Snapshot Sunday…

My weekend…

Friday we got snow…always makes me happy. I am the nerd who goes out and plays in it no matter how little we get.

If we got snow it was obviously cold all weekend…so there was hot tea drunk in mass quantities. That one there was called Sugar Cookie…fitting, eh?

Crazy Cocker Spaniel spent all weekend cozy in the flannel sheets and blankets…yes my sheets have snowmen, penguins, and bears on them.

Me and my helpers made Sponge Bob Houses. Basic buttercream…but instead of using vanilla or other flavorings, I reduced pineapple juice into a thick syrup.

Tried the new craze of taking refrigerator cinnamon rolls and making “waffles” out of them. Which worked good but by the time we got around to making regular waffles…every thing was too sticky and the waffle iron fought back and won. Boo.



  1. I’m glad there are other weirdos out there who love snow, like me :)

    People here in DC think I’m nuts – probably because none of them know how to drive in it!

  2. I grew up on Long Island, so I always saw snow. I live in TX now, so no snow (southern border of TX). I miss it.

  3. We are dorks like that too. First snow the boys were in the back yard as quick as they could. A built 10 small snowmen (no joke!). Funny enough, we were doing the same waffle thing this past Sunday as you, but I made ‘biscuit’ cinnamon rolls from scratch. They worked awesome, but you do have to really keep that waffle iron well lubed!

  4. Aww! So sorry your waffle iron got gummed up! The non stick spray is definitely your friend!

  5. @henrietta- that was with non-stick spray…a lot

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