No need to study, I’m going to the NHL…

Parent teacher conferences are always a treat. And I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. It’s not that I don’t enjoy meeting the parents, I do, and it is quite the window into the student’s life. But, most of the parents who show up are the parent of your kids who are performing well and you really don’t need much to say to them other than I really like your kid, they are doing well. And every now and then if they are too quiet you say you wish they would participate more in class. But my favorite of all the parents who do show up are those of students who are smart enough, but are performing badly because they are going to become a professional athlete.

If you are a teacher of any grade above 5th grade you are probably smiling along with this. These are the parents that tell you that their kid couldn’t do the work (not because it was too hard) but because he had practice or was doing extra workouts so that he could become the next big thing in whatever sport. So they didn’t really care that Bobby or Billy or fill in the blanks was getting C’s or D’s as long as he wasn’t going to fail. Great.

Many of my students were on elite teams…today I think they call them select. Every time I turn around it gets called something new. But basically you shell out thousands of dollars, drag your kid (and pay for that too) to games all over the place to play teams and in tournaments in hopes that your kid can develop their skills against the better kids. They aren’t better players…they are players whos parent’s checks cleared. I can tell you that I saw many a kid on elite hockey that didn’t deserve to be there and plenty of house league hockey players who could out skate those elite players any day. It’s really about status for a lot of these parents. They want to say my kid plays elite hockey. Or baseball or tennis…etc. and wear the matching jackets, hats and fun stuff like that. I’m here to tell you that if your kid has genuine talent then they will get noticed wherever they play.

Yesterday I found out that one of my former students will be playing in the MLB for the Washington Nationals. I couldn’t be more proud and very happy for his wonderful family. For the record I am just as proud for my former student who always wanted to weld stuff (and did) and is now happy as a welder. Doing what you love and getting paid for that is amazing, whether you are an athlete or not. But what is special about this student is that he did well as an athlete and a student. He was disciplined in both academics and sports. And that I think is also a key. He played for his high school. He went to community college and finished out at a four year university. He was first discovered playing high school baseball. But he had talent and didn’t need to pay out thousands of dollars to get notice. He got noticed because he could play. And he always did his homework. Good luck to you B…I might actually start to watch baseball now. :P

If you kids are in any type of sport or activity, please make sure that their academics come first. If they homework starts to get too much, perhaps your child can’t balance both…and the sport or activity is what should take the back burner.

To encourage your kids to do their homework, why not a little afternoon snack. These cookies were inspired by a reader who interacts with me on my Facebook page and asked if I had done anything with the Hersey’s Cookies and Cream Drops. I told her that I used them in cookies but really, I think I just ate them plain. I decided to put them into cookies for real this time. These are basic cookies with crushed up Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies in them along with the Cookies and Cream Drops. If you are a cookies and cream fan you will enjoy them. I like the best warm, so heat them up for a couple seconds in your microwave before you serve just to get the drops a little melty. And kids…study!!!!

Cookies and Cream Cookies

2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. Baking soda
½ tsp. salt
1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 ¼ cup granulated sugar
10 Double Stuff Oreos
½ tsp. vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1 package Hersey’s Cookie and Cream Drops

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Using a stand mixer, cream butter, sugar, and vanilla extract together on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.

Add the Oreo Cookies and mix until the cookies are just left in small pieces.

Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

With the mixer on low speed, add the flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix until fully incorporated.

Fold in the Cookies and Cream Drops and try to distribute them evenly (ha).

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely.


  1. Janet Brand says:

    WOOHOO! I feel strangely honored that my remark there got you to make something. I will be making this tomorrow. Well…erhmmmm *looks sheepish*…assuming I can keep my mitts out of the bag of Hersheys drops long enough to have some left to cook with. :)

  2. As a fellow teacher, I totally know where you are coming from… school first!! What if the whole pro sports thing falls through? Putting education first puts you at greater advantage, no matter what you want to be when you grow up :)

    Now that I got that off my chest… those cookies are awesome and I have to make them!

  3. deliciously gooey looking!! are drops like chips?

  4. Brains first!! Then brawn! Gosh I want some Oreos now.

  5. These look sooo good!

    Even the most successful athletes come to realize at some point in their careers that its good to have something else to fall back on. If kids don’t do well in school and they end up failing in sports too, what’s left for them?

  6. My sister has a few friends whose parents are like this. One of them believes her daughter is going to be a dancer. You know. Like, for some Top 40 pop act. her 8 year old daughter. Right.

    I think I would study more if I had these cookies to keep me focused. Or maybe I’d just take study BREAKS more. Hmm.

  7. My father taught high school in the same neighborhood as a religiously affiliated school with an all-star football team. It broke his heart in January when the football players in their senior year got transferred out (and into his classroom/school) after football season.

    Those cookies would inspire me to study!

  8. I am a parent who agrees with you 100%. My girls have played a lot of soccer. I signed them up for the AYSO league and that suited them fine. They still got noticed and got to play in a few tournaments which was nice. However, school work always came first and I had no problem explaining this to the coach. I just wish that in middle school/high that if you wanted to play for your school team it didn’t mean 5 days per week practice, 1 day for a game, and 1 day for conditioning. How do you tell your own school that it is too much? Believe me, they don’t listen.

    Love the cookies too!

