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Wow, I had no idea it had been so long since I posted. Sorry about that. If I thought last week was crazy this one beat it with a crazy stick. But it’s all good, just all busy. So consider this a drive by post of sorts.

When I was at the Winco last I ran across some caramel and vanilla swirl marshmallows. I had no idea what I would do with them but I knew something would be done. So why not throw them into Rice Krispie Treats for the team. Add some caramel bits and some left over Golden Chocolate Oreos and Double Stuff Oreos’ and you had some happy teammates. These got very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Caramel-Vanilla Swirl Oreo Rice Krispie Treat Madness

6 TBSP unsalted butter

16 ounces marshmallows (Caramel and Vanilla Swirl variety)

20 ounces Rice Krispie Cereal

8 ounces caramel bits (or chop up caramels if you can’t find the baking ones)

15 Golden Chocolate Oreos, chopped

15 Double Stuff Oreos, chopped

Butter a 9-x-13-inch baking pan. Or be lazy like me and spray it with non-stick baking spray. Set aside.

Over low heat melt butter in a large pot (I like to use my stock pot because I am a messy person).

Once butter has melted, add marshmallows and continue to cook over low heat while they melt.

It may take a little time. Don’t turn up the heat to try and make it go quicker, you could end up with burned marshmallows or your treats could end up too hard once they firm up.

When most of the marshmallows have melted and they resemble marshmallow crème with a few lumps, remove from heat and add the cereal, caramel bits, and cookies.

Using a wooden spoon, stir, stir, stir some more, until all the cereal is fully coated and other parts of the pot are not hogging all the marshmallows (so evenly coated).

Pour into prepared baking pan. Take a rubber spatula and either spray it with non-stick spray or simply get some water on it (I just put mine under the faucet real quick). Using the spatula, press the cereal/marshmallow mixture down into the pan, attempting to create a flat, even surface.

Cover with foil and let sit for a few hours to firm up.

Take foil off. Place wax paper down that is a little bit longer than the baking pan. Flip the pan over onto the wax paper. Cut into squares. Some would say 2-inch. But whatever size you would like works. You can also use cookie cutters to make them fun shaped.


  1. Tempting!



  2. Hang in there with the busyness! And DAMN do those treats really are madness; and delicious :)

  3. The caramel swirl is a genius addition!

  4. Hope things slow down a little so I can see more delicious things like this more often!

  5. I just made Rice Krispie treats yesterday….next time I might try the new marshmallows; I am sure the caramel would make them super yummy!

  6. Jessica says:

    Your treats… they call to me. ;D lol I’m SO making these this week.

  7. We only have two types of marshmallows up here: Big and small. I suppose I could make a caramel and add some vanilla, but that’s more work and doesn’t seem the same :). And with the amount of stuff you manage pack into Rice Krispies treats, I think you need to find a more appropriate name :). After all, you don’t name a pie after the crust :).

  8. I saw the same marshmallows (strawberry too) and the same place and the same inspiration that they belonged *somewhere*. I used them with co-co krispies (in the WInco bulk section) and made krispie treats, fab.

    I love your recipes and banter! Happy Summer!

  9. Oh my! They look decadent! Nom!

  10. Jet Puffed makes so many flavors of marshmallows, it’s insane! But these rice krispies sure do look good.

  11. Um, yum!

  12. I had no idea that they made swirl marshmallows! I feel like such a failure. I even have a two year old so I should be up on these things. These are going to have to go on my shopping list!

  13. So much goodness! I’d add a chocolate drizzle on top just for the heck of it!

  14. I’ve never seen those marshmallows! they sound good. I don’t know if they’d last to get into anything baked though. ;)

  15. I didn’t know they made those marshmallows! That’s awesome! I’ll have to keep an eye out for them in my grocery store.

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