How I am spending my Saturday…

Pretty much every Saturday morning starts with laundry…it’s way better than coffee…because at the end of it you have clean underwear and you can’t say that about coffee.

Then I made a huge mess and added to my laundry pile because even though I own 12 aprons I somehow never wear them. This by the way is a raspberry-blackberrry sauce that is going into Sweet Corn (trust me) ice cream. Very excited.

Then out to my farm to see this!!!!! This is the first time I have ever grown a vegetable. It was my proud moment.

The neighbors below moved out this week so they are preparing the apartment below us…aka making crap ton of noise. Which seriously upsets the dog as you can see. She sits at red alert mode at all times just in case.

This here is one of my greatest inventions….a graham cracker bread pudding with a key lime cheesecake on top…with some of the black/raspberry sauce. Breakfast of champions.

And then there is the going through cookbooks. I need to make thank you cookies for the local Physical Therapy office who gave me free tape to tape my ankle before my game last night. I couldn’t get over to my regular PT office which is where I usually buy a roll of it. So baking cookies and listening to Christmas music because I woke up singing Silver Bells. Which in a way “soon it will be Christmas time”…you laugh but starting next month you probably will see holiday decor sneaking out.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday…hopefully yours is more exciting than mine! If so, do tell!


  1. Making some ridiculous stuff (candy sushi, kit kat fries, hot dog cheeser pizza…) for our house rewarming tonight!

  2. looks like you got the jeni’s ice cream book! i’ve already made 3 recipes and they are amazing! can’t wait to hear about the sweet corn because that’s next on my list.

  3. Melissa says:

    Went to the Farmer’s Market, walked the dogs and mowed the grass in 100 degree heat. So, yes, it has been exciting! And, I’m trying to grow herbs but end up getting butterflies instead. I didn’t really need fennel anyway.

  4. My Saturday is pretty boring. My husband and our roomie went golfing 5.5 hours ago and somehow haven’t returned yet.. So I took the alone time to do the dishes, read 2 magazines that came in the mail yesterday, and to read some older posts on blogs I have recently found and bookmarked to see if I like them.

    I was reading one, which I find to be pretty well written and interesting, and started CRACKING UP because of a post that she had started out with this:

    “I did something really immature about two months ago and unsubscribed from a blog in a huff. The author, who I have never interacted with, had hurt my feelings by posting her thoughts on recreational runners: people who set out to run a 5k during some crisis period in their life.”

    And I was like, LOLZ I remember that post, she must be talking about Peabody!! :) And then, I skimmed the rest of the post because I’m totally in the camp of normal people that don’t care AT ALL about people running 5ks. I just found this incredibly humorous and thought I’d share!

  5. Peabody says:

    @Lolo- that is too funny. At least she admits it was immature to do that. :P

  6. Peabody says:

    Oh and I love all the comments that I deserve a bag of dicks. I would prefer a bag of pucks, that would be more useful to me. :)

  7. My Saturday = been dancing all day long!

  8. My laundry could beat up your laundry. Preparing 5 people to go away for a month sucks ass. And I will have no cheesecake key lime pudding hybrid at the end. :P

  9. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and they are already rolling out the Christmas stuff – ridiculous!

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