Holiday Gift Giving Ideas…

Thought I would give some ideas for those of you who need ideas for the food lover and baker/cook in the family. Or just give you some ideas for yourself. :)

If you read The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry, you will love Kathleen Flinn’s newest book The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How a Few Simple Lessons Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks. I’m in the middle of reading it now. It’s a great inspiration to get people back in the kitchen and cooking!

For the nerd in your life, Williams Sonoma just released more Star Wars cookie cutters. I so need these to complete my collection!!!!

Awesome stocking stuffer and an all around must have tool in the kitchen is a microplane grater. It has endless possiblities and is used pretty much daily around the Peabody Mansion.

Beautiful mini colander over at Anthropolgie (otherwise known as my kyrptonite). Comes in a varity of colors and would class up even my kitchen. :)

I saw this and was like oh my yes! Cooking Scrabble! Cooking Scrabble! I don’t know anyone who has played it (I asked around on Twitter) but how bad can it be…it’s Word with Friends meets food!

People ask me ALL the time where I get my mini loaf pans? The same place I buy most things, Here are the ones I use. I own two sets, or 8 pans total.

This is for only those who have been really good this year. I never really got what the fuss was over Le Creuset, that was until I owned one. I had owned many a dutch oven in the past and it really is a wonderful thing. I only own two but I SO want another one. The larger dutch oven, but the 5 1/2 quart is a good place to start. Seriously, you wont be upset that you spent what you did on it. Next to my Kitchen Aid and Vitamix, it was worth every penny!

Happy Shopping! Feel free to get me anything on here. :)


  1. These are some great choices. I really need the book so Amazon here I come. As for the Le Cruset I splurged on the 12″ cast iron skillet and I use it daily. Wish I could afford more of their products. Thanks for posting a great list!

  2. Excellent gift ideas! I would really like to have a dutch oven one day.
    I might have to treat myself to that adorable colander!

  3. Great gift ideas! I love my Le Crueset peices and use them all the time. Dutch ovens, baking dishes, and serving peices – love them all! For our first married Valentine’s Day my husband gave me the 13.25 qt round dutch oven in Cherry. I’ve been looking at the saute pans and skillets on Sur La Table – gorgeous!

  4. I totally want those cookie cutters too! They have been on my wishlist far too long.

  5. Oh, how I long for something from Le Cruset. One day…one day!

  6. That Scrabble game looks neat! Also, I really, really would like a Dutch oven one of these days… I still don’t own one.

  7. It’s kind of embarrassing how excited I am about the Scrabble game. And I’m not even really that good at Scrabble.

  8. Great list! I saw that Scrabble game, too, and had lust in my heart. So, is Le Creuset really worth all the excitement? And is 5-1/2 the best starter size? Inquiring husbands want to know. ;-)

  9. @lynn- Le Creuset is worth the excitment. I would say for you since you have the bigger family to maybe go for the 7 quart.

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