The worlds biggest time suck…

Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be another time suck, enter Pinterest. You probably thought I was going to say Google Plus but I just don’t see the point of that yet. Anyway, if you don’t know this site, don’t go. It will suck you in like quicksand. Lucky for me they have an app and I can waste my time at the doctor’s office. It’s filled with photos of things you will never own, places you will never go to, phrases far wittier than you could ever come up with, clothing you could never afford, half naked photos of Ryan Reynolds (which is nice) and Adam Levine (also nice), cakes I will never get around to making, and all around interesting finds.

While having my time sucked away, I ran across an inside out carrot cake muffin where the cream cheese frosting was on the inside! Brilliant and way more portable for lunches and what not. Not wanting to copy it completely I decided that I needed to embrace the concept but change it. What cake do I love most with cream cheese frosting? Red Velvet. And thus came these beauties. So good. I can’t believe I never thought to do this before.

If you love you some red velvet, you will love these. The cream cheese center is not as sweet as actual frosting, as these are intended to be more like a muffin and muffins run just a little less sweet than cupcakes. If you want them sweeter, then by all means go for it, I won’t stop you. :) Well, maybe if you are diabetic I would stop you.

And on an unrelated note, we bring you the word of the day and its definition: Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted, obsessive attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others.


  1. YES you finally found pinterest! I’d love to follow you (PaniHania). And I love this! These would be perfect to bring to a party too, you wouldn’t have to worry about the frosting getting everywhere.

    I have a geeky healthy conscious question though,have you found any colour alternatives to red food colouring for items like these? I just cant take red food colouring, used to give me asthma attacks and now just attacks other parts of me, and out of habit I just avoid fake colour in general! Any suggestions for alternatives?

  2. Are you being stalked?

    These muffins are a brilliant idea. I think I just found the next treat I’m going to make for the office!

  3. Very cute and yummy! And yeah, I was wondering the same thing…

  4. Muffins — Yay! beautiful and that is such a clever idea.

    Stalking – Boo! icky and not at all cool.

  5. Christy says:

    OMG you weren’t kidding about Pinterest being a time suck! Thank you/curses to you for introducing me to it! ;) These muffins look awesome too!

  6. Peabody says:

    @Hanna- I don’t know of any alternatives, sorry. I think some people use beet juice?

  7. Wow, that does sound like a brillient idea. And I do love me some muffins! :)

  8. Holy shiznit..these loom super yummy, as did adam levine…..i am going for a career in hand modeling after the bit of inspiration. Should i leave the purell at home?

  9. Look not loom…damn ipad…or damn wine.

  10. Oh pretty and sounds delicious. I think we’ll be making these as soon as the heatwave breaks here. I’m not feeling much like baking when it’s “baking” outside.

  11. I signed up for Pintrest but really don’t use it because I’m afraid of how much time I’d use on it! These look fabulous!

  12. Nice cupcakes!
    Love the expression “time suck”…it’s something we all need to do once in a while.
    What’s up with the stalking?

  13. I could spend all my time on Pinterest if i let myself… sooo addicting. These cupcakes look so good! I love how they’ve got filling!

  14. Not stalker I swear! Just addicted to the sweets and Pinterest! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do some more research.

  15. Pinterest has become my new favourite time occupier at work… Thanks!

  16. Poppy Fields says:

    Muah ha ha ha haaaaa!!! Oh Pinterest, how I love thee and thine time-sucking ways :D An online pinboard for anything and everything? How can you go wrong?? SO frustrating when it’s having hiccups though. I. need. to. pin *twitch* Do you need an invite so you can join the madness? *evil grin*

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