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I like to stick strictly to the: don’t give advice unless asked and really wish more people would follow this policy in life. I often offend some of my fellow hockey players because they love to tell you how to play (not my current team) and I usually told them to F-off always followed up with Jesus loves you for good measure. I often confuse them because I will ask advice from players on my team. They players whom I want to learn to skate like. So because they see me ask other players they assume I want their advice as well, they are never happy with my honest answer of I don’t want advice from you because I don’t want to skate like you. Men don’t do well with a bruised ego.

Recently I have been contemplating something. I made a statement about this to a few people. And in return they basically started listing pros and cons to what I was contemplating. In to which I politely told them I don’t remember following up with, “and what do you think about this”? When did saying something out loud or writing something down become an automatic means for you to jump in and let me know what you think?

I think people forget that you are the one that has to live your life. If it becomes a mistake, oh well. Life is made of mistakes that you learn from. Either the ones you make yourself or mistakes you see others make and choose to go in a different direction (I have my older brother to thank for the go in a different direction approach). I mean unless your statement is like, I am thinking about starting a $200 a day cocaine habit, then maybe you might not want to say something to the person. If that is their statement, feel free to chime in. :)

Another thing I wish people would often keep quiet about is their food choices. I personally support all food choices. Meaning be, dairy-free, eat meat, don’t eat meat, only organic, which ever. But remember those are your choices and yours alone. I say this because often I get people upset that though I personally can’t eat dairy (because of an allergy)…well, I still eat it but rarely, I use it in my baked goods on here. Letting me know I’m not supporting the dairy free lifestyle. I’m not living the dairy free lifestyle by choice.

Fortunately they are making better efforts in the world of alternatives to dairy. I can’t have soy either so before that left me with rice milk (which I don’t like) and almond milk (which I like just fine but is nothing like dairy). Then one day there it was in my refrigerated section…coconut milk. Now, I tend to buy the unsweetened variety but the offer a sweetened and vanilla. Not only do I enjoy the taste but it gives me the creaminess I have been missing from the almond milk. They make some great ice creams out of it as well. I was super excited to see Trader Joe’s jump on this bandwagon and in their freezer case last week was a Strawberry Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert. Yay! I love it and decided to make it into a shake. Back when I was getting to eat real food (sigh I miss eating). It was super yummy and gives me something to look forward to.

Thanks for all the well wishes, the nausea is getting better (hope to be on something other than toast real soon) as is the pain, though to add insult to injury they called last night to let me know that I also have a UTI (look it up if you don’t know what it is) which is also contributing to the pain. :( Joy.

Strawberry-Coconut Milk Shake

2 scoops strawberry coconut milk frozen dessert (I used Trader Joe’s brand)

enough unsweetened coconut milk to make your shake thin (I used about 1/2 cup)

1/2 cup slice strawberries

non dairy whipped topping to garnish

Everybody but whipped cream in the blender and give it a whirl. Pour into glass. Top with whipped cream and enjoy.


  1. A luscious looking milk-shake! Good to know that you are feeling a bit better now…



  2. Great thoughts Peabody. I’ll have to pay attention to see if/and when I do this and stop myself. I think if I imagine Peabody coming over and kicking my butt it might work. :)

  3. I hope you feel better! I definitely need to find a grocery store around here that carries that ice cream. Coconut milk sounds amazing!

  4. Interesting post, one that I need to remember! Hope you feel better, as a UTI sufferer I feel (at least a little) of your pain.

  5. Somehow I missed that you are dairy free… I am too, but still bake with it from time to time. I’m severely allergic, like you, and get very ill if I eat it. But I can actually still eat some baked goods with it if it’s a small amount. I also can’t have soy… which (as you know)really throws a kink in things. So I had a friend tell me about the coconut ice cream about two months ago, talk about life changing! That stuff is the bomb! I’ve talked on my blog a couple of times about making your own butter milk and using rice milk in cornbread because it tastes sweeter, etc. It gets hard for me because my husband can eat it and wants it… poor guy gets cheese deprived. haha. Anyways, I’d love to hear more about how you work around things with your diet that would normally include dairy.

