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I posted on Twitter that “A clean house is the sign of a boring life…my life must be pretty exciting then.” Which of course it’s not. I have a dirty house because I am lazy and folding laundry sucks, it’s far more fun to throw it on the floor and have a scavenger hunt for something to wear…especially when in a hurry. :P

But in a way it got me thinking, I’m really not doing anything very interesting with my life as of late? I seem to have zero drive. Now I will admit that my health has played into it but I feel that I’m using that excuse, as well as complete lack of funding for fun stuff, to just kind of wander around. I really feel like I am just floating through life right now. Do you ever feel like that? Like you are just going through the motions day in and day out as each day goes passing by. I blink and half of April is gone. Half! And then that gets me thinking, stop wasting life! I just lost several people in my life who would be more than happy to have an extra day to do something with.

So with that, I am going to do my best to spend more time with my friends. I pretty much stopped after the divorce, as I had no money to go do stuff. I still don’t but I could still invite them over, we could all sit in our sweatpants eating crappy food and drinking beer and vodka just as easily while watching sensationalized television. Right? And be nicer to my bff as he is going through a rough time right now and the next few months will be less than awesome for him.

I want to go to the zoo and the aquarium. Granted these things do cost money but I sooo love the aquarium and the zoo is fun too. They have many more animals since I was there last. I can’t resist the sharks and otters I could watch them for hours…and probably will.

I’m going to build an eclectic but awesome garden this summer.

I’m going to add more weight lifting back into my routine. I’ve been way too much into the cardio and yoga as of late. And you know what? I hate yoga. I really do. I keep trying to like it, but most of the time I just feel all squished and weird. My friends love it. The constantly post about how they are just back from it…blah, blah, blah. I have no spiritual connection to it whatsoever that my friends seem to get from it…these are the same people who say that about running. Mostly I just want to kill the instructor who always wants me breathing (I sort of already need to do this woman), to extend (I’d like to extend my middle finger), and to make the connection (what am I the Internet?). Anyway, more weights, I get much more toner with weights than with bendy positions. :)

And of course, figure out yummy things to go on this blog. It becomes far trickier come summer as I hate heat as most people know, and turning on the oven is no fun. Hopefully I can come up with something…I’m sure I can. Since I have been all focused on my container farm I have been on fruit and veggie over load. I decided to make a little freezer jam with some strawberries and rhubarb. The rhubarb is in honor of my mother. Personally, I can take it or leave it…but since mother’s day is coming up I thought I would be nice. These are super simple to make and can be made in any size. I of course like the mini.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend…and please, don’t clean your house. :P

Strawberry-Rhubarb Freezer Jam Meringue Tart

Okay so this is a lazy recipe as I don’t have time to write it all out and I followed other people’s recipes so we are just going to link.

This tart dough, plus this freezer jam, plus this meringue top makes my tart. :) Bake off the tart dough, fill it with jam, top with meringue and either torch it or put under broiler. I dusted with powdered sugar and garnish with a piece of berry. Very simple.


  1. I should get the saying hung in my house and just point to it when guests come over!

  2. Beautiful tart! Perfect for spring!

  3. I so hear you and understand Peabody, 5 months ago, I lost my beautiful 36 year old daughter in a most tragic unexpected way, she literally aspirated to death..but the point is…I feel like I am struggling through the day, waiting until the day I leave this world and this would totally piss off my daughter as she would tell me every day “today Mother find your joy”., so Peabody I am passing along my Lisa’s favorite message “Today Pea…Find your joy and I hope you do!!!! as I am trying to find mine…

  4. I hear ya, I am seriously trying to find peace myself. I swear everyday brings another brain crushing thing to think about. I hope positive things come your way soon. This looks beautiful, truth be told, I am a complete meringue junky. The stuff totally makes me happy. I will refrain from telling you the amount of 7 minute icing I ate last Saturday…pure bliss diving into that bowl though. I have no shame.

