My Ho-Hum Average Day








  1. Seriously are you gonna start actually posting again instead of just posting pictures of 3 thrings and your average day? You won that garden contest so bake something. I wouldnt have voted for you so much if I thought you wouldnt use some of that money to bake stuff for your blog.

  2. Details, please!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, I didn’t get to visit the Harry & David factory when I was in Medford. I think it would be fun to go back. The H&D store there is something else.

  4. Jealous! I love H&D!!

  5. Isn’t that the best place?

  6. jealous

  7. … Ho-Hum Average Day … two please … heck, ok one day like that would be awesome!

  8. Trade yah? :)

  9. @Sarah- seriously I was out of town so I couldn’t really bake. Sorry for the whole two days you had to suffer without baked goods. Sometimes I get a vacation too…my first one is 7 years.

  10. Wow. Somehow I missed Sarah’s comment yesterday. Good to see that internet entitlement is in full effect. Maybe you’d like some of the winnings as well? I mean considering all the effort you went through to vote.
    I watched the movie “Waiting” for the first time the other day, and I am suddenly reminded of a particular scene.

  11. @Sarah, are you serious? People blog because they want to, not because its their job!

  12. Pamela L. says:

    You won the contest! Congratulations!

  13. OMG Sarah, get a grip! If you don’t support/ appreciate Peabody why bother vote at all? I voted for her repeatedly and I don’t care how often she blogs or whether it’s a photoblog as long as she CAN blog. I also understand how difficult it is to blog regularly and keep an audience engaged as Peabody does so GIVE HER A BREAK.

  14. Wow @sarah, I realize that all that voting you did must have really taken up about 10 minutes of your time all together. Maybe. Perhaps you should have spent it trying to get that stick out of your butt =)

    Peabody, You’re lovely. Your beautiful blog makes my day, and also my waistline expand, but I forgive you. Take another vacay. You deserve it!!

  15. harry & david is a PLACE? i thought it was just a magical amorphous internet site/food catalog!

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