demand that you give them $100 (over-exaggeration)

    Aaaaaanyways….sprinkles are fun. I like them, especially in cupcakes because it’s like a little surprise when you go the take a bite and expect vanilla. But I never thought of putting them in a cookie, that’s how small minded I am xD

  9. I love funfetti!

  10. I think lazy works here. If you had glaze on it, you wouldn’t be able to see the sprinkles in the cookies as well.

    I thought you phrased it quite well in your previous post, that you were putting up the donate button by popular demand, not begging for money. There must be people out looking for an excuse to complain!

  11. One feels that perhaps people are not quite understanding the humourous nature of your blog. But remember, if you were ever in doubt, that the general populous are incredibly immature and quick to anger – especially when given anonymity.

    My advice: ignore and prosper. As for bloggers being egomaniacs, well, yes. Narcissistic definitely, self-centred to a point. We just like talking and we (usually) have a jolly good amount to say. :)

  12. wow, these cake looks extremely fragile and delicately and that`s why i like this! with these colourful sprinkles looks absolutely fabulously and I`d like to try some… :)

  13. Some people expect everything to be free. Free recipes, free food, free whatever. They don’t seem to understand you give them recipes from books you bought, showed them bakes with ingredients that you bought.

    Love your blog

  14. I wish every website I went to had a donate button. Wouldn’t it be nice in modern times if our money went mainly to things we enjoy and want to support? Those idiots can act like every donation for the arts takes away from a donation for science, but really we need both in the world.

  15. LOL, people are crazy. I don’t get the whole hate mail thing, if you don’t like it why not just shut your browser and move on? I think you contribute a lot and a donate button is a great idea (really, think of all the birthday parties you have actually SAVED, I know your snickerdoodle blondies have made my husband’s day more than once!) Good luck with all the crazies out there Peabody! I think they’re just jealous! :)

  16. AspireToInspire says:

    Here is a round of Castor Oil to all of the whiners and complainers. I swear some people exist just so they can make other lives miserable to feel valuable.

    Let’s look at the basics here… Where else does one find a person that can go between a hat trick and sprinkles, teaching and culinary comedy in a single post? On top of that, do so with a care and compassion that can soften the edges of any rough day, make you instantly hungry and have you falling out of your chair laughing all at the same time? Good sites like this exist as a cure to insanity.

    I have a firm belief that when people don’t have something worthy to stand on (in a credible sense), they become the most incredible sources of hot air. Now, the real question is how to turn that hot air and fuel for being mean into combustion? Talk about an endless energy source!

    Keep up the good work Ms. P, and to all of the readers out there that see the good in what you read, keep paying it forward in your own unique ways. Drive them crazy with charm, compassion, creativity and comedy.

  17. Yum. My kind of cookie. They remind me of my Christmas cookies, which I prefer thin and crispy rather than cake-like. Never thought of using cake mix in a cookie recipe thought. Keep it up Peabody! We want to see more! Those who complain shouldn’t let the virtual door hit there a@@ on the way out! :)

  18. Sprinkles are the best :) They may not cure a disease, but they DO make you smile :)

  19. Oh my gosh. People that actually take the time to do this are ridiculous. Sorry you have to take all that crap, but I love the way you’re handling it. Keep on keepin’ on, lady! I love your blog!

  20. Pfffttt on people who take themselves too seriously! And YUMMM on funfetti cookies!

  21. I have no idea what kind of person would send you hate mail. I have read your blog for years and I think you are just amazing! Your cookies look delicious!

  22. My newest favorite quote – I’ll share it with you – “my body is a filter. Coffee goes in – sarcasm comes out”

    Feel free to change it to Cookies go in – sarcasm comes out. . .Or whatever version of it you’d like to use. ;D

  23. oh jeez! Running a blog is expenive and really time consuming, these people must have never had a blog. I love you sassiness it brightens my day when I come on here! Keep the sarcasim coming!

  24. I just don’t understand. You SO CLEARLY said in your last post that you were ONLY putting up the donate button because people had requested it. Blog readers can be weirdos. Just saying.

    And yeah. Running a food blog costs A LOT. If it weren’t for mine, I’d probably be eating beans every day and I’d have a lot more spare change lying around. C’est la vie. I do it cause I love it and I can’t take the money to the grave!

    Funfetti always makes me smile. So do cookies. These look GOOD.

  25. It would be awesome (and vindictive) if you starting posting the emails of people who wrote rude comments. Bet they wouldn’t be nearly as critical if they knew they were going to get it back from your many readers. Your blog is a constant enjoyment and break in my stressful days, thanks for always keeping it honest and not sugarcoating the writing. :)

  26. Hey Peabody, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re terrific.

    The cookies are really cute and look damnass tasty too. Perhaps if all the horrible people who feel completely entitled to rip on you for responding to what your readers asked for would have a few beers and relax, then the negative comments would stop.

  27. Thanks for posting the negative feedback you’ve been receiving. Ridiculous–I know how much hard work goes in to creating a beautiful blog like yours. For me, reading blogs is like reading a magazine–except it’s FREE. This post inspired me to donate–take THAT haters!

