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Now I super-duper, big puffy heart love my dog. But I am a realist about her. She is not bright (but is good at sneaking food). She is hyper and easily distracted. She is clingy and needy and has abandonment issues. BUT she is also loving, loyal, sweet, and a super cuddle monster. She is patient with kids, not even blinking an eye when my friend’s kids tug on her long cocker spaniel ears. She is a real sweetheart (see picture below). She turned 11 on Sunday and her arthritis is starting to kick in a little so I have been upping her walks when the sun has come out…she refuses to walk in the rain. We were out on St. Patrick’s Day when what I would guess would be a 10 year old boy (based on my teaching years) and his mom were out too. The boy politely asked if he could pet the dog and I said yes, thanks for asking first.

Next thing you know this little brat of a kid pinches my dog so hard that she starts yelping. Yelping like I have never heard her yelp before and looking up at me with those sad little eyes asking what did I do wrong? She was a good dog and didn’t nip or anything. The kid starts laughing and screaming “she’s not wearing green, she’s not wearing green”. It really took all that I could not to punch the kid in the face. I keep waiting for the mom to scold the child and apologize but no such luck. She didn’t even have a look of horror in her face like I would have expected. I of course then exchanged some pleasantries and basically let her know that if her kid comes near me or my dog again it would not be good. She said nothing to me just gave me the evil eye and walked away. I so wish that Crazy Cocker Spaniel had a full poo baggie…if so, it would have gone flying.

I was fuming, fuming, fuming I tell you. There were so many F-bombs coming out of my mouth I would have made Andrew Dice Clay blush. I was in desperate need of sugar but was out of eggs and flour (I’m running low on baking supplies as of late). But I had some left over cheesecake filling and decided to try out the Popsicle maker that one of my readers who works for Williams Sonoma sent me. It’s really cool and freezes the pops really quick. I felt sorry for that Popsicle as I am sure I took my aggression out on it. I kept mumbling bite me, while biting the Popsicle. Had really wished that CCS would have bit the kid. Though of course that is just the type of mom who would have sued saying my dog was viscous and would try and have my pup put down. So my answer sadly from now on, is no, you can’t touch my dog.

It just added to my already crazy week of strep throat, carpet beetles in the apartment (afraid to find out how much that will cost), half a filling falling out on Tuesday (oh good more $$$), then that kid being a meanie to my sweet girl. Grrrr. Hope everybody else had a better week than me.

Cheesecake Pops

Makes 3

2 cups prepared cheesecake filing (or scoop out the middle of a cheesecake)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup graham cracker crumbs
Slice strawberries
Combine the cheesecake filling with cream until fully incorporated. If still super thick, add a little more cream.
Using a Popsicle mold (I used Zoku maker) place a strawberry slice at the bottom. Make sure sticks are in place. Pipe some cheesecake-cream filling into the mold, filling half way up, and then add some cracker crumbs and another strawberry. Fill remaining mold up with cheesecake-cream filling.
Wait until the firm up and are ready to remove. If you use a Zoku, it’s about 10 minutes. Traditional pops take longer. You can add more berries and crumbs if you like; this is just what I did.


  1. uhg, stories like that are like birth control to me. I think my ovaries just died. The worst part is now I’m grumpy and I don’t have a cheesecake pop to make it better!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how parents are so totally oblivious in cases like that – I have a black Lab who is the gentlest thing on earth and i know I would have totally smacked that kid in front of his mother and told her to raise her child properly if he had tried that little number!!! Darnit now i am grumpy!!! just glad i have some cookie dough ice cream handy… and it is the perfect Blue Skies and sunshine weather here in Durban South Africa :)


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