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Yeah, I know, Rice Krispie Treats again…but come on, look at them, how could I not? Plus I am addressing the “I never have time to cook”. Which I call BS on. I think if you like to do anything; you will find time for it. Why not just say I don’t really like to do that. I don’t like to run, I just tell people, I don’t like to run…I don’t say I don’t have time to run. And my friends who all say they never have time seem to be the people who love to scrapbook. Which fine, scrapbook away. But that takes time, a lot of time, and money. And well, no offense to scrapbookers of the world, but people would rather eat cookies than sit on your couch and thumb through your family vacation to the Grand Canyon complete with matching stickers. Scrapbooking and photo albums is todays version of slide shows from when I was a kid, and most people are too polite enough (funny that can be polite then, no other times) and suffer through them.

Even with making the cookie dough truffles, these took me 30 minutes to make (if you don’t count the 30 minutes I let them set up). I did laundry while waiting for the truffles to set up. You could be doing whatever household thing you need to do. For those wondering, I use the truffles because number one they keep their shape better than regular cookie dough, and number two, no eggs. People get picky about the egg thing. You will want to cut these small, as these are filled with the cookie dough pieces.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a nice Easter if you celebrate that.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Rice Krispie Treats

6 TBSP unsalted butter
1 16-ounce bag of mini marshmallows
1/4 cup malted mikl
12 ounces Rice Krispies Cereal
32 cookie dough truffles (get recipe here)

Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat and add marshmallows.

Stir until they begin to melt, adding in malted milk one spoonful at a time so its combined.

Stir in cereal so it is completely coated with marshmallow mixture.

Fold cookie dough truffles into mixture.

Press into a baking dish (9 by 13…but you need tall sides).

Let sit for about 30 minutes before cutting.

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  1. haha, i don’t know many scrapbookers but the people I do know who complain, “I never have time to cook” are the ones who spend all night in the front of the TV. I quote Nigella Lawson “it’s not like they’re writing War & Peace in their spare time”.

  2. Oh my goodness!! To a preggo who has been craving rice krispie treats and has a love for cookie dough … i have no words for how excited this post made me (and how hungry!) :-) Thanks for sharing, they look amazing!

  3. DANIELLE says:


  4. Too funny! As opposed to these rice krispy treats that are totally serious yum.

  5. Wow, these look tasty. You always seem to have awesome ways to make rice krispie treats better.

  6. Sahweet yumminess! I made some similar cookie dough krispies a few years ago. This makes me want to do it again!

  7. These look so good! I always forget to make rice krispies treats as I rarely eat that kind of cereal…



  8. Now this is an amazing idea!!! Cookie dough takes desserts to the next level!

  9. My problem is not that I don’t have the time to cook – it’s that I don’t have the time to clean the kitchen and do the dishes after I make a huge mess…while cooking.

  10. I want one of these right now! An amazing combination that I will definitely make for a BBQ late spring. I feel like rice krispie treats are a perfect outdoor treat!

  11. As if rice krispies treats could get any better! Oh cookie dough, how I love thee…

    That’s kind of how I feel about my med school classmates who say they don’t have time to cook. Well…I have time to cook and run and photograph what I cook…so I think they probably have time to do at least one of the three! But no judgment…it’s all a matter of prioritization! To each his own.

  12. I hate the whole “I don’t have time to cook” excuse. I don’t make a huge fancy meal every night, but it takes much less time to cook a piece of salmon and throw together a salad than it takes to wait for greasy takeout.

    I love this variation on rice krispie treats! Cookie dough type treats are one of my favorites!

  13. I just made these, and you’re right. Definitely eating air, negative calories. It’s not even real cookie dough.

  14. well bring on the rice krispies. there’s never enough of it. (:

  15. These have got to be lethal!

  16. What a genius idea! These look fantastic :)

  17. How dare you… make a rice krispie treat that could potentially dethrone my favorite?! (which is a family recipe with butterscotch, peanut butter, and a layer of fudge in the middle!) Is it possible to make room in my heart (stomach?) for two best ever rice krispie treats?

  18. I don’t usually get excited about Rice Crispy Treats, but these look dang good!

  19. These look amazing!! I’ll always take time to make something like this :)

  20. These look amazing! Great photography, by the way. I live in Japan and don’t know if I can find malted milk… are we talking liquid here or powder? Do you have any suggestions for a substitute?

  21. Peabody says:

    Malted milk is a powder. Not really a substitute for it though.


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