Things that get used repeatedly in the Casa de Peabody…

One of the reader questions was about what tools or gadgets do I use most in my kitchen, so here goes:

Disposable piping bags. These things are lifesavers. I buy the kind that comes in a 100 pack and it lasts me for months. I uses them for not only the obvious icing but the I use them to fill cupcakes evenly (especially mini ones) as well as anything I want to have look a little more professional.

Next is my nutmeg grinder. I use it everyday. Everyday. I bought mine when I was 24 years old, now I am 39…do the math. Yes, they cost $30 and that probably seems like a lot. But considering how long I have had it I am looking at $2 a year so far. And for something I use and has lasted that long for $2 a year, that’s nothing! Nutmeg to me is the under used spice of the world. I added it to baked goods yes, but lots of savory items as well.

Baking Spray: You know the stuff I am talking about…with built in flour. This has been one of the better inventions for me. I hated buttering and then flouring pans. It’s the lazy girls way to bake!

Kitchen Aide Mixer: This is a duh one but most people do not know that I own two! Yes two, and truthfully if I had the storage and the $$$ I would go for three. They get used that much. I use my professional series one the most, but have always kept the first one that my ex-boyfriend and all around awesome guy D gave me back also when I was 24 (I sense a pattern). It’s what they now call the Artisian mixer in a color they don’t make anymore so that’s kind of cool. I have two because of the fact that I live in fear that one will break (which I have done) and I wont have one. They are that important to me. I know, I need help. But think about how much I bake! I also have an extra bowl set as well, as often a recipe calls for beating egg whites and you need a clean bowl for that quickly. I don’t bother with the attachments as they will cause the motor to burn out way too quickly in my opinion. This is the one I have and the color I have as well:

And last but not least for this post, the good ol pastry scraper. This is a great multi use tool. I use it for lifting dough, to cutting dough, to scraping flour off the counter into the trash. I’ve had the same one for years…and yes I have multiple. :P


  1. I’m actually doing the same topic next week! :) I LOVE nutmeg and throw it in all sorts of things, especially sweet potatoes. A little nutmeg and paprika in my taters makes me happy!

  2. I use pastry bags for so many things too! love them. the pastry scraper – I agree, I use that one a lot too.

    what color is your artisan? :D

  3. Hah, this is quite intriguing! I’m trying become better at using pastry bags. My icing cupcakes isn’t pretty yet. ;)

    We (read my mother) have a, I guess its an artisan now, Kitchenaid Mixer as well. It’s the white one.

    The scraper sounds like a fantastic item to have around. I shall look into one. I haven’t really had use for one yet as I haven’t fully delved into the whole bread idea yet… Soon though.

    I fully understand the “buying more than one” theme… I’ve done it myself with other items. ..

  4. I’ll have to get my icing bags out so I’ll remember to use them more- I usually just use them when I make cookies. I don’t have a nutmeg grater- I use a microplane. I might need one of those! :)

  5. Hey–I not only have a KitchenAid 6 quart mixer, but I have a 20 quart Hobart! Yes, I run a baking business, but hey, I love my Cookie Monster!!! I don’t think you’re crazy at all!

  6. @Gin- I am jealous of your Hobart!

  7. That’s the same mixer I have (but I only have one!). I would like to get extra bowls for it – maybe will put on my Christmas list.

  8. I’m a big fan of disposable piping bags. Except for environmental reasons, I don’t know why anyone would choose to use the reusable kind. What a mess to clean!

  9. I never know which is better, disposable pastry bags or the ones you keep re-washing and using over again? Any reason for preference?


  10. @Kristine- I prefer the disposable because they are much easier clean up.

  11. I must try the disposable bags. They sound wonderful!

  12. I have the same professional grade mixer (looks like same color too) as well as a second non-professional mixer that was a gift several years ago from my hubby. I found it too small and not powerful enough for alot of what I make, but still too useful to be willing to let it go. So I personally see nothing at all wrong with owning two stand mixers.
    Or three.

  13. I just wanted to say thanks! I finished reading all 188 pages of your blog and am left with so much to bake! Thank you for letting us into your life and kitchen! I’ll definitely be following along from here on out.

  14. Looks pretty much like my list, although I gave away my 5qt kitchen aid (hope I’m not sorry some day) when I got a 6 qt and I do have the grinder attachment and use it, so far with no problems. Once upon a time I did a lot of cake decorating so I have reusable bags and don’t find them all that annoying to wash – tips and couplers go in a basket in the dishwasher and bags get turned inside out and washed with hot soapy water. I would have to add silicon spatulas to the list – I have all kinds of shapes and sizes and use ‘em to death.

  15. Yeah I dont find the reusable bags too much hassle to wash either. warm soapy water and turned inside out. no big deal. I’d rather that than use so many things once just to throw away. Seems a bit wasteful. Perhaps if I was really really doing lots of different colours and didnt have enough reusables!

  16. I just got a Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday last month – I don’t know how I lived without it to this point. I have had a scraper tool forever – they are so handy for soooo many things! I admit I am a kitchen gadget addict :)

  17. I just got my Kitchenaid mixer painted at a body shop. Went from Kelly green to to sweet custom metallic!

  18. I know it may sound like I’m bragging,(I’m really not) but I have 3 KitchenAid mixers. I have a Gourmet Marshmallow business and can’t imagine trying to make marshmallows without them. I am wondering about the new blade attachment with the built-in scrapper, has anyone used them yet? Are thy worth getting?

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