  28. Pretty sure your blog cures stick-up-your-butt disease! :p

  29. Wow! Some people need to get a life. I mean really, making negative comments on a blog that no one is forcing you to read? I love your blog Peabody, but if I didn’t I’m pretty sure I would be an adult and just stop reading it, rather than the negative comments. Oh, and yes to sprinkles!

  30. Everything’s better with sprinkles. :) I love reading your blog- sarcasm, donate button and all.

  31. Dear Peabody,

    Screw all these people who say ‘Peabody sucks.’ Keep being yourself, egomania and all. It’s heartening for those of us who agree that the world is not equal and that you are not writing to make every single whiny person on the face of the planet happy. Keep the donate button – if I had money, I would give. Sadly, I have no money, but I do have a pair of black sweatpants with a Comet stain from when I was cleaning the bathtub once. Is it okay that my sweatpants aren’t green?

    More power to ya.


  32. Dude, what is it about your blog that attracts douchebags? I don’t get it. How many other bloggers get so many uptight morons e-mailing them?

  33. @KB Sadly a lot of bloggers do. It seems with popularity comes the crazies.

  34. If only you could have spelled out “get a life” with those sprinkles on your cookies for all the haters, then you would have been a miracle worker ;) I absolutely love your sarcasm because it is a lot like mine – we speak the same language.

    And I also know about being caught looking less than your best because it happened to me on Friday. I had to pick up a couple of things so I didn’t shower and put on old clothes and just pulled my ratty hair back in a ponytail. Of course I ran into three people, one of which I had not seen in a while. She is probably now wondering what in the heck happened to me.

    I love your photos btw. The colors are so vibrant and just make me happy.

  35. I will donate so you can buy another pair of sexy green sweat pants…. and a beer. I guess a bag of flour also. Makes me happy to know that I’ve contributed to your comfort during cleaningand to the future of all your baking adventures. Viva La Peabody!

  36. im lovin the sprinkles! ….and the sarcasm too!

  37. It’s impossible to not to love a blogger wearing old bridesmaid dresses to clean the house. Your blog & recipes are incredible. I’d like to thank your webmaster for greatly improving the mobile site. The new black/white/grey background and font colors are an “eye saver”. The previous black background was difficult to read; however, it didn’t deter me from reading Peabody “on the run” with my phone. Now it will be easier on my old eyes. Thank you for your rants and recipes. Peabody, you rock!

  38. Love funfetti!!! and down with the haters!!!!! When are people going to learn the phrase “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all!!!”

  39. You crack me up every day. Seriously, every single day. And am I a Mean Girl because I get such a kick out of the hater emails you post? I hope not, but I really do get a giggle out of them.

  40. Wow, seems to me that if the people who have time to write the hate mail & complain about you giving them free recipes just have too much time on their hands. My message to all the haters “If you don’t like it, Don’t read it!” There’s enough tension & malcontent in the world & there is no need to spread more.
    Thanks Pea! I love your recipes & ramblings :-)

  41. Your blog is great! Don’t pay attention to any of the dislike mail, its not worth it!

  42. Having a ‘donate’ button doesn’t make you an egomaniac, Peabody. It’s a way your readers can show their support, if they choose!
    Also, I don’t recall you ever saying that you were curing cancer(however, if you could make cookies that would, you’d make yourself a pretty penny), but ‘donate’ doesn’t always imply, in any way, that you’re giving the money to a charity. Perhaps people should more closely examine the meanings of words before making you subject to their derision.

  43. “Jesus F Christ”. People are really criticizing your blog and the decisions you make? Donate smo-nate. People are serious jerks (hear that all you people who criticize?)

    I love you Peabody! I love your recipes, your humor, and the fact that you share your life with us, humble readers (HINT: Readers, be humble”).

    In no way is it our blog–so do what the hell pleases YOU! It is YOUR blog–haven’t these ignoramuses figured that out yet?

    Keep the “DONATE” button. I think it’s a brilliant idea! Best idea yet for a blog.

    Peace to You and Keep on Bloggin!

  44. I wonder how many nay-sayers have used your recipes and not even considered the cost of ingredients, time, etc. that you spent on their production. Even if they can’t or don’t want to donate, they should at least be grateful for your willingness to supply them with free recipes!

  45. Oh my, it seems that people get very worked up over a small button, its not like you were holding a gun to their heads! These cookies do look lovely and happy to brighten the mood up though, I love bright rainbow sprinkles like that..they make everything look a million times better!

  46. What’s interesting is, you actually have had places to donate for cancer on this site before…so in a way…you ARE trying to cure cancer! ahah
    this blog rocks, and so do you

  47. OK – I’ve been terribly behind on my blog reading, but must have missed the divorce. When did that happen?? I feel like a scum bucket now that I didn’t know that. I’m sorry…

    I love your rawness, your honesty and your humor (and that awesome photo of the sprinkles!)

  48. I simply can’t believe the nerve of some people. Thankfully, I’m not a big enough blogger to get any of the hate mails! Maybe you should announce that these many people donated just because of this post, that’ll shut them up. I wish I had money to donate :(

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