Peanut butter Jelly time…

banana ccs

Yes, that is one unhappy banana. And one laughing mom. And really, my amusement is what counts. :P

Are you torturing your animals this year? If so, what are they going to be?



  1. haha nice,

    We got a skunk outfit for Lily my whippet.

  2. Heehee, love it!

    I don’t have any pets but my parents 4 cats are all black – so they’re pre-dressed for the holiday. As for the huge 80lb mutt… I wonder how they’ll torture him this year. Good thing he’s a softie and will do anything for a treat. :)

  3. We of course are! It wouldn’t be Halloween without a couple puppy costumes :) We have three dogs: one will be a pumpkin, one is a witch, and one is a skeleton. I choose a theme every year and this year was a Halloween theme (obv!), last year they were all zoo animals. Can’t wait for next weekend!

  4. We will choose between a princess and an angel for our dog. I want to get her a Perry the Platypus costume but am to cheep.

  5. Not many companies make costumes that fit our Great Dane and I will not put a saddle on him… too cliche… although I may pull out the antlers for Christmas again…

  6. The male is going to be a dragon and the female a princess: fairytale theme :)

  7. Emma was a very unhappy banana a couple years ago:

    She puts up with a lot for treats!

    This year we got her a hot dog costume =D

  8. Sadly, Xena refuses to accomodate my desire to see her dressed up. She will allow things for no more than 3 seconds before contorting herself into unsafe poses for a spindly (& clumsy) Shepherd girl and scratching at the offending garment.

  9. Carole R. says:

    Velcro is going to be a dog

  10. Of course! My Ava will be a fairy and my Finley will be a dinosaur…so much fun!

  11. Zendyle my rottie boy will be a Red Crayola Crayon….he loves to dress up…and the kids will enjoy seeing him!

  12. Hahaha! that is the funniest picture! Your doggie is so mad at you!! love this pic so much!

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