Furbaby Fridays…everything for a reason

His name was Butter. He was half pit bull and half Shar Pei and was literally the color of butter. He was a docile dog that you could mold around in your lap like a rag doll and could be moved around in any direction you wanted. He was even a therapy dog at one point and we had the paperwork from his elderly owner who had to go into nursing care. It was love. But at the time that I was volunteering at the no kill shelter I lived in a one bedroom apartment and felt that having a dog wouldn’t be a good fit. I did however foster all the bunnies, iguanas, chinchillas, rats, etc. that came our way…I was like Ace Ventura minus the talking out of my butt kind of thing. :P

But week after week Butter was still there. Other than the fact that he was half pit bull I did not understand why no one wanted him. And each week he slowly chipped at my heart. So I decided that if no one took him that day, then the next week he would be mine.

My shift ended at 2pm and I got a call from the woman in charge of the dogs said that Butter had been adopted right after I left. And my heart sank just a little. She said are you sure you don’t want a dog? I said I will tell you what “you find me a female, buff colored cocker spaniel under the age of one that doesn’t come from a traumatic experience and I’ll take her.” In my 7 years volunteering we had never had a pure breed cocker spaniel so I thought nothing of it.

Two weeks later, there she was… Crazy Cocker Spaniel. She put on quite the act. All calm, docile, the I am scared please take me home act. Her owner had had a stroke and could not keep care of her, she was buff in color, and she was 5 months old. I thought to myself, damn, I’m taking a dog home today. I owned nothing. I had no leases or dishes or food and hardly any money to do so. The dog cost me $34, the going rate for volunteers. Luckily her owner was a millionaire (literally) and left a large box that came with food, toys, everything needed.

I had wished so hard for that other dog that wasn’t meant to be. And he wasn’t meant to be because my very loyal, lovable, afraid of shower curtains, used Q-tip eating, tissue shredding cocker spaniel was who was meant for me. I bring this all up because my ex-husband is now volunteering at a shelter. He, like me had found a dog that spoke to him. And had decided that if no one took the dog, he was going for it. The dog’s owner came and found him right about the time the picky eater had decided he truly wanted him. I know my ex is happy that the owner found him yet bummed all the same. This post is for him. To give him hope to know that just wasn’t the dog for him. Even if he thought it was.

It so true with so many things in life. We are so sure something is the perfect job, only to get it and find out it isn’t. Or the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend that you secretly hoped liked you back and it never worked out. Or the house you wanted so badly but didn’t get. There is a reason everyone I swear. Just look into the CCS eyes and tell me you disagree.


  1. What a wonderful story. Every time I see a picture of your baby I want to give him a squeeze and kiss his face. lol That’s what I used to do with mine. Have a cat now and she’s not too receptive to that :P

  2. So true, Pea, so true. I’m going through a divorce right now, and the only thing that does not make me regret the years my husband and I spent together is my precious infant son.

    P.S. Congrats on the garden win. It’s only the second thing that I have voted for that has won!

  3. My little grey tabby Chloe Roo, who plays hide and seek with me and plays fetch “should” have been an orange male cat. I couldn’t image our house without our little kitty.

  4. This one brought me to tears. Having had shelter dogs for most of my life… yeah. I’m still a bit choked up. Every thing – be it person or animal – that comes into our lives, comes for a reason.

  5. Thank you for sharing. What a great story. As usual, you have impeccable timing. =)

  6. Such a great post and CCS is so wonderful.

  7. So true.

  8. Love this!!

    The best cat I ever had was a stray who showed up at our house one day. I always say he adopted me first and then I adopted him. He was the best cat I ever had. I miss my Caesar! But I made him promise a little piece of him would be in every cat I have after him and so far, he’s lived up to that promise. :)

  9. When I went to adopt a kitten from a woman who rescues cats and kittens from kill shelters, the woman described a beautiful gray kitten with stripes. She set it aside for me. When I arrived, the kitten was very pretty, but wasn’t interested in being held or socializing. While I was there I saw two young girls ahhing over a very young kitten that was just curled up and not being very active. I knew the kitten was sick. As soon as the girls put the kitten down and walked away I scooped her up and decided to take her home. This 4-week-old kitten cost me $70 in meds on her first visit to the vet clinic. That was almost 14 years ago and she is still with me today. She wasn’t what I originally wanted, but she ended up being perfect.

  10. After a year of looking, I, too, got an abandoned husky-Shepard mix. 10 years later, I still can’t believe my luck. I have never met a better-natured, patient dog, especially with children. When your (fill in the blank) comes, it will be worth the wait.

  11. This was probably the mot beautiful post you have writen. It mad me sad, yet happy at the same time. I love CCS eyes in this picture. She is so adorable I just want to squeeze her and never let go. <3

  12. Like the comment above made by Julia, I too have a husky-shepherd mix. I was originally going to adopt a great dane-pit bull mix, but even a dog that was part pit bull is illegal to own in my county. I went to another shelter, and found my husky-shepherd. He was the only dog, that when I took outside to socialize with only wanted to be by me. Most dogs were just so excited to be outside, but he was excited to be petted by me. I knew he was the one. I have had him for 4 years now, and he is the kindest, most gentle loving dog. I understand when you say everything happens for a reason. Thanks for the post Peabody.

  13. I needed that. More about the boyfriend, but…

    I have 3 shelter dogs (well, one found me in the park). And, they’re the perfect dogs for me. None of us is perfect, but we make a great pack.

  14. Great story. I don’t believe in everything for a reason, but I love the sentiment behind this. I also had a very similar experience with my dog. Patience was key. :)

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