  6. Mmmmm…that shake looks yummy!

    And kudos to Trader Joe’s for that insanely cute packaging for the ice cream. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s store where I live; so sad!

    Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear about the UTI – NOT pleasant.

  7. Have you tried goat milk? I’m lactose intolerant and I love the goat milk ice cream. So creamy!

  8. I adore the dark chocolate almond milk but that’s really more like dessert in drink form. My kids *loved* our recent try of coconut milk and thus would love this.

    Change is sometimes harder for those around you. But if the change is right for you then hold strong and go your own way.

  9. Oh the joys of being a woman. UTIs, ruptured ovarian cysts, and having to deal with mens’ bruised egos. UGH.

    At least we have coconut milk! I actually exclusively bake with almond or coconut milk (by choice) and I love them both! Definitely need to look into this ice cream business.

  10. Oh dear, insult to injury. I sure hope you mend quickly! I adore the SoDelicious brand of coconut ice creams so I’ll have to try out Trader’s and see how they rate. If you have a good blender you can make your own coconut milk with hot water and unsweetened shredded or flaked coconut if you don’t want additives and care to do the work. ;) I freeze mine in ice cube trays so I can use however much I want. Right now, I’m sure extra prep is most definitely not on your list. That shake looks so yummy though and I love the little cow glass!

  11. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better, and hope you’re fully recovered soon! Love this shake – it looks super delicious! Yum. :)

  12. Coconut milk has also been the answer to my non-dairy prayers. I agree rice milk is gross. :)

  13. That sounds wonderful! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s where I live. Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  14. Hmm. I’ve never tried coconut milk. I’ve tried chocolate soy milk and that is petty good, however, after a little while, drinking it becomes a chore. I’ve also tried almond milk, but I’m not entirely sure if I liked it or not. I hate how those kinds of milks only come in one size. It’s like what if I just want to try it! What if I don’t like it, then I’m stuck with this carton. Bleh :P

    Glad to hear some of your symptoms are subsiding and you are on your way to being better!

  15. I am mostly dairy free myself and was always disappointed with almond milk. Might I suggest, however, that Trader Joes has done it again with their recent introduction of refrigerated almond milk? This is the BEST almond milk I have ever tried. It’s rich and thick but has a very light flavor. I always purchase the Vanilla almond milk. Not to worry. It’s unsweetened. But it has plenty of body and is really yummy. Recommended!

  16. Ugh, sorry about the UTI on top of everything else. They are miserable! Have you seen the crazy commercials for that cranberry concentrate that’s advertised to have 1 tbsp= 8 glasses of cranberry juice? I know cranberry juice helps but the equivalent of 8 cups seems rather excessive!

    The milkshake looks delicious! I don’t really like coconut on its own but we’ve used coconut milk in some Indian recipes and it’s been excellent. We’ve got 2 Trader Joe’s opening in our area by the end of the year and I’m so excited!

  17. Gahh I miss Trader Joe’s. Love your pink milkshake!

  18. Rebecca says:

    Ugh… there is no agony quite like a UTI… I had them chronically as a child. But they now has an analgesic that works well for that pain.
    It does have the unfortunate side effect of turning your urine bright red though…

  19. UTI’s are the worst! : (
    The shake looks amazing! Beautiful color : )

  20. Carrie Smith says:

    It’s times like these I really wish Trader Joe’s wasn’t 3 hours away.

    Hope you’re feeling better today :)

  21. Your shake looks yummy! I to can’t eat dairy and I have been craving a milk shake! I usually buy the coconut milk ice cream bars at central market, but I am addicted to Tj’s and I didn’t even realize they had this ice cream! I am drooling now..

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