  5. I took a yoga class once and I have never been back. I felt awkward, like you are back in seventh grade at a party and you don’t know anybody kind of awkward. I don’t need that in my life.

  6. Yummy – Check. Seriously tasty looking tart there. (The strawberry one.) ☺ Thanks for sharing!

  7. I promise not to clean my house!!!

  8. I’m SO glad to hear that someone else has yoga rage! I know I’m supposed to feel all peaceful and zen, but I just can’t help feeling that I am not indeed a tree or a swan or whatever else I’m supposed to feel like. These tarts are beautiful!

  9. I totally hear you on the whole not getting into yoga thing. It really is a little too calming to me. I work out for the endorphins and calorie burnage so I can eat lots of delicious food. I do like pilates when you can feel the burn. I don’t quite get why people like zumba though. I’m too uncoordinated for that.

  10. I’m grinning. I hate yoga too. But do you know what? I hate the weight classes as well. I do them because I know they’re good for me, but I don’t have to like it. The only classes I really enjoy are step classes. Seems like you’re dancing and you have to think all the time.

    (And my house is on the market…I HAVE to keep it clean!)

    One thing you aren’t, my dear, is boring. Anyone with your sense of humor has got to be loads of fun.
    And while I’d rather have my rhubarb straight with no strawberries, this really looks divine.

  11. People would think my life is THRILLING if they could see my room, which is a state of national disaster at the moment. Really it’s just cause I spend too much time studying and too little time cleaning. Not cool.

    Love your resolution to do more and get involved with life. The tarts are so pretty!

  12. How bout “a clean house is a sign of an unanticipated burst of energy”. Sometimes if I get in the mood, I just can’t stop.

  13. I’d say: it’s all a matter of perspective and view. (like weight I might add).
    Rhubarb. I like Rhubarb. I’m the only one in our family. Besides the “eat it all if it resembles food-son”

  14. Peabody! I LOVE you. Even tho you dislike the Detroit Red Wings, who I love more than anything. I love your blog, and I hate yoga also. And I understand what you’re feeling. You’ll be alright. Keep cooking, keep doing what you love, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year (hockey playoffs) even tho you are terribly misguided in your team loyalties :-)

  15. Hahaha…I have the same thoughts about yoga. I just don’t get it! Yummy tart.

  16. Pamela L. says:

    Off topic, Peabody check out this peep topiary.


    I wish I these skills.

  17. Your first paragraph is me – totally :-) Tart looks amazing. I think I may need to make this one…..oh and you know how I feel about yoga :-)

  18. OMG a girl after my own heart. I have been trying to find a exercise plan just to fit me. Now don’t get mad I love yoga just for stretching, but I pulled a groin muscle. I love the bike, but I hurt my knee, I love cardio but since I have been gone from it so long, I tend to get a little short winded. I know I’m out of shape and trying to find my thing while the groin muscle heals so it is back to walking. Life does throw us some curves and we tend to get lazy and distracted. I start to complain and fail to look around and see the wonderful things in life like friends, family that smack you right in the face and remind you life is good and we are only here a short time. So after reading your post today I am going to bake, read a book I have not finished and call a friend for lunch. Thanks Peabody

  19. these tarts look cute and yummy. Ha I was reading your post on Sunday eveining and guess what I didn t clean the house this weekend just didn t have time. I agree with you it s so boring though.

  20. Gorgeous! This looks so delicious! :)

  21. Love the tart! As far as yoga, I can’t get into it, either, but I love spin. I think I need something that totally wears me out and lets me free my mind (because I’m exhausted, not having a spiritual moment). You’re right, though, money’s no excuse for not hanging out with the people you love.

  22. Yes! Folding laundry sucks! We hardly ever do it here in this house. Hubby doesn’t care why should I? Bad.

  23. I’m with you on the weights and no worries on the house cleaning. No one’s scheduled to come over, so why worry?

    Yes, life goes by in the blink of an eye and I often wonder what I did with the last day or week or month. Obviously it wasn’t cleaning my house.

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