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Late one night on Twitter (are you following me?…I say really boring stuff you are missing out on and on rare occasion something humorous) I saw Kitchen Wench post her newest love. It was a You Tube series called My Drunk Kitchen. I was watching it on my phone so the picture was rather small and the first thing I thought to myself was, why is Justin Bieber cooking drunk? But turns out it is not Justin Bieber but actually it works out because according to her website she is a “big ol’ homo” and everyone thinks Bieber is a closet lesbian anyway.

And then I got to watching and immediately became addicted. And then immediately became sad as I thought to myself why didn’t I think of this? This is my typical Saturday night…though I bake drunk WAY better than Hannah any day. If you are at work or the kiddos are around don’t watch it (lots of language). But if you want a really good laugh, break out a bottle of wine, drink it and then watch the videos. There are currently only 7 episodes but I really hope there are more to come. I especially enjoy the first episode where you learn to make grilled cheese minus the fact that she forgot to make sure she had cheese, so you learned how to make warm buttered bread. Sadly she does that drunk…and I do that sober. I did that just the other day, messing up a whole recipe by failure to make sure I had the main ingredient on hand. :) Live and learn.

One of the super awesome things about being a semi-likable food blogger is that from time to time people send you random stuff. Sometimes it’s cookbooks from their church. Sometimes it’s an ingredient I can’t find. Sometimes it’s a funny t-shirt they found and felt I needed (though people think I am either considerably smaller or considerably larger than I am and I end up with a shirt for my dog or a giant nightgown for bed :P ). It used to be fun back when I was married and now it pretty much makes my entire month since I don’t buy anything for myself these days. My bestie had to laugh at me when I got a care package from a reader that had a Darth Vader spatula in it. He had “never seen anyone twirl and jump with delight over a spatula before”. Um, not just any spatula buddy, but a freaking Darth Vader spatula…and a Storm Trooper one as well. They kick major butt. But I was in total awe one day when a reader who works at Williams-Sonoma sent me the ENTIRE Zoku Quick Pop Maker collection. I won’t lie, I had been eyeing it for a while. The old me, the one with funding would have bought it in a heartbeat, but the new broke me thought it a bit pricey for making popsicles.

I got to say I love this stupid thing. There is a learning curve that is for sure, but I already make quite a few pops a week (just with fruit juice) and it’s in the 50’s. I can only imagine what my Popsicle intake is going to go up to when the temperature rises! What I absolutely love is how quick they freeze. I am an instant gratification kind of gal in many areas….especially food. Of course it’s only instant gratification when I remember to freeze the compartment. :D

In honor of my new Internet obsession, My Drunk Kitchen, and my pop maker I decided to combine the two. In her brunch episode she gives her secret mimosa recipe which basically is just a splash of OJ into the entire bottle of champagne…that’s just how she rolls. These like most popsicles are refreshing and yummy. If you don’t own a Zoku you might want to throw it on a wish list. I think it would be a lot of fun to do with kids as well. It’s something they can definitely help you with and see the results right away.

Mimosa Popsicles

For the orange juice/champagne layers:
2 ounces champagne
8 ounces orange juice

For the strawberry layer:
½ cup fresh strawberries
3 tablespoons orange juice


Stir the orange juice and champagne together until combined.


Puree strawberries and 3 tablespoons of orange juice in blender until smooth.


Remove Zoku Quick Pop Maker from the freezer. Insert sticks and pour about ¾ ounce of orange-champagne base into each cavity; allow layer to freeze completely.

Pour ½ ounce strawberry puree into each cavity directly on top of the orange-champagne layer; allow layer to freeze completely.

Pour another layer of the orange-champagne base up to fill line in each cavity (approximately ¾ ounce per pop); allow layer to freeze completely.

Remove the pops with the Super Tool. Repeat with remaining pops.

Recipe from the Zoku Blog

***If you don’t have a Zoku maker you can do this with regular popsicles. I would just skip the strawberry layer and go all out orange juice champagne.

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  1. I forget the main ingredient more often than I’d like to admit, resulting in another trip to the grocery store.

    I too would jump for joy if I got Star Wars themed cooking tools! You have awesome readers!

    I love My drunken kitchen, and also wish I had thought of doing that myself. Maybe she’ll take guest drunks?

  2. I just got a Zoku too (as a gift!) and it’s so fun. I made watermelon (OK) and strawberry-banana (really good). I want to try the Smitten Kitchen fudgesicles and the coffee pops from the Zoku book. And this recipe!

  3. I said exactly the same thing when I first watched Drunk Kitchen about a week ago…”Why didn’t I think of that?”

  4. I was just introduced to My Drunk Kitchen yesterday. HILARIOUS! I watched all 7 episodes :) Popsicles look good too.

  5. MikeS29 says:

    You aren’t married? OMG, there must be a cue!

    (I’m not in it, I’m plenty married) :-)

  6. MikeS29 says:


  7. while I’m reading this blog I go to another tab and looks who is My drunk kitchen… just saw the first episode lol she is really funny. I’d love to follow her on youtube.

  8. Peabody says:

    @Mike- not married anymore…but I’m a female hockey player who cooks…so my dance card is full so to speak if it needs to be. :)

  9. Ummm, how cute is Mike? In a general flirty way… I have no idea who he is. :O)

  10. I guess I better head to you tube and to figure out what is so cool about something that makes $50 Popsicles. ;). I wish it made smaller ones. Those ate pretty huge for a four year old.

  11. Well there goes my next hour! Too bad there’s no wine in the house right now, or I’d break open a bottle and settle in. Oh well, she’s still funny, even sober. Thanks for the tip!

  12. What lovely popsicles! Delightful.



  13. Yeah, that is how I make a mimosa lol

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Yummers! And I like the fingerprint ridge detail, too :D

  15. I’m going to have to look her up. Opening a bottle of wine and getting sloshed while watching her cook sloshed sounds like just the kind of thing The Husband and I would enjoy on a Saturday night!

    Picture is awesome! Makes me want to lick the screen.

  16. This would be the perfect end to my day today!

  17. Julia M says:

    Our neighbors across the street had a birthday party for their 3 year old twins and this is what we gave them. They LOVE it and told us that the kids are crazy for it. The kids beg to make them for desert most nights and are told as long as they eat their dinner… They said not only are the kids eating their dinner, but are happy with having a healthy, fruity desert instead of sweets loaded with sugar.

  18. Carey (cooknbooknbeadn) says:

    watching some drunk cook – awesome! Yummy popsicles at home – also awesome! But I really wanna know where you benefactor found the Darth Vader spatula because I’m thinking a belated anniversary gift for a friend.


  19. Peabody says:

    @Carey- the Darth Vader spatula was from Williams Sonoma…not sure they carry them anymore though.

  20. Carey (cooknbooknbeadn) says:

    Thanks for the info – off to Google for some searching

    Happy Friday!

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