To Grill or not to Grill…

This is my first grill ever. Ever, you read that right. Up until now I never lived in an apartment that allowed grills. When my ex and I owned a home we excelled at saying we were going to get a grill…in fact I am pretty sure we took a gold medal in the say you are going to get a grill olympics. But sadly no. Until yesterday when I am now the proud owner of a grill. And it even comes with a pizza stone insert!

So here is my question to you the reader? I was wondering if you had any desire for me to share my mishaps (I have never grilled before in my life) and recipes from some of the stuff I grill or simply stick to baking only on this blog? I will try and bake using the grill as well, but would post savory recipes as well. Please chime in!


  1. Kathleen says:

    Would absolutely love to hear about your grilling experiences.

  2. Please! I need new things to do with a grill & summer is no time to be stuck in a hot kitchen (unless you’re canning, of course).

  3. Your asking the girl wearing a cow diagram on her shirt if you should post your grilling experiments – hells and yeah. :D I’d love to see what you come up with.

  4. Ooh I’d love to hear the stories! and I’m sure there’s plenty of sweet meal ideas you could do on the grill if most people are against straying from the baking area.

    I don’t care if you post something that isn’t a sweet or dessert-ish. Its your blog do as you please. It would be fun to see what you come up with from grilling. :)

  5. Kristen says:

    I’ll pretty much read anything you write, so it’s all good. ;)

  6. Would love to hear your grilling experiences! So far the grill is my hubs domain so I would love to find recipes to try myself.

  7. Carrie Smith says:

    Please share!

  8. I think it would be great. Your recipes are great but it’s your stories that we all come back for. So your spin on grilling would be well received, I think. And don’t forgot you live in a place where you can grill all year round.

  9. I imagine that it would be a hoot to hear about your grilling experiences. So I say go for it!!! I myself am looking forward to having a grill again (haven’t had one in going on 10 years now due to the same apartment issue) and I tell ya.. I really want to grill some pizza..

  10. Share everything! why not? I like to grill. I’m sure you will make yummy things.

  11. Yes!! Please do share your grillin’ stories….failures and all! Can’t wait to see what you come up with….and happy grilling.

  12. We love to grill. We call him the grill master. I’d love to hear what tasty ideas you come up with!

  13. Peabody, seriously you need to know, I am a Grill Fool…..Love to burn a piece o’meat, and do it all the time, and know all kinds of tricks and stuff.

    I say post and post and post, and I would love to share what little I know with you. And besides, your other posts always crack me up anyway. You are one of a kind, for sure.


  14. GO FOR IT…would love to hear all about it and share a story or two! I love pizza on the grill…plan to try more grilled fruit and other sweets on the grill!

  15. Tell ya what Peabody, in honor of you buying a grill and heading out into the unknown….

    I would take the time to index every recipe on my blog to add the label BBQ aside from the generic labels I have so you could choose some to try.

  16. I would love to see some grill recipes! Of course, all of my grilling is done on the countertop, since I live in a high rise and can’t have a real grill :(

  17. Congrats! Grilling is actually pretty easy, I don’t do it too often but each time I do I am surprised by how well everything turns out!
    The last thing I made was this steak recipe, it was really good!

  18. Karen K says:

    I would love it. I have been procrastinating getting a grill and would love to hear all about it from the beginner’s POV.

  19. Please share! I’d be fun to hear your experiences, and of course there’s always new recipes (I bet you can come up with dessert things to grill too :)

  20. Harland says:

    Enjoy reading your blog and sure, do some grilling. It’s a lot of fun.

  21. Caroline says:

    Of course I would love to see what you grill!! Who doesn’t love grilling? :)

  22. *chime* Yes of course I would! Living the grilling life vicariously through you. Yes we do own a grill but can’t seem to get past the obiquitous burgers, saté and bratwurst…. Even bought the grilling husband a cookbook LOL as if!

  23. I’d like to hear about your grilling escapades. Please try grilling pizza, maybe without the stone?

  24. simply… por supresto! of course!

  25. Definitely share your grilling adventures!

  26. Ann-Marie says:

    Please do share the grilling tales! I grill a fair amount and am always up to learn something new. And your forays into uncharted territory are always great to read.

  27. I bet you could share some great grilled fruit dessert recipes! Remember, if you are grilling fish, to oil your grates very well, I’ve made that mistake one too many times.

  28. I agree – it’s all part of the experience. I, as a reader, come here for your ingenuity and humor, although the baking porn is an added bonus!

  29. I come to read about your cooking adventures and anything else you decide to share so I say Grill!

  30. I would love to see savory grill recipes! My hubby and I just bought our first grill a little over a week ago and I’m still shyly learning my way around with the thing as well.

  31. Yes yes Yes Yes YES YES yEs yeS YEs YES yes yes YES yesYES yes yes YES YES
    Now it there’s any part of that yes you don’t get, please let me know soon …
    It’s looking like we’ll get a grill for our new place in Michigan … because it’s a lot cheaper than a kitchen ;-) so I must needs to learn all kinds of grill tricks.

  32. Yes please!

    I don’t have a grill either, but am thinking of purchasing a small one. I would love for you to figure everything out for me ;)

  33. Yes! I love grilling! Please blog about it! I’m so jealous of your pizza stone.

  34. The title of your blog is “Culinary Concoctions.” I think that encompasses savory stuff as well.

  35. Baking or non-baking, food related or not food related… write on! I’m gonna read it. Seems like everyone else will too :)

  36. Oh yeah!

  37. we don’t have a grill, but my best friend & her husband just got one and then forgot to turn it off after using it and melted the siding on their house–so that’s a mishap and a reminder!

  38. Jeanne H says:

    Unequivocally YES!

    I must say that when you get a grill, you get a Ga-RILL! Looking forward to hearing all about it! :)

  39. Sunshine says:

    Love to hear about your grilling adventures. We love to grill pizza and we have a rotisorie too. Last night we did a whole chicken with Tikki Marsala BBQ Sauce!

  40. I would love to hear about your grilling adventures! My boyfriend and I could probably give you a run for your money on the “We’re going to get a grill!” contest, by the way. I should actually be getting one this summer, though, so I’d love some of your ideas and tips!

  41. You write it, I’ll read it. Besides, I eat dinner and mishaps are always fun :)

  42. yes, please! i don’t do enough with my grill and would love to hear how someone else has some successful (and not so successful) grilling shenanigans!

  43. Of course!

  44. Bakin and Grillin works for me!

  45. Have at it! I am happy to read any of your posts. If you are at all like me, you will be grilling year round despite the snow and ice. Good luck with your new toy!

  46. Julia M says:

    Love your stories and recipes, sweet or savory.

  47. Yes please share your grilling adventures!!

  48. yes please, share the mayhem!!

  49. Next to baking, grilling is my favorite! Please share!

  50. How about trying some grilled romaine with a chunky blue cheese dressing and homemade bacon bits… Yum!

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