All tied up…

These were too cute not to make. Though they are harder than they look. It’s messy and the cookie likes to separate. But I was determined darn it all. They would be a fun addition to any Halloween party. Or if you just have a mummy fetish.


Oreo Mummy Pops

Golden Double Stuff Oreos

White Candy Melts

Brown M&M’s

lollipop stick

Dip the cookie in the melted candy melts. Add eyes. Insert stick (if you pre-insert stick it will break apart when you dip…trust me I tried…a lot). Smooth with your finger. Set off to dry on wax paper. Put left over melted candy melts in piping bag and drizzle over the cookie to give the impression of bandages.



  1. So cute! These are great – lots of fun! :)

  2. Aww, these are super cute. I like simple and fun recipes like this.

  3. So cute!



  4. I made oreo pops last year for christmas. I found that if you twisted off one side of the cookie, dipped your stick in the melted candy then pressed it gently into the filling, drizzle on a little extra filling then put the other half back on, you could put the sticks in before dipping. Let them set up first, then dip. Might be more trouble than doing it your way, but I had issues trying to put the sticks in afterwards.

    Boy that second sentence was long!

  5. SO CUTE! My kids will love this.

  6. Cute indeed!

  7. I’m not a fan of the golden Oreos, but I think I may try this with the regular kind. Think the darker ones would look odd showing through? Maybe double dipped? Going to have to experiment…

  8. Love these! So cute :) Sue and I did mummy rice krispies as well as some other cute Halloween treats. Love the Halloween ideas out there!!! (Here is a link to our blog if you want to check out our mummies – )

  9. Those are too cute not to try to make them! My boys would love them!

  10. Cute! Need to think up of Halloween goodies to make…thanks for the great ideas!

  11. Those are definitely too cute. I bet it would work great with brownie coated oreos too…. Hmmm..

  12. Love these!

  13. I really, really love this. Every time I see that picture I can’t help but smile (and giggle a little).

  14. That mummy pop looks amazing! What a great way to celebrate Halloween!

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