Now that’s a Peanut Butter Cup…

This fun cake comes from October 2007! Some days it’s hard for me to believe that I had a blog that long ago or should I say still have a blog. I go through phases where I wonder if should keep doing it. And I always come back to continuing the blog.

Definitely been having writers block, and combine that with the fact that people only comment nowadays on controversially posts only makes it hard to want to keep on putting effort in. No worries though, whenever I think I am going to stop I keep going. I’m sure I will keep going just like I always do. I won’t even threaten to take time off as every time I say that I rush out and do a bunch of posts. :)

The cake is an adaptation of this peanut butter chocolate chip cake I made a year or so ago, the difference being the use of the peanut butter chips. The other difference is the use of my mini(4-inch diameter) tart pans. I used those to give the cake a more peanut butter cup look. If you get too much rise on your cake you can always trim off the top with a bread knife(that’s what I had to do). If you don’t have little tart pans, you could simply bake it in the rectangular pan and then cut out circles with a cookie cutter. It won’t have that cute peanut butter cup shape but will be tasty nonetheless.



  1. I have rarely, if ever, commented. But I do pin a lot of your stuff on Pinterest now!

  2. I like the giant PB cup presentation.

    Comments are an odd thing, some seem to feel like they shouldn’t unless they really have something noteworthy. I know how much I like getting them so I comment more than others. What sites do you comment on?

  3. Yes!!!
    Love love love this.

  4. I have to agree with @Rodzilla. I don’t understand why some people only comment on certain things. We enjoy getting comments on our blogs – even if it is just a word or two.
    This looks fantastic btw. I believe that peanut butter should be its own food category in the Canada Food Guide. :)

  5. I don’t comment much, but I talk about your blog all of the time… to the point that my husband is like, “who is this Peabody you keep talking about?” He doesn’t think about it too hard though because he is soon distracted by whatever treat I made from your blog:)

  6. PB cups are Jas’ favorite. This would make an uber cute Bday cake for him.

  7. I have had a ridiculous craving for something peanutbuttery and cakey lately, and this fits so, so perfectly. :D

  8. Love it. When I saw the title in google reader I think I almost broke the mouse button clicking it so fast :). How’s the PB flavour of the actual cake? If you didn’t have the chips in it would the chocolate have overpowered the PB? Side note: your top image should be the front cover of a cook book. Very nice.

  9. Yum! All I need is a big glass of milk to help wash a piece down!

  10. Nicole L. says:

    Ughhh…I LOVE your recipes.

  11. PB cups are my absolute favorite candy…I can’t wait to try this cake!

  12. Stopped me in my tracks beautiful!

  13. Christine says:

    There is no better combo than PB and Chocolate, at least not in my family.. my dad would love this!

  14. Oh my, this looks AMAZING! I love peanut butter cups. :)

  15. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling with the blog. I think we all go through phases where we get tons of comments and then nada. I know I very rarely get more than 4 or 5 comments on dinner-ish posts but I like them so I keep doing it.

    The cake looks fantastic! My husband would love it.

  16. Well, I don’t remember this post. (one advantage of being so forgetful! Everything seems new!) It looks delicious. I especially love chocolate and peanut butter together.

  17. … send this cake … send this cake … send this cake … to me.

  18. Wow, that really does look fantastic! SO glad you reposted!

  19. Well if it’s any consolation, I JUST found you today for the first time and I think you’re HILARIOUS and should definitely keep blogging. Your profile info on Facebook sealed the deal on a couple levels. AND this cake is totally new & fresh and something I’m definitely going to make. THANK YOU!!!! *muah*

  20. That cake looks amazeballs. I want peanut butter cups NOW.

  21. It’s not legal in Wisconsin, but marry me. Peabody, this looks divine… pure droolworthy!

  22. What a clever idea! I love it!

  23. Oh my goodness. I want to hide in a corner and eat this all by myself.

  24. Oh, Lord! There goes my flipping diet. Peabody, I think I gained 5 pounds in my hips LOOKING at this amazing dessert!

  25. Yummy! I will have to make this for my hubby’s birthday next month. He is totally addicted to reeses. So much so that my 4 year old made up a joke, “Why did the reese’s run away? So Daddy wouldn’t eat it!”

    The whole family likes reese’s though. We always buy out (really, we buy all they have!) the seasonal shaped ones when they go on clearance after holidays.

  26. That cake totally looks delish! I love the authentic PB cup look.

  27. That is one giant, yummy-looking reeses cup :) Even the cake kinda looks like the peanut butter filling of a peanut butter cup!

  28. This looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to try.

  29. Just commenting to say I love your blog and that your recipes are a constant source of inspiration (and temptation)! Going to be dreaming about this cake tonight..,

  30. i don’t comment much but i do so love reading your blog – both for the recipe and the “unique” you that shines through. please keep blogging girl …..

  31. I have a couple of chocoate peanut butter things that I want to make but the folks at work aren’t that much of peanut butter fans (weirdos) so alas, I will have to wait!

    I love the minis in the tart pans. It really looks like a peanut butter cup.

  32. What this cake is out of the world!! What a great idea to use a tart pan! Now are you sharing? ;)

  33. OMG that looks amazing!

  34. Most of us are to busy pinning your recipes to comment :)

  35. Made this in 2 9″ cake pans. Worked beautifully except next time I might make more ganache. Wonderful!!! Thanks.

  36. *swoon*

    I am such a fan of peanut butter cups. SUCH a fan. I am going to have to make this soon…

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