Then we are at an inpasse…furbaby friday

Crazy Cocker Spaniel and I are at an inpasse, unlucky for her is that she will lose this battle of wits….not to the death though. :) See CCS is on a food strike of sorts, it happens every time we go to her “grandma’s” or grandma comes to us.

See grandma is nice and sprinkles chicken breast, turkey breast, etc on her food each meal. I do not. After awhile of this CCS wont even eat the food at the bottom. Which is how we ended up when we left on Saturday. Except she isn’t eating period. I would like to say I think she was doing a Thanksgiving cleanse, but I’m pretty sure that she is trying to hold out. Hoping and praying that grandma will walk through that door any minute. Sorry dog. She usually breaks down by the end of the night and eats her breakfast bowl but then if you put more out back on strike she goes.

So there she sits and mopes my poor abused dog. No treat in site. I’m sure you all feel sorry for her.


  1. Poor CCS. Our cats are sort of addicted to these kitty treats, even the one cat who is generally not interested in anything but her regular food. Now every time I touch a package the crinkles she’s there with her big green eyes starting at me!

  2. haha. I’m afraid I can’t relate! I have a chocolate lab… and she will eat absolutely anything! Cool luck with CCS.:P

  3. We took our Super Pup to FL with us (16 hours by car) to see her grandparents. Not only did she refuse to eat, drink or potty the whole car ride but once we got there she refused to eat anything that didn’t originate on our plates. Except for the hamburger she guilted us into making by staring at us with her big brown eyes, turning her head slightly and giving a small wimper. It’s possible she’s a class A con artist!

  4. Pups are smart! They use their big brown eyes and try to look so cute to get their way. I can see from the photo that CCS has got this down really good. I’m a sucker and would give in. My pup Copper is master at this and I usually give in after a while :)

  5. My mother does that same thing to me. My 3 dogs are the only “grandchildren” and so they needed some turkey at Thanksgiving, a plate at Christmas, etc. When she dogsits I have to portion treats into bags so she won’t overfeed them and they’ll still eat at least a little regular food. When I tell the dogs where we’re going, I swear the smallest shrieks and spins around in circles until we get in the car.

  6. I feed my dog chicken and a vegetable every day (I like knowing what I’m feeding her is good for her). She’s very picky about her vegetables! If she doesn’t feel like eating carrots one day she’ll pick around them and eat the green beans and chicken. Other days she’ll push the green beans to the side. Dogs are just as picky as some humans!!

  7. Ha! I love it! That face is priceless! Funny how our dogs and cats think they can guilt us into things by those giving us those sad faces! (even though, sometimes it works!) :-)

  8. Aww. I love the picture of CCS; she is just too adorable! My dog gives me the same look when I don’t put treats in her bowl and then she stalks off, only to eat her food an hour later because she realizes she wont ever get her treats.

  9. What is up with parents and giving treats to their kids’ dogs? When I was away at college, my first dog ‘switched’ totally to eating chicken and meat every day, thanks to my late mother and never switched back. With my current dog, my mother would always insist on feeding it chicken, steak, Swiss cheese…you name it, right before I put down the kibble. Fortunately, my chihuahua does not have enough self control to go on a total hunger strike for long, so she has been ‘switched back’ to dog food by me, with only occasional people food treats.

  10. Ha! Sound’s like my big blacl cat, Ed – who tries to hold out for the one can of Fancy Feast as long as possible. I know that stare quite well…..

  11. Meggie (a 125 lb Great Pyrenees) will stare at me forever in hopes of people food, but might FINALLY give in and eat the kibble if I ignore her long enough!

  12. My dog is so spoiled and typically eats what everyone else eats. Pasta on Mondays, second only to her favourite, boiled chicken on the days when my mother makes soup stock. She will still eat her dog food, never dry though, she hates dry dog food (but for some reason enjoys dry hamster food… go figure :)).

  13. We used to have a Bearded Collie, a breed notorious for living on air. He was a very fussy eater – preferred the crunchies to canned food, maybe. If he was in the mood. To encourage him to eat, we slipped into putting some of what we were eating on a bed of crunchies, as long as it was OK for him: diced chicken, beef, turkey, even lamb. He’d clean his bowl if he got the drippings from the baked chicken. Yes, he was spoiled rotten, but we still miss him.

  14. My Jack Russell/Beagle mix dog does the stare very well. She tries to look very pathetic as if she’s saying, Mommy, I’m starving…please can I have some of your turkey, cheese, etc. Sadie hears me open the drawer that I keep the cheese in and it doesn’t matter if she’s dead asleep- she hears that drawer open- whoosh- she’s in the kitchen in a flash.

  15. So in the same boat, I usually bring our dog over to grandma’s house on Saturday morning, so we keep some of food there for him. I noticed it has broken up doggie cookies all in it. I call it his “Lucky Charms Food” full of the all the sugar.

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