FurBaby Friday….

I swear I am working on a real post. If I could actually tell you about my real life right now you would swear I was living inside of a Telenovela!!!!

Look into those sweet puppy eyes and then go vote for me please. I know this is annoying and I hate actually having to annoy you all but this really is the best way for you to help me ever. Plus puppy wants a new toy. :)

Remember that you can vote every day up until the 30th. It doesn’t show you how many people have voted. No one will know the winner until September 8th!



  1. Awww, so sweet!



  2. I voted who could say no to that beautiful furbaby. Our little bundle of joy is now 11 weeks and could not deny her anything

  3. okay you got 1 vote and i bookmark this post and would love to help you voting everyday…anyway I have a dynamic ip address I think I can vote many times everyday lol….goodluck

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