Fur Baby Fridays…

This is my dog in her natural state…laying on laundry. No matter how many years of trying to break her of this I finally just give in. While she actually prefers clean laundry (except underwear…sick, sick dog) she gets stuck laying on the clothing that gets to be washed. It saves on laundry room space, but not so much of floor space. :D

Does your fur baby like to lay on your clothing as well?


  1. She looks so comfy.

  2. Yep. And it’s so much fun trying to get all the fur off the folded edges of my shirts… ;)

  3. It’s funny you say your dog likes the dirty underwear. My cat as a rule does not like my husband, but he loves the smell of my husband’s sweaty gym shorts. The harder the workout – the better. Gross, I know. . .

  4. Victoria says:

    My cats always lay on clean clothes. One of my cats will burrow into the clothes when they’re still in the laundry basket and take naps.

    They drive me crazy, but I love ‘em.

  5. Ohhhh-how cute is she?

    Our dogs used to love laying in clothes-clean AND dirty.

    One of our dogs actually managed to slip one of my bras on and wear it outside…don’t ask. Thank God the back yard was fenced in. Ever try to WHISPER-YELL at 5 in the morning to a dog that WON’T listen until SHE’S ready? Yeah that would be my husband doing that-after his eyes focused and he realized an all black dog had 2 white bumps on her back that really didn’t belong there-oh and after he stopped laughing hysterically. Seriously?????????? Sigh…….

  6. My cats both LOVE clean laundry too! They will find it any place it gets left in the house. Open drawers or any closet with clothes or linens are also fair game for naps. Gotta love that I’m always covered in fur…

  7. My dogs love to lay on our clothes. They wait for my hubby to throw his clothes on the floor and then cuddle up on them. One of the dogs loves dirty clothes the most. So weird but cute. I think our smell makes them feel closer to us.

  8. chuck and nancy says:

    So cute. Our cocker loves clean, fresh out of the dryer laundry too. Thankfully, he usually smells pretty good, except for the cheeto feet. Why do cocker feet smell like cheetos/fritos?

  9. OH yes. Chooey’s specialty is stealing laundry. Grr.

  10. Awe; so sweet! She looks so cozy and comfy!

  11. so sweet! my 60lb cattle dog likes to squish herself into our laundry basket and sleep there. she actually has to tip herself and the basket over to get out. love fur baby fridays!

  12. My cats are always on my laundry. I have given up hoping to leave the house without a hairsuit on.

  13. My puppy loves to lay on anything clean and washed. The instant you put something that has just been washed down, she will curl up on it. We washed our carpets the other day and found her laying with her face smashed into it.

  14. Diane D says:

    Maybe it’s a cocker spaniel thing, this fascination with recently worn underwear. when my kids were young, we had a cocker who disgustingly chewed our underpants if they were not in a basket that she could not reach. Now we have a one year old male Cocker (rusty red with blond high) who does that same thing! It certainly has taught us to get our clothes in the tall basket, not leave them on the floor. Yes, I know it is nasty, but I had never heard of any other dog doing this until your post.

  15. Calista says:

    i lost a pair of underwear one time…..i found it with the crotch chewed out under my bed and my chihuahua Louie looking like a guilty,dirty old man peeking out at me from under the pillows of my bed. I swear he was thinking, “uhoh… i did a bad thing”. So gross!!

  16. Megan P. says:

    I found my cat tucked in the corner of a laundry basket yesterday. I wouldn’t have known she was there if she hadn’t tossed some dirty sports bras on the floor in her quest for a new nap spot.

  17. My two cats also love clean or dirty laundry, they’re not picky. I guess the smell on the clothes reassures them and they feel safe.

  18. Our washer and dryer is in a closer that is in our living room. So sometimes when we do laundry we have clothes laying in our living room. Anytime our cat spies a pile she runs over, cuddles in and falls asleep. I also have another cat that is obsessed with my bras. He will rub his head all over the bra and then just lay there with his inside the cup. It’s hilarious. Now I feel as though I have shared too much…

  19. The beagle doesn’t really care for clothing, but will burrow into a pile of sheets or any random blanket if he can get to them. Looks kinda like a puppy burrito.

  20. No furbaby, but my toddler will knock over the dirty laundry hamper, dig around with his hands until he has a ‘nest’, and sit in that with a giant, shOOt-eating grin on his face.

  21. Yes, my little doggy loves laying in the fresh frm the dryer clothes. There never seems to be a free laundry basket in my house, so what I do (if it’s not my clothes – I know I’m an angel) is put it on the couch and then my dog takes a leaping start to get onto the couch just to lay in them. It’s very funny.

  22. Yes, my cat does that, too. He especially loves my dirty towels and uses them to make a bed for himself. He also burrows his nose in my boyfriend’s shirts’ armpits and then proceeds to kick the poor shirt while hugging it with his front paws. I swear, it’s like cat-nip to him. But his favorite piece of clothing is a blue wool sweater that used to belong to my grandma. I brought it home after she died and from the minute he saw it, my cat has been in love with it. This sweater doesn’t get kicked, but he squashes his little face into it and falls asleep like that. It’s weird, my grandma was a total cat person, but he never got to meet her in person. I guess somehow he just knows.

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