  9. What a great post–and I agree whole-heartedly. I am just as proud of that former student who no body paid attention to and who is going to community college to learn automobile repair as I am of the one who is going into med school. Just think–we helped with their successes! Yay for them, and a tiny pat on the back to us for helping!

  10. “They aren’t better players…they are players whos parent’s checks cleared.”
    This is amazing. And so true. Thanks for this post – and of course the recipe!

  11. fantastic cookies! They look so scrumptious.



  12. My boyfriend and I go to Nationals games all the time during the summer! We’ll be cheering on your former student :)

  13. You are a genius.

    My hubby will be at the Nats opener on Saturday! (Cheering for the Braves, but he’ll be there)

  14. I am amazed at parents these days….what happened to the days of “If your grades don’t improve, you’re not playing such and such sport…” – seems to be opposite now.
    Cookies look delicious!

  15. Oh, my…sigh!

  16. The cookies look amazing! Perfect study rewards.

  17. These look amazing! I’ll have to look for the drops when I’m at the store tomorrow!

  18. Double stuff oreos are a guilty pleasure… I know I shouldn’t love them as much as I do, but I can’t even buy them because they will be gone in a day…

  19. These look AMAZING. I am so making these for my next book club. Oreos are a weakness of mine, although I prefer mine dipped in coffee instead of milk.

    You are a genius!

  20. Those cookie and cream drops are really good in chocolate cookies! I’ll have to try them with the crunched up oreos!

  21. God bless people who become teachers. I always thought it was disgusting that professional athletes get paid millions and teachers get paid squat.

  22. I’ve never heard of cookies n cream drops but they sound awesome!

  23. Oh, dear God! Those look delicious!

  24. i was going to write something about academics coming before activities and then i saw those cookies and lost my train of thought. i may have drooled on the keyboard!

  25. I do agree with you about academics first. However I have taught quite a few athletes who have been to the Olympic swimmers and I currently teach one who is very close to finding out if he’ll be one this year. These kids I have taught were able to balance academics quite well in general considering the gruelling training schedules. What I see more of is parents who push the kids to go to university (think Harvard or any Ivy League school)! and their child is totally stressed out about the pressure but just doesn’t have the skills or the natural smarts. It isn’t everyone’s right to go to university nor should everybody need to go to one to be deemed successful. We’ve had many a mental breakdown and a few suicide attempts because of this. I chalk this up to parents’ unrealistic expectations just as with your sports anecdotes. If parents spent some time baking your cookies for their kids I think everyone would be much happier!

  26. Very well said. My husband has always told our kids…more A’s more options. Sports are important for a number of reasons but an education should never take a back seat.

  27. I was at a family party last night and some people are teachers and they have that exact problem with every child in the class. yikes. But these cookies look so good, I didn’t even know they have cookie and cream drops yum!

  28. Those look amazing!

  29. As a wannabe future Hockey Mom….I thank you for this. My boys studies will always come first. I dropped out of high school and want so much more for them.

    And these cookies look Ah-Mazing. Can’t wait to bake them!

  30. I’ve never wanted to go out and buy a bag of candy so badly!

  31. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I have a 5 year old who plays mite hockey. He loves it. We do not push him at all, he just loves everything hockey. One day we kept him home from practice and the poor thing cried and begged to be taken. Anyhow, my reason for this post is that I wholeheartedly agree with you on the fact that academics come first…of course can dream that my son will be the next great player…but really, it’s all about him having fun with hockey (or whatever sport he could change his mind any time) but, always having his schoolwork come first.
    : )

  32. I have to agree with both you and Cakebrain. I am a music teacher and I see the same kind of thing there as well. Parents putting too much pressure on their kids (some as young as 7) to fulfill the dream of the parents or to pawn the kids off on someone else so the parents don’t have to deal with them.

    Whether its sports or music or whatever, the amount of people who become the “big stuff” is extremely tiny. What we need are more people to be caring teachers, janitors, welders, trusted mechanics, and parents who actually spend time with their kids.

    And baking cookies is a great way to spend time with your kids and get to know them!

  33. Shannon says:

    Oh wow (longtime lurker/first time commenter here)and I could not agree with you more on this post!!!

    My brother and his wife shell out thousands of dollars a year for their 9 yr old daughter to participate in “select” soccer. Nevermind that my mom has to pay for their kids’ school lunches since bro is totally broke, just so long as this soccer BS can continue! My niece has to miss out on everything cool (friends’ birthday parties, Great Wolf Lodge trips, etc) because in addition to being unbelievably expensive, this is also the biggest time suck ever! And although she is super brilliant and funny and lovely in every way, she is really not a great soccer player. So sad.

  34. the drops are in canada! didn’t see them in a couple stores but found them today! going to make these cookies tomorrow…might need to buy another bag though because i’ve already eaten half of this one.

  35. Crushed up oreos and cookies and cream drops in cookies?? Sounds like my ideal dessert.

  36. Holy Flippin Flip these look good!!

  37. These look great! How many does the batch make?

  38. @Samanta about 2 1/2 dozen

  39. Thank you! We’re making them tonight!

    I’m in the process of making these and was curious, when you put the cookies in the oven should they be in ball form or flat…parchment paper, Baker’s Joy, or naked?? Thanks!

  41. @Kylie- just mounds like you would with a chocolate chip cookie they willl spread about a little as they bake.


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