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So I get a lot of emails asking the same questions over and over again. So I thought maybe if you had a question you could ask it here in the comments and over the next week or so I will get to them. You can ask anything you want, though I reserve the right not to answer :P.
You have between now and midnight tonight (PST) to ask away.


  1. Do you play hockey just to look at my junk?

  2. What is Crazy Cocker Spaniel’s actual name? I grew up with a cocker spaniel (my parents have another one now) and I agree they can be quite crazy…although not as crazy as yours seems!

  3. I should have known a post about my cocker would come next. I call him “tiny”.

    Thanks Martha!

  4. If you could describe Hershey, Godiva, and Dove chocolate as people, how would you describe them?

  5. Food you love / food you hate?

    How many food blogs do you subscribe to? Are they varied in scope or mainly healthy – desserts – from scratch, etc.?

    Why do you get so much hate mail? How can people possibly not love you?

    Have you ever considered writing a cookbook? Or been approached by a company to write one? Or have you pitched an idea for a cookbook to a publisher?

    Is being single after marriage scary? What advice would you give to someone who is going through a divorce for how to get through it?

  6. Apron or no apron when baking?

    Do you know how to make good hamburger buns? Do I need to convince my family that they must delete the expectation of store bought from their brains before trying any of my attempts? LOL

  7. If it can be any question,then what type of mascara do you wear? You have great eyelashes!

  8. I’m so excited you’re doing this! I’ve always wanted to ask you questions.

    1. You’ve mentioned that you’ve taken courses in professional baking and also taught some privately. Where did you take them and what were they like? Have you ever considered a full-time career as a baker or teaching baking?

    2. I love your teaching stories–they are so funny and moving. I know you are substitute teaching right now–are you looking for a permanent position at a school?

    3. Stanley Cup Final: Flames v. Flyers (with Briere playing)–who do you root for?

    4. I know you have tried many different ways of eating–I think you mentioned you once tried going vegan–or at least mostly vegan. What was that like and how do you balance your regular eating (including you allergies) with your love of food and baking?

  9. When blogging, have you ever put something there that you later regret? You seem so forward which makes you awesome to read but do the people in your life feel the same? Go Canucks Go! lol

  10. Why would you have rather seen a Canadian team win the cup instead of a US team? I LOVE Canada, but was so happy the Bruins won….esp since I have been a Bs fan since i was about 14. As much as I love your blog, and find you hilarious, I was just wondering. Especially since Canada already has waaaay better candy, chips, mais gonfles, and poutine…….

  11. Pollyjenna says:

    Is your name pronounced “Pea body” like it is spelled, or “Peebiddy” like the city in Massachusetts?

  12. Peabody, when will you ever come visit Chicago? The minute you get the chance, can we please GTG?! (Yay for rooting for the Canucks, as I’m a Canadian citizen myself.) :)

  13. 1) What are your favorites of all the great dishes you’ve made?

    2) What are your thoughts on school lunches? If you were in charge, what would you keep/change?

    Thanks for all the effort with this blog. Definitely one of the best out there.

    Go Blackhawks!!!

  14. Hi Peabody, how do you stay motivated to keep blogging? Do we, your avid readers, let you know how much we appreciate your posts? Are you ever “baked out”? What are your favorite cookbooks? Thank you for many great recipes and stories.

  15. Hey Peabody :) I once told myself I would ask you questions if I ever got the chance, however, I cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to ask you, so I’m going to babble some random questions.

    1. How do you actually get people to eat your food? I bake and my family will try like ONE slice/peice/whatever and be like wow this is great! and then they don’t eat any more so I’m left with a huge batch of whatever that I can’t eat by myself. So how do you do it?

    2. If you could only make one thing for the rest of your life (being healthy, sweet, sinful, simple, etc.) what would it be?

    3. Do you ever bake, not because you want to, but because you feel obligated to add something to the blog? (weird question…I don’t know :P)

    4. What do you do besides baking and hockey?

    5. Do you usually come up with your own recipies or do you doctor up smething you see in a cook book?

    6. What are your top 5 (or 3) favorite cook books?

    7. What do you believe is the best dessert or treat out there?

    8. Do you usually go from tasting what you’ve made straight to the computer to start blogging about it, or do you wait a little while?

    9. What is the strangest question that anyone has ever asked you?

    10. This one is for the heck of it because I’m tired and a little hyper at the same time. What is your favorite Disney princess? (It doesn’t have to be a princess, it could be like Esmarelda, Tinker Bell, etc.) And what about prince? Everyone seems to forget about the Prince (or non Prince like Quazimoto)

    So there are my questions that I hope don’t offend you in some weird way or didn’t make you wonder what meds I’m on. :D

  16. Hey what is a all around great basic bread recipe that is smooth and makes soft bread. I started making my bread after buying some at he store for $4 a loaf. I buy in bulk now at Costco. And make bread twice a week. Please share and thanks for such a great blog- I really enjoy it!

  17. Hi Peabody,

    I have a couple of questions for you. Firstly, you hint at some illness that you have and you have to watch what you’re eating etc. Is it autoimmune and how are you dealing with it?
    I also wonder about your Canadian patriotism. Were you born in Canada, or is one of your parents Canadian? I’m also in awe of the incredible imagination you have coming up with all your recipes, and the stamina and time involved in all the baking. Thanks.

  18. The divorce/cash flow comments seem so out of sync w/ what you write. Does the captain get to put a first name on her hockey shirt??? You are always entertaining.

  19. Hi Peabody! If you are still taking questions, I have one. My area is getting it’s first Trader Joe’s this summer, and I know you have mentioned getting items from there before. What are some that I just have to try? Thanks, and you do a fantastic job with your blog!!!!

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