Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!…

Now before you all panic and freak out that I am going to make some kind of dessert with Spam, I am not, this is not Iron Chef. And though the corn ice cream made people raise an eyebrow or two (it really is awesome like beyond awesome) I wouldn’t go as far to make Spam ice cream. :)

Several less than polite emails have come to me saying that they commented and I deleted them. Or I kept their comment but now their link is not in there. First off I probably didn’t delete your comment unless you told me to eat a bag of dicks or something. It most likely went to the spam folder which I check from time to time but not all the time. If you went to spam there could be a few reasons:

1. You are spam and you deserve to sit in the shame that is the spam folder.

2. You look like spam because you have posted your website all over your comment. Don’t do this. This causes you to go to spam. Then if I catch it I have to go and remove the link to let you though. Then you write me less than polite emails asking why I removed it…that’s why. This mostly happens to the more new bloggers out there. Don’t worry your site will get out to people. Not by plastering it everywhere. If you have an interesting comment people will click on your name, which will bring them to your site plain and simple. Want to build an audience? Write something of quality that people are interested in, because even if you get them there, if you aren’t doing anything uniquely yours then you won’t get people to stick around.

3. You are actually commenting but you are promoting your website that is not a blog that you make profit from. The spam folder catches that too. If you were genuinely only concerned to comment you won’t be worried about your link being attached.

And those are the reasons why your comment did not make it though. Not because I am on some power trip as one email suggested. Not exactly sure what kind of power trip that would be? Anyway, my point is I am sorry if you write a legitimate comment and it goes to spam. Sometimes they just do. Sometimes it is how you word things and it picks it up as spam even though it is not.

This has been your friend Spam PSA…have an above average Thursday!


  1. Funny. Glad you didn’t attempt a spam dessert because I don’t do spam! And according to this article a lot of people need not also!

  2. This post made me think of spam haiku and google this site I originally read years ago. Thank you for initiating that and making me laugh. I needed it this week! Here is a favorite one:

    Old man seeks doctor
    “I eat Spam daily”, he says.

    For more, google “spam haiku”.

  3. LOL! I hate spam messages, but love Spam.



  4. Regarding #2 *snickers*:

    If you pimp YOUR blog all over MY blog you’re going to be removed. Period. I’ve busted my ass building my readership and find it rather rude for people to attempt to leach off of that. If your content is good and you have something to say, people will come. Shamelessly promoting your site on someone’s blog is a blog etiquette no-no. Or should that be, “OH HELL NO!”?

    Other stuff? Eh. Delete and move on. Sometimes I’ve had to do a bit of snooping to make sure it is in fact spam. At least 98.9% of the time it is and it ends up having a lovely date with my delete button.

  5. And apparently I can’t spell.

    Leech dagnabbit. Leech!

  6. I’d like to add that even if you were a control freak, deleting comments you didn’t like, I’d be okay with that. This is your space, your home. No where is it written that everyone has the right to say whatever they want wherever they want. On my websites, I expect people to treat me and others the way they would their real life friends and family. Spam and disrespectful comments will be deleted with no apology. Okay, it’s not much of an issue now since I’ve become a very lazy blogger- but still! :)

  7. PattiTaylor says:

    So glad to see you are not cooking with Spam, brings back BAD memories of some of my Mom’s meals when I was young. Really seems like you have been having a time of it lately with nasty people. Keep you chin up, there are some of us that enjoy you and your blog.

  8. Haha, I love this. I’ll admit I did get a little worried when I saw the picture of the wall of spam. I never realized how crazy spam can get until I actually started blog. Holy spam batman! Also, I never know what to do with people that post links to their site in their comment. Posting a link to a specific page for a reason I get, but just posting your link just to get people to read it.. I never know to delete or edit :/

  9. Geez pea, you’re such a fascist dictator. I know you look at your spam folder and cackle with evil delight.

    Try it now!

  10. So that’s what a can of spam looks like. My friend loves spam and is going to make me try it in some point in time…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    However, spam e-mails are blehish. I never even look at them, I just automatically hit delete, so you are nice to actually sort through it.

  11. Dang. I thought the post was going to be about SPAM. Real SPAM. The canned type pictured. Which I love. Le Spam Sigh.

  12. Eh, blog spammers. Notice how most aren’t even written by people who know correct English? Sometimes they are amusing, but most of the time they are just annoying. No, I am not going to post your advertisement for acne cream. Why would I?

  13. I was hoping for a recipe containing spam :(

  14. I second Zazzy. Even if you decided you were deleting any comment that used emoticons, you have that right. It’s your damn blog. It’s not some government protected public forum.

  15. Whenever I pull someone out of spam and delete their within-comment link, they often have the nerve to ask why? It’s crazy. If most people are like me, I SHOULD leave the link in, because those make me eye roll and I would never click on that. heh.

    growing up spending summers in Hawaii, I love spam. Mmm…

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